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Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush Review

Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush

If you’ve got extra bucks to spend, investing in the best hair tool is a good decision. You can’t achieve professional salon-quality hairstyles by using meager styling tools you grab from some random store. When it comes to styling your locks, a high-quality tool like Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush should be your top pick.


Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush

Since 2014, Head Kandy is passionate about providing people with salon-quality hair products and styling tools. Their new 2.0 straightening brush is a testament to their determination with its revolutionary way of straightening your locks.

There’s no more need for those traditional flat irons that painfully clamp and drag your strands. The future is now with this phenomenal plug-in tool, which brushes and styles your strands in one go.

Features, Pros & Cons

Forget littering your counter with your many combs, brushes, and straighteners. The Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush incorporates the functionalities of a brush and a straightener in a single device. You can finally start your mornings with stunningly straight hair.

This new and improved 2.0 model of the signature straightening brush now has the latest features and an upgraded sleek design. Head Kandy removed the outer non-heated pins in this upgraded version, so you’ll experience an effortless glide through those locks. Meanwhile, the heated outer bristles are revamped for an improved heat-safe barrier.

Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush now has an advanced negative ion generator, eliminating frizz, static, and flyaways. Even in the first pass, you can already notice a silky, smooth, straight result.

The heating plates and bristles use the dual power of tourmaline and ceramic. Through both elements, the straightening brush provides a more positive and precise controlled heat.

The ceramic component ensures that the straightening brush heats each strand uniformly, reducing the chances of any heat damage.

Due to the tourmaline infusion, negative ions are emitted during heating, which infuses hair with moisture and protects it from drying out. Your hair will look healthier than ever after every use.

Hard Kandy also elongated the heated side plates to cover and style more hair surface. Plus, the plates heat up in only 60 seconds, so your straightening routine is cut in half. Head Kandy 2.0 Straightening Brush will do its job well even with limited time.

The brush comes with a temperature adjustment controller, which has a maximum temperature of 450°F. With a broad temperature range, the straightening brush can handle all hair types, including thick and wavy hair. Reading and adjusting the temperature is also a cinch, thanks to the LCD screen and buttons repositioned in front.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally burning your hand or scorching your scalp. With the anti-scald technology, even the most sensitive scalp is protected from the heat. Moreover, you can lock the heat setting to prevent the temperature from going higher than your desired number.

Aside from those safety features, the straightening brush automatically turns off after 60 minutes of idle time. The bristles also boast of an anti-snag technology, so your hair is protected from painful snagging and tugging.

If you plan on traveling outside the country, this brush supports a dual voltage operation of 110v to 240v. It’s the best straightening brush that works in all countries around the world. Lastly, the hair tool features an extra-long swivel cord to allow you more freedom and maneuverability. If you want to show the world those luscious straight locks, then this tool is perfect for you.