10 Best Hair Curlers To Achieve The Perfect Curl

Many women nowadays are used to using a curling iron to obtain gorgeous curly locks or beachy waves. However, there are other ways to get that curly look without using a hot styling tool.

Hair curlers are one of the oldest methods of creating curls and it’s easier to use them than you think. Hair curlers are also ideal for women who are uncomfortable using a hot tool or just want a less expensive option.

Looking for the best hair curlers to buy in 2021? Here’s our top picks:

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product ImageTop TopINFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Curl Secret, Metallic Grey#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Product ImageTop TopConair Fashion Curl Curling IronBest for Frizzy HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopBaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl Curl MachineRunner-upSee Price
Product ImageTop TopRemington Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling WandFastestSee Price
Product ImageTop TopCHI Spin Ceramic Rotating CurlerBest for TravellingSee Price
Product ImageTop TopKiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling IronBest for Dry HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopConair Double Ceramic Curling IronBest Budget CurlerSee Price
Product ImageTop TopHot Tools Professional Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron/WandBest OverallSee Price


Why Use A Hair Curler

You might have a ton of reasons for wanting to try cute new curls on your hair. Maybe you have an event coming up and you want to look extra special. Maybe you’re trying to impress someone or you’re just anxious to do something new with your hair!

All of these are perfectly valid reasons for wanting to try curling your hair. However, it can be hard to find the perfect hair curler to get the job done the right way.

Some hair curlers don’t get hot enough, so your hair never quite achieves that perfect curl. Other hair curlers get way too hot and let off uneven heat, so your hair ends up dry and damaged in some places.

Some hair curlers create hard, crispy curls that don’t look natural and never quite lose that stiff look. If you’ve never quite had luck on your side in your search for the right hair curler to suit your needs, look no further!


Here’s what you need to know about the 10 best hair curlers to finally get awesome results.

1. Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

Trust us when we say that you have probably never seen a hair curler like this! Conair has stunned women everywhere with this innovative hair curler that also helps you to achieve amazing results.

It is extremely fun to use, despite its unusual design! There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the Curl Secret, but that’s nothing that five minutes of trial can’t fix!

Once you follow the device’s instructions step by step, you won’t run into any mishaps and you’re sure to get the hang of things before you even know it. And even better, it gets easier every time you use it!

This hair curler comes equipped with different curl tightness settings for whatever look you’re going for.

Tight curls, loose spirals, or gentle beachy waves – you’ve got it! Simple put a small section of hair in, Press the button and watch the magic at work as curls come out!

With tourmaline and ceramic at play, your curls will be smooth and frizzles. Best of all, they’ll last.


2. Irresistible Me Automatic Steam Curler

Moonstone Auto Rotating Steam Curler - Automatic Curling Iron Ceramic Spiral Hair Best Curl Iron...
  • TITANIUM CURL BARREL CHAMBER for long-lasting beach curls. SAFETY SENSORS for tangle-free curls.
  • STEAM FUNCTION: Hair is automatically drawn into the chamber, softly held, heated and steamed
  • AUTOMATIC HAIR CURLER with 3 time settings, 3 temperature settings and curl direction control.
  • INSTANT HEAT (max 30~60s) AUTO SHUT OFF after 60 min, rotating curling iron with 7 FEET SWIVEL CORD

With steam, this hair curler can make different

As its name tells, the Irresistible Me hair curler creates lovely curls that are truly irresistible.

You don’t need to be a skilled hairstylist to operate this steam curler, thankfully! It’s easy to use and makes your curling session shorter than ever.

Your hair goes into the rotating titanium chamber and comes back out gently curled to perfection.

Within only 60 seconds, this hair curler emanates infrared heat to curl hair fast without damaging.

As an added bonus, the steam seals moisture into your hair to help your curls look and feel better. They’ll avoid that dry, crispy look that you can often get after curling your hair with heat.

With a professional performance and supermodel results every single time, you’ll be glad you got your hands on this hair curling machine!


3. Conair Fashion Curl Hair Curler

Drop that old curling iron and pick up this one of a kind hair curling tool! Conair’s Fashion Curl Hair Curler is one of our top picks and with good reason.

Creating beautiful curls is effortless with the help of this hair curler.

There’s even a safety sensor equipped to ensure that you don’t tangle your hair by placing too much of it into the curling chamber at one time.

