Curling Wand Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

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If you are shopping for a curling wand please check out our top picks. Otherwise, Just AMAs (ask me anything)
Perfect natural curls? it is achievable, I gathered the reader’s questions and answers you can get the most out of your curling wand

Which curling wand is best for short hair?

Don’t pick the curling iron with large size, my rule: no more than 1 inch

Which curling wand is best for long hair?

For long hair, I rather go for 1-1/4 inch curling wand.

Do I need to apply heat protectant before curling my hair?

It’s a must

Which size of curling wand should I choose?

It’s up to your hairtype here’s the table

The best temperature for styling my hair with a curling wand?

Is curling iron different from curling wand?

Yes, though they do the same job, curling your hair but you get different results. Check out my compararison between these two styling tools.

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