5 of The Best Curling Wands You Need to Try in 2020

For years, the curling iron was the go-to for curling hair. Whether you wanted beachy waves or tight curls, the curling iron was your tool for everything.

With the introduction of the curling wand a few years ago, the curling iron began to take second place to this new, innovative heat styling tool for a few reasons – hair creases from the curling iron’s clamp can be annoying and hard to get rid of, and curling irons tend to be capable of giving a very specific size of curl depending on the size of the barrel.

However, the curling wand offers a range of perfect curl types without either of the above problems.

The clamp-free design makes the process simple and crease-free: just wrap a section of your hair around the wand, wait a few seconds, and slide the wand out from within the curl.

It’s that easy, and women all over the world began to make the curling wand their favourite hair tool. It’s modern and effective in creating those gorgeous curls of any size.

If you’re new to the world of the curling wand or clueless about how to curl your hair, here are a few simple tips that will go a long way to help you get stunning results every time.

  • Deep condition your hair before curling it, when possible. Any time you apply heat to your hair, you’re depriving it of water.
    Curling already-dehydrated hair makes your strands more susceptible to damage, but deep conditioning your hair beforehand ensures that your hair is adequately hydrated to withstand the heat.
    What’s more, hydrated hair is less likely to frizz out!
  • Heat protectant is not an option – it’s a must. A good silicone-based heat protectant provides a barrier between your hair and the direct curl of the barrel of the curling wand.
    This way, your hair won’t develop split ends, lose its curl pattern or become dry and fried.
  • Use the correct heat setting. Far too many times, women believe that the higher the heat, the more effective the result.
    This isn’t true and can leave your hair permanently damaged. Thick hair and fine hair aren’t created equal, and every woman should test out heat settings before committing to one.
    Start at the lower end of the spectrum and work your way upwards only if it is absolutely necessary. Don’t sacrifice the health of your hair for a beautiful outcome!
  • If you have short hair – learn How To Curl Short Hair with A Curling Wand

Now that you’re a bit more knowledgeable on why the curling wand deserves all of its popularity and how to have a successful outcome, let’s talk about some of the curling wands that deserve the spotlight.
These five curling wands are among some of the best available, and they certainly won’t disappoint.

1Silver Bullet Fastlane Ceramic Curling Wand

Silver Bullet Fastlane Ceramic Curling Wand

This easy-to-use, ceramic curling wand is a crowd favourite. It’s modern and sleek, but its features aren’t just for show – it also gets the job done!

It comes equipped with 25 heat settings for maximum versatility, which means that whether you need high, medium or low heat for your hair type, you’ll find exactly what you need.

Like many other curling wands, the Silver Bullet Wand barrel tapers. It’s wider at the base and smaller at the tip.

You’re perfectly in control when it comes to creating the curl size you want. Wrap your hair closer to the base for a bigger curl or closer to the tip for a tighter, springier curl.

It’s easy to hold – no cramping after holding it for a long period of time – and even has a cool tip to prevent you from burning your fingers. Simple and quick, you’ll love the results you get from this curling wand.


2Babyliss PRO Glitz Titanium Wand

babyliss pro glitz titanium wand

There’s not a conversation about high-quality heat styling tools that don’t include Babyliss.

The brand has it covered when it comes to flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons and of course, curling wands.

This particular wand is certainly salon-standard greatness; perfect for pros and newbies alike. The barrel itself is made of a titanium-ceramic blend, which means durability and great heat-conducting abilities.

The ceramic also ensures that hair turns out smooth, bouncy and shiny, thanks to those negative ions!

You can achieve both tight and loose curls with this wand, and you’re treated to eleven heat settings to choose from.

Every setting assures even, controlled heat distribution, ensuring that no particular spot on the barrel gets hotter than the rest and burns your hair.

Your curls won’t drop before their time, either, so there’s no need to worry! Say hello to perfection when you purchase the Babyliss Curling Wand.


3Cloud 9 C9 Wand

Cloud 9 C9 Wand

Here’s a curling wand that does its job regardless of hair type. Straight, wavy, curly or kinky, you can be sure that all strands can achieve great results across the board.

You will need to prep your hair differently if it’s curly or kinky by detangling or blow-drying your hair before using the wand, but it’s a small price to pay for the results that you’ll receive!

Delivering body and flowing locks, the Cloud 9 Wand definitely places you on cloud nine when you look in the mirror and see just how gorgeous you look.

The heat settings only range from low, medium and high heat, but each setting delivers just the right temperature to ensure a stunningly perfect result.

Big, round movie star-type curls are a popular choice with this wand – achieve the old Hollywood look with little effort! With the addition of the swivel cord and the easy-to-use design, you’re all set.


4Babyliss PRO Glam Titanium Wand

This legendary, iconic curling wand is yet another offering from the professionals at Babyliss.

Like with all Babyliss tools, quality barrel material is at the heart of this tool’s success.

Titanium-ceramic comes into the spotlight to deliver that smooth, frizz-free finish you’re looking for, and you won’t be disappointed by dropped curls after just a few hours of wear.

Stubborn hair, fine hair, coarse hair or short hair – the Babyliss PRO Glam conquers them all with no damage when used correctly.

Auto shut off means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on, giving you much more room to focus on the more important things… like your brand-new hair and all of the stares and compliments, you’ll be sure to get from it!


5Remington Pro Curling Wand

From another well-known name in the market of heat styling tools, this curling wand by Remington is another fan favourite.

Getting things started quickly with a 30-second heat-up time and temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, this wand wastes no time in guaranteeing results.

Made of trusted ceramic, this wand is sturdy, durable and effective. In other words, it does its job perfectly!

You’re sure to get a smooth finish, thanks to the quality of the ceramic barrel, whether your goal is slight waves, tousled curls or perfect spirals.

If you have thick hair or long hair and you’re looking for a wand that can get the job done with no problem, try the Remington!

It tackles any length and thickness in a breeze. You’ll be asking yourself why you had ever tried any other curling tool before this one!


You might be used to the old-school design of the curling iron, but it may be time to try something that can totally change the way you curl your hair and what type of results you get.

The tapered barrel of the curling wand and its simple design makes curling your hair a simple task no matter your length or thickness.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and with the help of these five picks, you can make that dream come true.

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