10 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Old Blow Dryers

Professional blow dryers either for home use or salon stylists will reach its end. In this post, I’ve rounded up 10 signs that your dryer need replacing.

1. Your blow dryer products an abnormal noise that you’ve never heard before

There are 2 possible causes. Your blow dryer’s DC motor’s malfunctioning or the fan broke.

2. Your hair appears dry and frizzy

Maybe your old dryer is obsolete in terms of tech, newer models will be a solution for it.

3. It takes more time than it would dry your hair

Airflow and heat are key factors for drying hair and new technologies allow drying your hair even faster.

Coil, ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, titanium heatings are conventionally used for hair dryer, but the latest supersonic tech such as Dyson Supersonic hair dryer providing incredibly fast drying time.

4. The dryer no longer works on your hair

That’s when you applied hair products on your hair or just colored your hair.

5. The lifespan of hair dryer?

 Your hair dryers can last from two to seven years

For safety reason, a handheld blow dryer should be replaced after 5 years (up to seven years), even they still work fine.

6. You notice strange smells

That means something burned or melt inside the heating elements.

7. You forget to clean it

Hair and dust gradually build up inside the dryer (on fan or filters) until you can’t remove them, that will change the airflow and the consistency of heat.

8. Swivel cord is just frayed

Though you can replace the swivel cord, what if you are not an expert!

9. It’s hot when you hold it

You can hold the dryer for a long time because it’s hot.

10. The dryer is too hot

That’s when the heating elements release more heat than it’s set, you can see the plastic MELTED on a plastic ring or concentrator nozzle.

This can happen to your blow dryer

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