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10 Best Hot Rollers for Short Hair Review [Best Seller]

If you have short hair, you know how frustrating it can be when it’s time to style it. Ideally, short hair is quicker to wash and dry and more comfortable to style. But when it comes to curling shorter hair, hair tools like hot rollers can save your day!

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Top Hot Rollers for Short Hair

Hot rollers are an excellent option for short hair when you want to style easily and be sure the style suits it. Here are our top ten picks of hot rollers for short hair.

1. Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers

Any set of hot rollers with varying barrel sizes and lengths are the perfect way to ensure you will get the style you want.

The rollers are plastic and textured to hold onto your hair if it is too slippery. They also have grips to help you roll your hair with ease.


  • Starter grip hot roller design that grips hair
  • Portable case
  • A ready signal that lights up when the rollers are heated
  • Eight small, six medium, and six large rollers for a total of twenty
  • Twenty color-coded clips made of stainless steel


  • Dual voltage function makes it convenient for travel
  • Varying sizes
  • Easily portable set
  • Great price point
  • Saves time getting ready


  • Rollers can be too hot for some
  • Those with thick hair may need more rollers.
  • The container might not be as strong as others


2. Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers

One of the most popular sets of hot rollers is the Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter, especially for people with short hair.

The technology for the Caruso rollers contributes to its high demand. The hair setter comes with a steam pod. The steam pod’s use means you can use hot water to create steam and put the rollers on the pod to heat them.

This molecular steam technology is healthier for your hair, as it doesn’t cause heat damage.


  • Molecular steam technology
  • Thirty foam rollers in various sizes
  • Dual voltage that is good for traveling
  • Storage bag that is portable and easy to organize


  • Give Long Lasting Curls
  • Great for all Hair Types
  • Does not damage your hair
  • Unique technology


  • May not work as well on straight, thick hair
  • Some have difficulty with setting curls


3. Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

Conair certainly makes some of the best hair tools in the game. The Infinity Pro is no different! These rollers have exciting features and offer diverse looks in just one case, as they come in three sizes.

These rollers are perfect for short hair, and the twelve temperature settings it boasts can help you customize as needed for your hair type. One of the best things is the ionic generator that prevents frizz.


  • Twenty ceramic rollers in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Twelve temperature settings for all hair types
  • Ceramic technology fights frizz and protects your hair from damage
  • Dual ionic port system that uses negative ions to keep your hair shiny and free of flyaways.
  • Retractable cord for convenient storage


  • The rollers heat up in as little as two minutes
  • Excellent technology to protect your hair
  • Easy to store and take with you
  • Temperature settings for all hair types


  • Some users dislike the clips
  • The temperature control knob can be hard to adjust


4. Calista Ion Hot Rollers Short Style Set

This lightweight hot roller set is an excellent choice for someone who’s always on the go. Here’s a great styling tool that includes twelve ion hot rollers.

You can heat them in about five minutes on their charging stand and start curling your hair into whichever size roller you choose. These rollers use ion technology to curl your hair easily in less time.


  • Large case that holds up to 12 rollers at once.
  • Ion technology to save you time
  • Varying sizes to give you different styles of curl


  • Heats quickly
  • Short rollers are great for short hair
  • Rollers have a heating element in each of them
  • Great ion technology


  • Clips may not work well for thin hair


5. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Setter

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Setter is a convenient set of curlers – especially the twenty roller option.

The rollers heat up quickly and light up when done! They come in various sizes in the twenty count set, all with grips to securely hold your hair in place.

Their titanium design is meant to keep a stable temperature, allowing you to curl and add volume without damaging your hair.


  • Titanium rollers
  • Light indicates when the curlers are warm
  • Heats up quickly
  • Convenient case to travel with


  • Twenty rollers in three sizes
  • The heat will not damage your hair
  • Lightweight and great for traveling


  • Some users had trouble getting their curls to stay put


6. Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

The Revlon Curls-to-Go hot rollers come with ten rollers and use tourmaline ion technology that gives you no-fuss no-frizz curls in a flash.

You can protect your hair with that technology as it smooths your hair and protects it from getting damaged by heat. The heat setting is not too high, making it easier to use if you have fine hair, but it is still ideal for short hair.

