Curling Iron Sizes: What are the Curling Iron Sizes and When Should You Use Them?

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Curling iron size options can feel tricky for novice and curling iron experts alike. Ultimately, the barrel size you choose will determine the curl you can fashion for your fabulous style. There are a series of barrel sizes that are on the market that you can purchase that are effective on short, medium and long hair.

I listed some of great curling irons, and obviously they are not made equal. Some are better than other for the quality, but you should take note your hair type and texture to pick the one which is the most suited to you, both budget and preferences.

This guide will help you to identify which curling iron sizes are best for you.  

Curling Iron Sizes

3/8- Inch Curling Iron

3/8 -inch curling iron barrels are excellent for gals with short hair.

They can give fine or thin hair volume. However, if you have kinks, coils or thick natural hair, this smaller barrel may not be the best option as it can leave thick hair with an unkempt and missing curl appearance.

You can use a 3/8-inch barrel curling iron to touch up your hair or help tame a few strands.

¾ -Inch Curling Iron

¾ -inch curling irons are appropriate for you if you desire to rock tight spirals or curls with texture. These tools can create vintage or corkscrew curls and work well for all lengths of hair. This curling iron is particularly great for naturalistas or women with naturally kinky, curly hair who is on a quest to provide a bit more definition to their curls. You can use it on thick and fine hair.

1 Inch Curling Iron

1-inch curling iron barrels are fantastic for curls and beach waves that are clean with definition or messy tresses. These curling irons are suitable for all lengths of hair (short, medium, long) and frequently receive the label of being the universal curl iron.

1 ¼ Inch Curling Iron

If waves are your ultimate goal, choose irons with a barrel that is 1 ¼ inch. These curling irons are perfect for you if your goal is to achieve loose, medium-sized curls. Also, if you are a fan of tousled curls.

1 ½ Inch Curling Iron

If voluminous beach waves or loose spiral curls with a fabulous bounce are a characteristic of your curl goals, choose a curling iron that has a 1 ½ -inch barrel. These barrels are best for those with long hair.

2 Inch Curling Iron

For loose curls or bumps, use curling irons with a 2-inch barrel. This iron is for women who have long hair and can be extremely useful in helping women who have a lot of hair but very little time for styling.

In summary, the iron you choose will have a lot to do with your hair texture and hair length. Use this guide to help you determine which iron best meets your needs to achieve the best possible result.

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