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How To Clean A Curling Iron

Even you have the best curling iron after using it for a while, it would look like this with a lot of build-up burnt products sticking on the barrel. How to get rid of these smelly and sticky. In this post I will show you a simple way to clean a curling iron

1Turn on the curling iron and heat for 1 minute then turn it off and unplug. This will melt the build-up, burnt products.

2 Prepare 1 part alcohol (hydrogen peroxide – rubbing alcohol) and 2 parts of baking soda, mix them well together

3Using a brush to paste the mixture on the curling iron and let’s them settle for 15 minutes. If your curling iron are made from ceramic scrub ceramic with fingers only and if it is titainum or metal brush gently

4Using a clean towel to wipe out the surface

How often you have to clean your curling iron, please comment below!