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Cordless Straightening Brush – Must-Have Travel Tools

Go cordless, charge like smartphones, and style on the go is the recent trend that hair tools are following.

We’ve seen cordless curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryers. They are battery operated and great for traveling if you want to quickly create a casual hairstyle.

Cordless Hair Straightener ANLAN Ionic Hair Straightening Brush Cordless Beard Straightener Comb Hot...
Dwave Straightening Brush – Cordless, Rechargeable Travel Ceramic Brush Hair Straightener for All...
ANLAN Cordless Hair Straightening Brush
Dwave Cordless Straightening Brush
Cordless Hair Straightener ANLAN Ionic Hair Straightening Brush Cordless Beard Straightener Comb Hot...
ANLAN Cordless Hair Straightening Brush
Dwave Straightening Brush – Cordless, Rechargeable Travel Ceramic Brush Hair Straightener for All...
Dwave Cordless Straightening Brush

If you once struggled with a cordless flat iron, a cordless straightening brush could be a game-changer.

Note that cordless means less powerful – if you have thick hair it won’t work out. It’s much easier to straighten your hair – no clamping involved than using a flat iron.

In this post, I’ve rounded a couple of cordless straightening brushes that work. Check them out.

1. Dafni Allure Cordless Hair Straightening Brush

It is not for your thick, coarse hair, but for medium length hair with average density it should be OK


Pros Cons
  • Totally cordless
  • Great for traveling
  • Heavier than the wired counterpart
  • Not for all hair types and textures
  • Expensive


Some cordless beard straightener brushes should work on your hair as well if you have medium length, fine hair.


2. Cordless Beard Straightener

It works with smaller sections of hair.


Pros Cons
  • Small, compact
  • 20 – 30min styling time
  • It takes a long time to get a full charge (Approx. 5 hours)
  • It can recharge your phone
  • Good for straightening bangs

This product is designed for straightening beard but it works on women’s hair as well. It can’t straighten your whole head.

Other brands like Beard Struggle also cordless straightening brush give it a try if you have hair texture like the beard.


3. Okachi straightening brush

With 3 level heat settings (320, 356, 392F) this brush can work with fine, medium, and thick hair, and it can hold charge up to 50 minutes.

With unique comb tooth design, which is snag-free, your sensitive scalp is protected.



aberlite go cordless beard straightener

Though ABERLITE GO works only from 10 to 15 min depending on the heat setting it can easily tame your fine hair.


5. ANLAN Cordless Hair Straightening Brush 

Cordless Hair Straightener ANLAN Ionic Hair Straightening Brush Cordless Beard Straightener Comb Hot...
  • ❤ Advanced Ionic Heat Technology -- The hair straightener brush releases rich negative ions which helps to reduce frizz, knots, and splits with fast,...
  • ❤ Professional Anti Scald for Hair -- The beard straightening brush adopts European EML standard electronic board and American high temperature...
  • ❤ Cordless & Portable & Power Bank Function -- Say goodbye with the mess wires! hair straightening comb is built-in rechargeable lithium battery and...
  • ❤ Fast Heating & Adjustable Temperature -- The Beard straightening comb can be selected with 3 temperatures, you can easily adjust the temperature which...

The mess less age of hair straightening has finally arrived. With this amazing cordless hair straightener, you can now straighten your hair without getting your hands tangled in the cords.

Its advanced iconic heat technology releases negative ions which are very helpful in mitigating split, knots, and frizz along with providing instant and long-lasting results.

Another feature that makes it worth it is the fast-heating and adjustable temperature. This straightener comes with 18 months warranty and is suitable for both men and women. It also makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones!


