Five Hair Straightening Mistakes You Should Avoid

#1. Use a wrong product that can make your hair sticky before straightening. Especially Hair Lacquer Spray that persists.

#2. Don’t apply heat protectant spray. The thermal heat protectant doesn’t totally eliminate the side effect of using hot styling tools but it can reduce up to 50% damage caused by heat. If you have dry hair find a product that specifically designed for that type of hair. Test several products if you could that doesn’t leave hair sticky, gummy, or feel wet after applying.

#3 Too Large Hair Sections. You should section your hair to the size that work for your straightener. With big, thick and heavy sections hair you have to do many pass in order to get the desired result, and also the heat couldn’t get evenly into hair section, the inside won’t be “treated” by heat and the ouside hair section get the heat more than it should. So the smaller hair section, the better, but not to skinny (too small)

#4 Horizontal hair sections will give flat looking to your hair. The benefits of diagonal section is you can easily get the texture you want and your hair look more natural.

#5 Don’t use a comb – Sometimes a comb does the magic that if you hair often get tangled or crinkled at the top, place the iron right behind the comb’s teeth when straighteing is a good practice. I suggest using heat-resistant, fine teeth comb.

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