The ceramic-tourmaline technology banishes frizz for good and won’t let your style be ruined by flyaway hairs!

Shiny, bouncy curls with no damage every single time? You won’t want to put this hair curler down!


4. Diglot Automatic Hair Curler

diglot automatic hair steam curler

When compared to traditional curling irons and curling wands, the Diglot Hair Curler certainly gives them all a run for their money.

Your hair will be silky and soft after use, with gorgeous curls that win you compliments from every direction.

With a spray feature that imparts moisture and curls your hair at the same time, your hair’s health won’t ever suffer!

Its multiple curl settings give you room for versatility – you won’t always want the same curl look every time, so don’t be afraid to mix it up every now and then!

This hair curler directs heat along the hair shaft evenly and gently, meaning that your hair won’t burn or become damaged!

We all care so much about the health of our hair, so a hair curler that cares too is always a good sign.

The LED display screen and beep alarm system make things go smoothly, ensuring that your hair curling experience is quick and flawless with equally flawless results.


5. Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Professional Curl Machine

This fully automatic curl machine is from Babyliss, one of the biggest names in the hot tool industry.

Thanks to them, the Miracurl is here to bless women everywhere with fantastic curls.

The brushless motor provides optimal curling power for any hair type, whether straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. You’re never limited to this hair curler.

Hair is pulled into the titanium chamber gently and without tangling, then heated and held for a few seconds to ensure that the curl sets and are locked into place.

This hair curler also offers various heat, curl, and time settings, giving you the opportunity to try a variety of curl types: soft waves, natural-looking curls, defined curls, or bouncy ringlets.

With heat settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, even the thickest of hair strands are no match for the Babyliss Miracurl Curl Machine.


6. Remington Pro 1″-1.5″ Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand

Remington is the brand you can trust. It’s one of the best hair curlers that not only has a unique and sleek design but gives you smooth and frizz-free waves.

The conical barrel makes it easier for you to hold it and use it. Infused with the ceramic coating and crushed purls, the curling wand delivers shiny waves with absolutely no damage.

Crushed pearl is an amazing skin-care ingredient that does wonder to your hair since it’s rich in amino acids responsible for promoting hair growth.

With different temperature settings, you can choose the temperature that is suitable for your hair texture and create the style you want!

If you’re in a rush to get the dreamy waves, look no further than this product. It heats up rapidly and saves a lot of your time.


7. CHI Spin Ceramic Rotating Curler

A must-have hair curler that makes hair curling easier than before. It’s an automatic curl machine that pulls your hair strands gently and curls it.

Powered by CHI ceramic technology, the negative ions are energized to give shine to your hair and make them look healthy.

Designed for all types of hair textures, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting tangled at all. The curler has a digital display that shows the temperature of the curler and options to set the desired temperature.

For newbies, ditch your conventional style curler and opt for this magical curler that does magic in just three steps: Spin, curl and repeat.


8. KISS Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

A minimalistic automatic curler machine that is bound to amaze you with its offering. From beachy waves to curly ringlets, achieve the hairdo of your dreams without seeking a professional hairstylist.

All you’ve to do is insert the section of your hair and let the curler do its job. With just a button click, the curler pulls your hair and transform them into gorgeous locks.

It has a prong that glides through your hair as it curls to remove any tangles along the way. The ceramic technology protects your hair from damage and makes sure that you get shiny and long-lasting curls.

Get instant and tangle-free curls with this machine!


9. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

Step up your hair game with this heavy-duty curly-iron that comes in gorgeous rose-gold colour. The double ceramic coating delivers frizz-free curls without causing any damage to your natural hair.

With 30 high heat settings up to 400 degrees, you can create versatile hairstyles for every hair texture. The heat shield feature protects your hands from your hands which is a cherry on top.

Your curls are guaranteed to last for 18 hours, even in humid temperatures. The tip of the curler is very easy to handle and use.


10. Hot Tools Professional Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron/Wand

One of the best curlers having a striking golden surface to evenly distribute heat from root to tip of your hair to give you defined curls. From tousled waves to tight curls, you can create all kinds of curls with this beauty.

Best suited for longer hair as the extra-long barrel can hold long sections of your hair and speedily transform your hair into curls. It supports a temperature up to 430 Fahrenheit and remains hot during your styling session.

It can easily curl thick and long hair and reduces the time of styling. All-in-all, this hair wand will give you sleek and shiny hair.


