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Hair Straightening Flat Irons – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this post, you will find the most common issues people have with hair straighteners. We gathered some of the reader’s questions about hair products, hair tools.

How do I choose my first hair straightener?

First, you should know your hair type, and then choose an appropriate plate size and temperature setting. For more details, check out our guide.

How to straighten hair for salon results?

It is very tricky, depending on the size of the hair section you take for straightening, the plate sizes and temperature.  Practice yourself once you will figure out, it is easy and saving you a lot of time, reducing the side effect of heat.

How to curl my hair with a hair straightener?

It is very possible to make a wavy beach style with a flat iron.

Which temperature should I set for my hair?

Again. Your hair type, hair section and plate size will determine the temperature. Because the highest heat setting can go as high as 410F (even more) and the lowest, 170F. A study unveiled that if your hair is exposed to a temperature in a range of 347-419 in 5 minutes, it can be damaged.  So set the heating as low as possible then increase until you feel comfortable.

How often should I clean my flat iron?

Product build-up, hair burnt will reduce the effectiveness of plates. You may have to clean it right after use when you notice some strange colors left on the plates.

Why do I have to clean my flat iron?

A lot of things burned and stick on the surface of plates. You need to wipe them out, which not only prevents hair breakage but makes the heat be conducted properly.

Is it OK if you style my hair every day with hot styling tools?

Frequently straightening your hair will leave your hair dry, frizzy, damaged or unnatural. So you should not use it every day.

My hand feels hot while holding flat iron what should I do? return them?

Because some types of plates like Titanium releases intense heat. You can use heat resistant glove to protect your hand.

Do I need to use hair protection spray before straightening?

Yes, you do. Which will reduce hair damage from heat.

Which ingredients in hair protection spray help protect and strengthen hair structure?

As far as I know, the PVP/DMAPA acrylates copolymer and Hydrolyzed wheat protein are the most common ingredients.

What else do I need after straightening my hair?

Use other hair products, finishing products. A light-hold hairspray is a good idea, but remember to only do this after your hair has been cooled down.

I have damaged hair, should I use hot styling tools?

You shouldn’t, repair your hair before you make things become worse. However, if you are addicted to straightening, you should pick the hair straightener which causes the LEAST damage like the Sedu flat iron.

Can I Iron my wet hair?

Absolutely not, don’t boil your hair. your hair must be completely dry before styling.

If you have any questions please leave your comment under the section below.

Does hair straightening cause hair loss?

More or less check out this article about hair straighteners and hair loss

What is a keratin treatment?

This is a permanent hair treatment. After the treatment, your hair will be in shape for several months.

Is there any cordless flat iron available in the market?

Yes, there are 2 types of cordless flat irons, one uses therma Butane gas to power the plates, the other uses battery so you have to recharge them.

What is Japanese hair straightening?

Hair straightening techniques use thermal to permanently straighten hair.

What is the best flat iron for African American hair?

Well if you have African American hair, which is thick and curly (the tightly curled strands, which is also varied) stay away from hot combs. The flat iron is the way to straighten your hair.

I would pick Brazilian Heat BBH3003 After Dark and KIPOZI Professional Titanium hair straightener. With 450F temperature setting, and large titanium plates these flat iron ensure to straighten the toughest hair.

Can steam flat iron give a bone straight look to my hair?

While steam hair straighteners cause less hair damage compared to titanium iron, it seems they won’t give a better result. Because your hair is straightened in moisture vs dry state. When your hair is completely dry they are easy to transform. But straightening with steam tool, your hair will be bouncing and feel softer.

What is Brazillian Blowout?

This is a straightening method using flat iron and a solution.

I have short hair which size of flat iron I should choose?

Pick the tool with plate size less, or equal to 3/4 inch, check out my post for mini flat irons that work perfectly on short hair.

Which hair straightener can give my roots a boost for greater hair volume?

You can add instant volume to your roots by the rootlifter Hair Iron.

I have soft & weak hair. Can I use a straightener?

We recommend not to, but you can until your hair is treated with conditioners to healthy states.

Thank you!

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