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Why You Need Double Barrel Clipless Curling Iron And How to Choose the Best One

From soft beach waves to tight ribbon curls – recently, everyone has been obsessed with different ways we can bend and curl our hair. And, for a while, single barrel irons were doing a pretty good job. 

But then, double-barrel curling irons (a.k.a 2 barrel curler, Bi-Tube, or double barrel clipless curling iron) appeared and left many girls confused.

Why should I get a curler with two barrels when I need only one to twist my hair around? So, why choose double barrel over single curling iron?

Well, it quickly became obvious that a single barrel can be pretty limiting. For starters, double-barrel curling iron gives you more control over the final result.

With two barrels, you can be much more creative and flexible with how you twist and bend your hair.

Plus, with a single barrel, you get a very even, uniformed look. Two barrels help in creating that natural looking messy waves – like no effort has been put into it.

Some famous hairstyles, very popular in recent years, are almost impossible to properly make with a single iron.

Since all the hair is being curled equally and in the same direction, it is hard to pull off that careless “I just woke up like this” look.

But, double-barrel iron gives you an opportunity to curl your hair in a shape of 8 around two twin barrels, and to bend it both vertically and horizontally. 

A double-barrel curling iron is especially useful if you’re trying to create natural-looking curls, loose waves, beach waves, horizontal bends, bedhead look, or even simple, large and sexy curls, but with more volume than a single barrel could ever give you.

You’d like to give a double-barrel curling iron a try, but you’re not sure which one to pick? No worries, we got you covered!

No matter your level of experience, the following 3 models are some of the best on the market, suitable for both professionals and for easy use at home.

Remington CI52FO Wrap to Waves Ceramic Hair Styler

Remington CI52FO Wrap to Waves Ceramic Hair Styler, colors may vary
  • 350 degree high heat
  • Ceramic iron
  • 30 heat settings
  • 30 second heat up

This tool gives you a perfect S curve and long-lasting waves. It needs only 30 seconds to heat up and reaches up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its ceramic coating helps distribute the heat evenly, plus it protects the barrels from scratching and styling products. Lightweight and easy to use.


BaByliss Pro Twin Barrel 13mm Curling Iron

With 25 heat settings and 2 smooth 0.5″ ceramic barrels. Gives you an extra shiny, high gloss finish.

This model also has safety cool tip ends, which gives you much more control during styling and makes the process easier.


Le Angelique Deuce Double Barrel

This styler is for even messier, more natural curls. This innovative double-barrel curling iron has two uneven barrels (13mm and 16mm), which helps to create unique hairstyles that combine both soft waves and fully formed curls.

Plus, you get a tangle-free rotating cord and protective ceramic barrels.