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10 Simple Steps to Using a Hot Curling Brush

Hot curling brushes are considered by many to be one step up from traditional curling irons. The two hold the same basic curling iron barrel design, but of course, instead of a metal barrel, hot curling brushes are designed as having a round bristle-brush barrel instead. 

Hot curling brushes add volume as you curl, as the bristles brush through the hair to lift and separate the strands as you go. This makes your results super bouncy and shiny! For this reason, it really comes as no surprise that curling brushes are preferable to curling irons these days. Getting that bouncy look, however, might be a bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where we come in! Here’s everything you need to know about how to use a hot curling brush to get the best possible results instead of a frizzy mess.

hot curling brush

1. Curling brushes work best when hair is damp. After you wash your hair, let it air dry for a while, or wrap it in a towel to soak up most of the water. Don’t try to rub it dry, as you’ll just create more frizz and tangles.

2. Use a comb or brush to detangle your hair. Based on your hair’s texture and thickness, you might need to add a bit of product, but ensure that you don’t weigh your hair down too much with heavy or greasy mixtures.

3. If your hair has become a bit too dry, take this moment to spritz it lightly with some water to rehydrate.

4. Apply a small amount of heat protectant to your hair, focusing on the ends. This will keep your hair safe from heat damage!

5. Section your hair into medium-sized sections. These are easier to work with than large sections, and bring much more defined results. While you section your hair, plug your hot curling brush in so that it can start to heat up.

6. Here’s where the fun begins! Starting from the tips or ends of your hair, wrap your medium-sized section around the barrel of the curling brush, ensuring that your hair is smoothly distributed over the bristles. If there are any bumps or tangles, your results won’t be as smooth as you want.

7. Keep the brush on your section for about five seconds before carefully unwrapping your hair. To set your curl more securely, you can hold the curl for a few seconds as it cools before you let it drop. 

8. Repeat over all of your sections, being careful to wrap and unwrap your hair with caution. Don’t rush the process!

9. When you’re done with all the sections, spray your entire head with a holding spray or hairspray. This will give your curls a bit of hold, ensuring that they last throughout the entire day or night. Since a hot curling brush produces much lighter, fluffier curls than curling irons, you want to ensure that no matter what, they don’t lose their shape.

10. Enjoy your light, bouncy results! The difference from your traditional curling iron will be startling. We love both, but hot curling brushes really do take curled hair up another notch!