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Best Hair Straightening Flat Iron Brands

If you go the beauty salon to style your hair, probably you would see they use one-size-fit all hair straightener, no matter you have long, short or thick hair,  but if you decide to buy a tool for your own use, you could consider a lot of factors. 

The most common question people asked me when they first purchase their flat iron is which brand is the best? It’s hard to answer,

I’d answer I’ll pick this iron over others because it is worth the money, considering the price, quality, material, design, and a lot more rather than a flat iron from a specific brand.

But do a few searches on Google,  you could figure out that here are best hair straightener brands.



Chi (Cationic Hydration Interlink) owned by Farouk Shami, an entrepreneur. Their product categories are hair and skincare products.

CHI is a part of Farouk System. www.farouk.com their headquarter is located in Huston.

Official website of CHI https://chi.com

Farouk Systems on Linkedin

Chi official Facebook page: www.fb.com/chihaircare

Here are some quality CHI flat irons and they often cost more than $100, mini flat irons are cheaper at $30-$40.

CHI’s products are very durable they can last up to 5 years if you read the reviews of users on Bestbuy or Amazon.


GHD (Good Hair Day) was founded in 2001 in Leeds, United Kingdom. Their products are sold over a half of million salons worldwide. 

Official website of GHD https://www.ghdhair.com/us

GHD official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ghdUK

Here are some quality GHD flat irons, marketed for salon and professional use the GHD flat irons is quite expensive.

Their most expensive one is the GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance 1″ Styler that cost roughly $250, though it is not for all hair types, since it has only a setting – 365°F, which is constantly monitored by sensor, ideally it is great for normal hair – average thickness and length.

Youtuber: Stephanie Bailey


BaBylissPRO (professional flat iron)

It is easy to get a quality hair tool with Babyliss.

Babyliss’s offical website: https://www.babylisspro.com

Babyliss’s official facebook page: www.facebook.com/BabylissproUSA/




HSI PROFESSIONAL (popular band, not necessarily the best) but they were given the title for one of best sellers on Amazon.

Certainly they do a great job on your hair, but for they may not last as long as CHI or GHD which is more durable.

HSI PROFESSIONAL’s official website: hsiprofessional.com

HSI PROFESSIONAL’s facebook page: Facebook.com/HSIProfessional




KIPOZI (a lit bit more expensive than Remington, Conair’s hair straightener, but they have a better build quality). In recent years, their products pop a lot on ads

KIPOZI’s official website: kipozi.com



Remington (known for cheap flat irons both ceramic and titanium). If you are on the tight budget or not frequently style your hair.

The Remington is a way to go. A note that over time their plates may get damage or worn out.

Remington’s official website: http://www.remingtonproducts.com

Remington’s facebook page: Facebook.com/RemingtonUK/

  • Wide, Pearl Ceramic Plates suitable for many hair types
  • Automatically shut-off feature



Conair (known for cordless flat iron and budget iron and other hair tools)

Conair’s official website: https://www.conair.com/

Conair’s facebook page: facebook.com/conairbeauty



Corioliss was founded in the UK in 2002. They specilize in hair styling products and hair care.

Their hair straightener are expensive several hundreds of dollars, but they  have great build quality, smooth plate with persistant heat distribution.  They also have safe feature such as auto-shut off and great gold-plate.

Corioliss’s official website: https://corioliss.com

Corioliss’s facebook page: facebook.com/Corioliss.Official


How much do you want to spend on a hair straightener, and which brand you love, please leave your comment below.


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