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10 Most Stylish Straight Hairstyles For Short Hair

Styling short hair can be stressful. There’s so much long hair inspiration out there, but when it comes to short tresses, it might seem like there isn’t much to do to amp up your look. Fortunately, we’ve got just what you need. These 10 straight hairstyles for short hair are definitely a game-changer.


Asymmetrical Bob

One popular style for straight hair is the asymmetrical bob, which works on any face shape! With this twist on the typical bob, one side of the style is longer than the other, which balances out the face and brings attention to all of your best features.


Simple Bob

Photo: Aelida

If you prefer the traditional symmetrical bob, you can also opt for that classic look. Oval and heart-shaped faces suit the bob perfectly, while a bob with side-swept bangs is perfect for slimming or elongating a round face!


Pixie Cut

Photo: Instyle

The pixie cut will always remain a bold step to take, but you won’t regret this chic, feminine style. Best suited for round, oval and heart-shaped faces, pixie cuts bring an air of confidence that you never knew you had.


Long And Side Sweeping


If your hair is long enough to place into a low ponytail or bun, pairing it with longer sweeping bangs is a great look for a casual event.

Square or heart-shaped faces with larger foreheads pair well with this style, as the bangs help the top of the face to appear smaller.


Super Short Pixie

super short pixie
Photo: Styles Weekly

Going a step further down the daring path of short cuts, the super short pixie cut is nothing short of a fashion statement. Drawing full attention to your eyes and face, this style is best paired with stunning eye makeup and a neutral lip.


Pixie & Sweeping Bangs

straight pixie with sweeping bangs

This style is similar to a traditional pixie cut, but instead of a tousled crown, this style pairs with bangs for a classy result.

Round faces tend to be shortened by this style, so be cautious of this if you’re looking for a style that opens up your face.


Round Bob

short straight round bob

Ending right at the chin or above, the round bob can be paired with bangs or without, and with a center part or a side part. It’s really based on your preference, and of course, your features! Oval faces fit well with any variation of the round bob, while round faces tend to do well with wispy sweeping bangs.


Half- up, Half-down

half up short straight hair

The great thing about this style is that once your hair is chin-length or longer, you can make it work! Simply tie one half of your hair up and leave the rest down. It’s a laidback, carefree style that looks good on anyone.


Slicked Back

short straight slicked back hair

Think Kristen Stewart or Bella Hadid, and you’ve got it. A neat, slicked-back look never goes out of style. It’s perfect for formal events, too, as it’s both classy and bold at once. For a rugged look, a dark smoky eye is perfect!


Space Buns

space buns for short straight hair

Take your typical half-up half-down style and combine it with two cute little buns on the top section of your hair. You’ve got your newest style!

This playful style isn’t appropriate for every setting, such as a dinner party or a business meeting, but if you’re heading to a club or the beach, it’s a great way to show your fun side.

Short hair can be a drag to style, especially when you feel like you’re all out of options, but with these exciting new styles, you’ll never run out of looks to try!