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Curling Wand Vs. Curling Iron: What Are The Differences?

Curling wand (hair curler) and curling iron share a lot of similarities. Although both of these hot styling tools perform the same purpose which is to curl your hair, they are different.

The curling iron came out first which may have been difficult to master to use for some individuals. Then, soon after was the curling wand came unto the scene which may have thrown you of its purpose.

As well as, some individuals and salons had both tools, the curling wand and the curling iron, which made you wonder why do they need to use both.


Curling Wand Vs. Curling Iron

difference between curling iron and curling wand

  Curling Iron Curling wand (hair curler)
Design Has a clasp No clasp
Size Single size Different sizes
Temperature setting Adjustable Adjustable
Handling The cord hangs down The cord should be up
Result More defined ringlets Natural waves

Here are 3 different breakdowns of the curling wand vs curling iron:

1 Firstly, we need to identify the differences between the tools.

The curling iron usually has a clasp that would clamp down on the section to curl it. As opposed to the curling wand which has no clasp. You would have to wrap your hair around the wand then hold it into place. The wand may burn your hand if you are not careful or don’t have the glove.

Next, a curling wand usually gives natural waves which will make your hair look more natural. However, the curling iron gives more defined ringlets because the clasp holds the curls into place.

Lastly, there is a cord difference. If you use the curling iron you will realize that it is held with the cord facing down. But, with the curling wand, it holds with the cord facing up.


2 Polished ringlets vs natural curls

Next, we need to know their purpose. The curling iron as stated earlier creates polished ringlets. The ringlets usually fall down like a Shirley Temple look. You can create tight or voluminous curls on your hair using the iron depending on how tight you hold the clasp.

If you want to look suave then you add tight ringlets to your hair using the curling iron. In addition, if you want more defined curls then you can break the curl apart gently with your fingers.

Next, the curling wand allows your hair to have natural curls. Hence, you would wrap each section of your hair around the wand to create wavy curls.

This is a great tool to use if you want organic as well as beach waves or curls. You can use the curling wand for date night with bae!

3Up vs down

Lastly, is how do you handle it while styling hair. You hold the curling iron differently than you would hold the curling wand. This is because of how the cord is positioned.

For the curling wand, the cord hangs down which assists you in curling the hair in a downward motion. The curling iron doesn’t need much movement to cover your entire hair because they define each section perfectly. Hence, your hair will be looking exquisite because of the defined curls.

However, for the wand, the cord should be up. The cord is up because you need to cover all of your hair. The curls are more natural so you have to get all of your hair’s layers whether they are at the top or bottom to ensure that all of your hair looks good.


How Curling Wand Is Different from The Curling Iron

Are you looking to buy a curling wand or a curling iron? First, let’s make sure you get the difference between a curling wand and curling iron, as these are often confused.

A curling wand, unlike a curling iron, has no clamp. It works by simply wrapping sections of hair around the barrel.

A curling wand is ideal if your hair has dry damaged ends because you can leave these damaged ends unwrapped, protecting them from exposure to high heat. It’s slowly replacing the traditional curling iron with many well-established hairstyling tool brands employing cost-friendly price tags to lure curling iron users into trying out curling wands.


How to curl your hair with a curling iron

How to curl your hair with a curling iron


How to curl your hair with a curling wand

How to curl your hair with a curling wand


Each tool has its unique purpose as well as the method for creating the curls. It all depends upon the look that you are going for. Which one do you use and why? please comment below!


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