Be careful because these hot rollers do not have an automatic shut off feature, so turn them off before you go.


  • Ten rollers great for loose curls
  • Tourmaline Ionic Technology protects hair from heat damage
  • Ready Dot Indicators
  • Dual voltage for use anywhere
  • Travel storage pouch


  • Tourmaline ionic technology protects and smooths your hair
  • Convenient for travel
  • You will know when each roller is ready


  • No automatic shut-off
  • Heat setting may not be hot enough for some hair types


7. T3 – Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE Premium Hair Curler

These volumizing hot rollers are great for short hair because of the size of the roller. If you want some serious volume in your hairstyle, these are worth a try.

Another neat feature of these rollers is the insulated ring they have on one end to prevent you from burning your fingers.

These also have a ready light indicator when the rollers have reached the right temperature, which takes about five minutes. There are also two heat settings for thick or fine hair and an auto shut off feature.


  • Two heat settings for fine or thick hair
  • Insulated ring on one end to protect you from burns
  • Heat in 5 minutes
  • Auto shut off
  • Dual voltage


  • Volumizes short hair
  • Easy to travel with
  • Fast heating
  • Suitable for thick and thin hair
  • Has auto shut off and heat protection


  • Large hot roller set will not curl short hair
  • Eight rollers may not be enough to cover your whole head
  • Some still found the rollers to be too hot


8. Remington H9096B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter

Remington H9096B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter 20-Count , Hair Roller, 1-1 1/4 Inch
  • Silk Technology: Silk powder molded in to resin of heated clips
  • 20 velvety rollers for full curl coverage. 8 Medium 1" and 12 Large 1 1/4"
  • Sets curls in 5 minutes
  • 90 second heat up time

These Remington hot rollers have some of the most interesting ionic technology out there. The silk ceramic technology works thanks to the silk powder that is molded into the heated clips’ resin. The silk powder prevents the static and humidity that lead to frizz.

The clips also heat up, but their end rings will keep cool, so you don’t burn your fingers. The rollers and the clips take about one and a half minutes to heat up because of the dual heating system.


  • Silk Technology
  • Twenty rollers. Eight medium and twelve large
  • Curls set in 5 minutes
  • 90-second heat-up time
  • Heated/hinged clips and cool to the touch end rings


  • Heats and curls from the inside and outside
  • Long-lasting curls
  • Quick heating time
  • Silk powder technology


  • The full set can be pricey
  • You could still burn your fingers if you are not careful
  • Plastic material can melt if it meets the heated metal base


9. Bed Head Roll Call Bubble Hair Setter

The Bed Head Roll Call Bubble Hair Setter is a fun and cute hot roller choice. There are ten rollers in the set, five medium and five large, with color-coded clips.

These are a great choice if you want loose curls or waves or more texture in your hair. The rollers heat up quickly and work fast. Using a brush with these rollers could give you frizz, so you only need your hands!


  • Ten bubble-shaped rollers in two sizes (five medium and five large)
  • Ten color-coded butterfly clips
  • Indicator light to let you know when they’re heated
  • Colorful storage pouch


  • Colorful and fun design
  • The shape of the rollers can give you different looks
  • Quickly heats and curls
  • Long-lasting curls or waves


  • According to some, it might damage fine or thin hair


10. Remington H1016 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter

The Remington compact ceramic rollers are perfect for anyone on a budget. This set comes with ten rollers in two sizes that will work on short hair.

These rollers use Remington’s ionic conditioning technology. It also features color-coded J-clips (so you can match clips and rollers) and is easy to store and bring with you.

These also have cool-touch ends, and if you’re in a rush, they can be handy as they heat up in about ninety seconds.


  • Compact hot rollers convenient for travel and storage
  • Exclusive J Clip to hold your curls and stop creasing
  • Worldwide Voltage


  • Gives great volume with your curls
  • Rollers heat up fast
  • Ionic technology
  • Ideal for at-home use


  • Not for commercial use
  • J-clips are not for everyone


Final Thoughts

If you are someone who needs to volumize or curl your short hair, it’s worth it to give one of these sets of hot rollers a go!


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