Types of Hair Curlers

Any of the below hair curlers will help you get that stunning curly hairstyle you’ve been coveting. Bonus: they’re all easy on the wallet!

Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are often used by professional hairstylists, mostly because they’re a quick tried-and-true method. They come in different sizes to create small to large curls and are available for purchase at any beauty salon or online store; you can expect to pay as little as $15 or as much as $100 depending on the brand. Your hot rollers will come with something called a hair setter, a box-like container that you both store and heat up your rollers in. The rollers only take about 15 minutes to heat up.

Before applying the hot rollers, brush out your hair so it’s free of tangles, then section it according to where you want your curls or waves. Take the hot roller and, starting from the bottom of the hair, wind toward the scalp. Secure in place with a hairpin. In no time you’ll have gorgeous bouncy curls or soft waves.



A 42-pack of flexi-rods can be purchased for just $14. Not only are they colorful, but they’re also easy to use and come in all shapes and sizes. They look like miniature pool noodles but for your hair! In short, they are small, long cushioned rods that are flexible for shaping curls just how you want them. They’re ideal for bouncy, ringlet-like curls.

While you can use flexi-rods on dry hair, for coiled curls you will have better luck using them on wet hair that has been combed. After separating hair into small sections, wrap one flexi-rod around one section of hair at a time up toward the scalp. Secure in place with a hairpin. For date night, curl hair in the morning and unwind in the evening. You can also sleep with them and unwind in the morning.


Magnetic Rollers

Do you consider yourself not very hand-eye coordinated? Magnetic rollers are for you. At less than $20, magnetic rollers also come in many sizes so you can get waves, retro curls, and even air bangs. They’re round plastic cylinders with holes for ventilation. Wet hair sticks to the rollers easily for quick application.

When hair is damp (or after you’ve wetted down dry hair), part hair into small sections. This is when you’ll apply whatever hairstyling product you want (mousse, leave-in conditioner, curling gel, etc.). Unfortunately, you will have to wait for hair to dry before removing the rollers, which could be awhile. If you have a hooded dryer, you’ll want to use that. The other option is air drying. When the rollers are warmed, let cool a bit and then unwrap.


Brush Hair Rollers

These will probably look familiar to you because many of us have a grandmother who uses brush hair rollers. Although they are affordable at less than $20, you can only sleep with brush hair rollers in if the brush part is removed and this is a feature not all brush hair rollers have. The best way to use them is in the morning before work or heading out for the day. After separating hair in small sections, roll the curlers in from tips to the scalp. A tightly wound will result in tighter curls and vice-versa.

Brush hair rollers can be used on wet and dry hair but damp hair works best. After the hair rollers are in, mist with hairspray and blow dry or air dry.


Foam Rollers

When taking a break from hot tools, foam rollers are a good option for getting curls. They look like sponges and might not look like much, but you’ll be using them again and again when you see the results you can achieve. When hair is damp, roll it in small sections from the end of the hair to the scalp, using a clip to pin in place. Wear overnight and unravel in the morning. To put touch-ups on curls, you can use mousse or any other favorite hair product of yours.

Foam rollers come in many colors and are budget-friendly; you can purchase a 48-pack for less than $10!


Benefits of Using Hair Curlers

Aside from the fact that you’re not putting a hot tool on your locks, there are other advantages to using hair curlers.

  • Heat is evenly distributed – this is something that you can’t always guarantee for curling irons. With hair curlers, the sections of hair are small enough and all styled the same way so you know the heat will result in even and stylish results.
  • Easy to use – not all women consider themselves hair tool savvy or might even be nervous around hot tools. Hair curlers are great for women and young girls just starting out on learning how to style their hair.
  • Availability of different styles – instead of perfecting the art of getting different curl shapes from a curling iron, you can use hair curlers to get customizable curls in a flash.
  • Steam may help in some cases
  • Hair Curlers may come with interchangeable chamber so you get defined waves or beach waves
  • You can set the timer to hold your hair in the chamber


The pros and cons of using a hair curler :


  • It’s automated with a timer
  • Create consistent curls
  • Because of chamber design, it’s safe



  • It’s a bit heavy (like holding a hammer I guess)
  • You can get the curl to the root


Hair curlers – an amazing piece of technology that will totally revolutionize the way that you curl your hair and the results that you get. Ready to give it a try? You won’t be sorry!

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