6. Dwave Cordless Straightening Brush 

Dwave Straightening Brush – Cordless, Rechargeable Travel Ceramic Brush Hair Straightener for All...
  • CORDLESS CONVENIENCE -- Make getting great hair completely hassle-free! KOLODOGO is cordless, so you won’t have to worry about getting caught up in...
  • EASY TO USE -- LCD display screen for monitoring temp and show the battery when charging.Long press the switch button for 3 seconds and it turns on, press...
  • KEEP HAIR HEALTHY -- Are hot tools and hair treatments wreaking havoc on your hair? Keep your hair healthy and damage-free with KOLODOGO’s hot iron hair...
  • COMB YOUR HAIR EFFICIENTLY -- The temp of the comb increases or decreases in 5℃,the highest temp is 200℃,heats up quickly in 90 seconds to what you...

Dwave straightening brush is again cordless and super easy to use. The iron plates reduce hair damage and make them silky, strong, and soft.

The highest temperature of the comb reaches 200-degree Centigrade in 90 seconds. It also shuts down automatically after 30 minutes in case no one is using it.

The straightening brush is designed for all hair types as it has three different heat settings. It makes straightening thick hair a lot easier as compared to other hair straightening brushes.

Moreover, it’s easy-to-handle and allows you to brush your hair while simultaneously straightening them, so manageable!


7. Eyestar Wireless Hair Straightener Brush

Eyestar Wireless Hair Straightener Brush

This portable hair straightener brush comes with a wireless USB rechargeable feature. It uses amazing micro USB charging technology and has a wireless mobile design.

The straightener brush comes in a mini size that makes it a perfect product for both home and travel purposes. You only need to use one button to turn it on or off and for heating and cooling features.

You can also use this wonderful brush to substitute your common hairbrush. Negative ionic hair care feature makes your hair super glossy and beautiful without damaging them. If you don’t use it for 15 minutes, it turns off automatically.



  • Set the right temperature for your hair
  • The tips of bristle or the bristle itself can snag hair and cause split ends. Be sure to comb through your hair with a comb before using the straightening brush.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can a cordless hot brush style a head full of hair?

Ans. If your hair is full and thick, a cordless straightening brush may not be perfect for you. Cordless products tend not to be as powerful as corded hair stylers. It will be easier for you to use a straightening iron as opposed to waiting forever for your hair to straighten.

If you do use it on a full head of hair- especially if your hair is curly- you would have to use it at the highest setting.

While it may work, you would need to use a heat protectant to prevent moisture loss and breakage. You may discover that it’s not worth the damage.

They also will not get your hair as straight as a flat iron but will have more of a natural effect.


Q2. How to use a straightening brush?

Ans. First, wash the hair prior to styling it. This will allow it to maintain the style for a longer time. Apply a heat protectant to it to prevent moisture loss from styling.  It will also nourish the hair and prevent future damage.

After your hair is fully dried, divide the hair into sections. It should be divided into right and back, left, and right. Additionally, you can pile all your strands on the top of your head and let down small sections to glide the straightener through.

Turn on the straightener and select the proper temperature for your hair type. Begin with the lowest temperature and work your way up.

Take the first section in one hand. Holding the straightener up by its roots and underneath the hair (bristles poking outwards) glide it from the root to tip. This provides volume and lift at the root area while straightening the rest of the hair.

When you put sections of hair through the bristles, use small bunches. If the bristles aren’t poking through the hair, you have too much. Heat will not reach your strands effectively or evenly. The results will take longer to achieve.

Once finished, turn the hair straightener off and allow your hair to cool. Apply a gentle mist of hairspray to lock it into place. Once the device is completely cooled, clean the plates and store it


Q3. Does this brush work for your hair type?

Ans. For thick hair, as stated above, it is probably not worth the ensuing hair damage.

For thick, curly hair, you will need a couple of passes to get the straightness you want, and it will need to be at the highest temperature.

If you have short hair, a cordless straightening brush is better for you than a straight iron. It is less likely to burn your scalp as long as you select one that is smaller with shorter bristles.

For fine hair, you need to find one with very low settings (around 210° C). Any higher and you can damage your hair