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25 Fabulous Curly Hairstyles for A Trendy Look

If you’re a woman with natural curly hair, there’s probably been at least one time in your life where you hated it. While gorgeous, curly hair can be difficult to work with if you don’t have the right products and styling know-how.

Lucky for you, we’ve pulled 25 gorgeous curly hairstyles that are easy and stunning at the same time. Whether your curly hair is short or long and natural or not, you’re guaranteed to find at least one style you love.


Things to Consider When Styling Your Curly Hair

If your hair is naturally curly, you’re already one step ahead. If it isn’t naturally curly, the first step you need to take to get it there is using a curling iron. Before doing that, however, make sure to apply heat protectant spray. Really, any woman using hot tools on her hair needs to use a heat protectant. This will prevent breakage, burning, and any other kind of damage caused from high temperatures.

After applying heat protectant, figure out what kind of curls you’re going for. Spirals, crimped curls, loose curls, or anything in between – all can be accomplished with a curling iron. When curling hair, it’s important to remember to only hold the iron to hair for 5-10 seconds or as little time as you can manage in order to get the look you want. Any longer than 15 seconds at the max and you risk burning the hair off.  After curling hair, seal the look with hairspray.

For women with black hair, popular options to get curls or enhance curls are rollers, flexi-rods, bantu knots, or curling iron. Sponge-like rollers aren’t recommended as they take moisture out of the hair. A typical shampoo and conditioner is recommended before styling. Before curling each section of hair, be sure to use a setting lotion. This protects the hair, especially when it’s in rollers.

If you can avoid or manage it, try not to take heat tools to hair every day. Ultimately, this will keep hair healthier and protected longer so you can keep trying out those amazing styles!


Cute Curly Hairstyles

Never again will you hate your curls when you see these 25 hairstyles made for curly-haired women!

1. Caramel Bob

curly hairstyle for medium hair

This curly hairstyle features tight spirals in a light caramel color. Hair is bob length and needs only a center part for styling!


2. Short Natural Hair

short curly hairstyle

Black women embracing their natural hair’s curls or who are in between styles will love this trendy short do featuring a cute headband.


3. Long Curly Updo

long curly hairstyle

For curly hair that comes past shoulders, a cute updo like this is a must-try. Form small ponytails at the top two-quarters of the head for all-day style.


4. Tight Spirals

crochet curly hair

Tight spirals or crochet hair will stun left down but with a spritz of hairspray for volume. Go for bold platinum or light blonde as well.


5. Ombre Curls

curly ombre hair

Not ready to commit to a new color for your curly hair? Ombre is understated and chic, and it will definitely help your loose curls pop.


6. Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

half up curly hair

For weddings or other occasions that call for fancy hairdos, try this half up style. After curling all your hair, gather just the top and secure it with a flower decoration.


7. Natural Bun

natural curly hairstyle

Black women with natural curls may not realize how gorgeous their locks are until they’re fanned out in a half updo with a small bun.


8. Curly Pixie

curly pixie hair

Thick or thin, go short to a pixie then load up your hair with curls. You can even consider pinning in a cute barrette!


9. Long Ponytail

curly ponytail

When heading to a gym session or when you simply want a chic style off your shoulders, gather long curly hair in a high ponytail.


10. Kinky Curls with Bangs

curly hairstyle with bangs

This short rounded haircut features tight kinky curls, including the bangs. Avoid straightening them as that will just look odd.


11. Curly Mohawk

curly mohawk

Mohawks aren’t often seen on women, but if you have curly hair there’s no reason you shouldn’t try one! Brush it out near the forehead to show off texture.


12. Ballerina Bun

curly hair bun

Tame that curly hair with a chic, slicked back ballerina bun. It’s perfect for the office or while running errands.


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13. Fish Braid

braided style for curly hair

A gorgeous braid is exactly the way to show off thick curly hair. Try a fish braid starting at the nape of the neck but leaving a couple of inches loose on the end.


14. Blonde Curls

blonde curly hair

Women with round or oval faces will appreciate how a short curly haircut with bangs will give flattering framing. Arrange bangs so they’re a little piecey for softness.


15. Stacked Bob

curly bob

A stacked or a-line bob does wonders for adding shape and cutting down on bulk for curly hair. Add a side or center part, scrunching curls with product for hold.


16. Frizzy Long Hair

curly frizzy hair

Frizz isn’t typically something women go out of their way to get for their hair, but if you have curls, embrace the frizz on a long hairstyle for drama.


17. Edgy Curly Hair

curly hair with undercut

Easily add edge to long curly hair with an undercut. Simply pick a side then start the shave a little bit lower than a 3/4 part.


18. Permed Curls

curly hair perm

When your hair isn’t naturally curly or you’re looking to add a bit more curl, go with a perm. This one is covered in a lovely bright pink for true eye-catching style.


19. Short Fine Curls

curly hairstyle for fine hair

Is your curly hair on the fine or thin side? Scrunch them up on a short hairstyle with mousse or curl creme. Finish with a blow dry or let air dry!


20. Loose Curly French Braid

curly hairstyle for wedding

A French braid for loose curls is perfect for fancy occasions. Make it grown-sexy with highlights and a few loose tendrils.


21. Pixie for Over 50

curly hairstyle for women over 50

When you’re 50 years old or older, don’t chop those curls off into a boring hairstyle. Go with a pixie and a fade featuring soft curls up top.


22. Messy Curly Pony

updo for curly hair

Throw those curls up in a classic messy ponytail when you’re in a hurry or trying to contain wild locks. The texture will show off beautifully when draped over the head.


23. Afro Curls

thick curly hair

If you’re lucky enough to have an afro with curly texture, show it off! Let it go wild but emphasize the shape with a few highlights in blonde or caramel.


24. Layered Curls

layered curly hair

On all face shapes, a short hairstyle shows off curls beautifully when given layers. Start them at about ear level and pair with peek-a-boo flirty bangs.


25. Oval Faces

asian curly hair

Women who have oval-shaped faces and are looking for a flattering hairstyle will love this simple center-parted curly one that looks amazing with aging hair colors like grey and white.


We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting hair with setting lotions or heat protectant sprays. Not using these will make hair more difficult to style in the future and increase the likelihood of damage.

The secret to rocking any of these curly hairstyles is wearing them with confidence. So pair the one you like with your favorite earrings or embellish with hair clips to make it your own!