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Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush Review – Should You Buy It?

For the fashionistas who are tired of holding a hairbrush in one hand and a dryer in the other to style their hair, the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush is like a dream come true.

Purpose-built as a combination device, this hair tool combines the dryer and the brush to give you a salon-like blow dry and hair that is full of life – without a visit to the salon and emptying your pockets.

At an affordable price of under $50, the brush certainly has a lot to look forward to. Let’s dive in to see what the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush presents for everyone.

Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush Review

Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush Review

Soft Bristles

If there is one thing that we look at before purchasing any brush, it is the bristles. After all, they are what will touch your hair, caress your scalp, and make your hairdo as stylish as ever.

Fortunately, the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush does not disappoint, with soft bristles made of natural boar and nylon. These pass through the strands of hair with ease, without feeling rough on the scalp – a feat seldom achieved by most blow-drying devices.

Such bristles work best for those with wavy or sleek hair. But, due to their relatively smaller bristle length, may fall short for people with thick hair.

Nevertheless, working section by section will do the trick for all hair types – giving you shiny and smooth hair that is soft to the touch.


Large Ceramic Barrel

The “big” in the name of the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush hints towards its big ceramic barrel, of approximately 50mm.

But what will this achieve for you?


Ceramic barrels are key for maintaining consistent heat throughout the device, ensuring the warmth is fairly diffused throughout for a hair look full of volume, body, and life!

Remember the bouncy blow dry that impressed you? You can achieve that and more with the large ceramic barrel of the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush.


Ionic Powers

There is another superpower that this hair tool comes equipped with, apart from its ceramic barrel. This is ionic technology.

Today, ionic tech has made its way to a lot of hair tools, and rightly so. Sending negative ions into your hair, the hair cuticles are locked in with moisture, keeping them hydrated, shining, and frizz-free.

Therefore, for those often annoyed by tangled and frizzy hair and this searching for a hair tool that gives them a high-shine finish, the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush is a great choice.


Complete Control of your Styling Needs

Let’s keep the tech aside now.

Yes, the brush comes with a ceramic barrel. Yes, it has ionic technology.

But, how can it really help style your hair?

The Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush has 2 heat levels and a cool shot, in addition to two rotating speeds. This means if you’ve just come out of a bath and need to leave for someone ASAP; get the heat at the highest level and the rotating speed at full, divide your hair into 4 major sections and get a quick blow dry.

Conversely, for those who wish for prominent and enhanced curls – whether inwards or outwards – choose the right rotational direction and speed, and let the brush perform the rest of the task for you.


Weighs Approximately 0.5 kg – How Cool is that!

A large ceramic barrel, so many functions, and a dryer combined with a brush – the device is ought to be a burden on the hands, no?


Weighing about half a kg, approximately 1.1 pounds, this hair tool is like a breeze. You can hold it for extended durations, or until your hair is dried, styled, and ready to make its entrance, and your arms will not be exhausted.


With so much to offer, the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush is certainly a wonderful hair tool. Let’s sum up all that it offers you:


  • Multiple heat settings and rotation speed
  • Ionic technology takes away hair-frizz to give sleek and shiny hair
  • Comes with a protective cover
  • Lightweight
  • Long cord
  • 2-year warranty


  • The soft bristles may not work too well with rugged, thick hair
  • It May become difficult to use for people with long hair



Multi-functional, lightweight, and comfortable to grip, the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush is a much-needed addition to your collection of hair tools, especially if you are a fan of blow-dried hair and have relatively wavy and thin hair. For people with longer, rugged hair, the soft, small bristles may take slightly longer for the required results.


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