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7 Best Hair Dryer Attachments That You Need + How to Use Them

When we think of our hairdryers at home, we think of using them for one thing: drying wet hair. But it can go well beyond that, and that hair dryer can take your style to the next level. But it can’t do it on its own. That’s why most hair dryers come with attachments. While the dryer dries your hair, those attachments help you create style while drying.

The attachments that come with a hairdryer are pretty basic, but looking for the correct attachment can quickly become more than a little overwhelming. To help sort through them, we put together a list of seven hair dryer attachments that you need and how to use them.

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Product ImageTopHot Sock DiffuserBest BudgetSee Price
Product ImageYS Park Large DiffuserBest DiffuserSee Price
Product ImageDevaCurl DevaFuser Universal DiffuserMost AbstractSee Price
Product ImageThe Curly Co. Collapsible DiffuserBest Travel DiffuserSee Price
Product ImageIon Universal Hair Straightening PicBest for Thick HairSee Price
Product ImagePower Styler Blow Dryer Comb AttachmentBest For StraighteningSee Price
Product ImageGranteva Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer AttachmentBest Hands-FreeSee Price


Best Hair Dryer Attachments

1. Hot Sock Diffuser – Best Budget

If you’ve ever had to pack your hair dryer for a long trip, you understand just how much space it can take up. Add to that space the often-bulky diffuser that came with your dryer, and you end up losing a good chunk of valuable space.

The Hot Sock Diffuser has traveling in mind. Its soft material construction means it’s easy to pack and takes up very little space. Pair that with the fact that it is very cheap, and you won’t feel as bad if you happen to leave it in your hotel room.

Hot Sock Diffuser

The Hot Sock is as simple as it gets when it comes to dryer attachments and is a sock that goes over the end of your hairdryer to diffuse the blowing air. Open the elastic end up, slide it onto the end of your dryer, and start styling. It’s that simple.


2. YS Park Large Diffuser – Best Diffuser

Anyone who has used a diffuser can relate to some of the issues they can pose, from not displacing the heat properly to not fitting on the dryer right and the proximity of use causing your hair to get caught.

This hair dryer diffuser solves all of those issues using a mesh fabric that is not only soft and easy to use but infused with silver and titanium particles that retain the heat from the dryer and make the air much more uniform than regular diffusers.

YS Park Large Diffuser

Using this diffuser isn’t any different than using any other diffuser. But, because of its elastic attachment end, it fits just about any dryer. Slide the end of the diffuser onto the end of your dryer, and the elastic will hold it in place without any worry of it falling off while you’re styling your hair.


3. DevaCurl DevaFuser Universal Diffuser – Most Abstract

Anyone with naturally curly hair understands that heat is the enemy of those curls, often removing volume and shine and leaving curly hair looking limp and dead. The DevaCurl diffuser is an odd-looking thing, no doubt about it, but don’t let it fool you. It’s one of the best diffusers for protecting naturally curly hair.

DevaCurl DevaFuser Universal Diffuser

The one-piece adapter makes the DevaCurl easy to install on just about any hair dryer. Slide it over the end of your dryer, turn the dryer on, and the DevaCurl will begin displacing heat in just about every direction thanks to its strange hand-like design.

While most diffusers require you to pile your hair into a cup, with the DevaCurl, you simply slide it along your roots and let it do its thing.


4. The Curly Co. Collapsible Diffuser – Best Travel

The Curly Co. Collapsible Diffuser is another diffuser designed with the person on the go in mind, and its collapsible style makes it easy to pack away, taking up less space in your carry-on or gym bag.

You don’t have to be on the go to enjoy the fact that it’s collapsible though, just think of how much drawer space you can free up getting rid of that bulky diffuser you already have.

The Curly Co. Collapsible Diffuser

Made from silicon, not only is this collapsible diffuser heat resistant, but it will stretch or shrink to fit any hair dryer. Expand the collapsed diffuser, slide it on the end of any hair dryer and use it as you would any other diffuser.

While it is heat resistant, Curly Co. recommends using it only on no-heat or low-heat settings, not to avoid damaging the product, but to get the best possible results.


5. Ion Universal Hair Straightening Pic – Best for Thick Hair

When you think of a hair pic, you probably picture a small comb that you use to tease your hair and help pull out some style. While this blow dryer attachment can do just that, it can also do much more. Most people love using this pic to help speed up the drying process of long, thick hair, but with the right air temperature, it can also straighten that curly, kinky hair out.

Ion Universal Hair Straightening Pic

The silicon base easily slides over the end of any blow dryer, and because it is heat resistant, you can hold onto the dryer without the worry of burning your hand.

The thermal bar helps retain heat, and the silicon picks will glide through even the unruliest hair. Work the pic slowly through your hair while blowing hot air to get a quick, stylish blowout.


6. Power Styler Blow Dryer Comb Attachment – Best For Straightening

The Power Styler comb attachment is unique because it isn’t a hair dryer attachment but rather an attachment for an attachment. It attaches to your already existing concentrator, turning it into a powerful blow dryer comb that creates a smooth, shiny, sleek look in a fraction of the time of traditional hair dryer attachments.

The Power Styler is angled to concentrate the airflow and uses ceramic to smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz.

Power Styler Blow Dryer Comb Attachment

The Power Styler uses patented adjustable clips that are easy to attach to your hair dryer’s concentrator. Once attached, blow dry as you normally would and let the comb do the work creating that smooth, shiny look that will last. It’s so easy to use you might even question the need for a flat iron.


7. Granteva Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment – Best Hands-Free

Until recently, blow-drying hoods were something reserved for hair salons, so if you wanted to dry your hair this way, it had to be done professionally. Those days are long gone, and you can now get that hair salon blow-dry at home.

We understand that the Granteva Bonnet Hood is pretty unique and may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you. should ignore it. The versatile dryer hood secures to your head and keeps your hands free to do other things while your hair dries.

Granteva Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

It may look a little complicated and intimidating to use, but it is quite easy. The long, flexible hose easily attaches to the end of any blow dryer. Once attached, wrap the hood around your head, securing it with the adjustable chin strap. Turn the hairdryer to the desired setting and let it do the work to provide a safe, hands-free blowout.