How To Curl Short Hair with A Curling Wand

I have seen individuals who do a dramatic chop, and panic when it is time to style their short hair.

Firstly, they are not used to this length and as such aren’t aware of the tips and techniques to use when styling. And, they don’t even know if curled short hair will frame their face well.

I am here to let you know that short hair is very versatile and can be styled in any effortless look, especially curls.

Also, you can curl your hair to frame your face by covering your forehead, highlighting your jawbones or cheekbones and so much. Using a curling wand on short hair is as easy as counting to the number four.

And as such, here is a 4 step routine on how to use a curling wand on a short hair, but first you’ve got a great curling wand


Apply heat or thermal protectant along the tresses of your hair.

It will keep your hair protected from the heat produced from the curling wand which would burn, break or damage your hair. Do not add too much because it may weigh down your hair. Thus, making the hair too greasy to style.

Also, ensure that your protectant contains a light oil because naturally, they are great heat protectants. Examples include Moroccan oil, Argan oil or even Grapeseed oil.


Section your hair off while you heat your curling iron on the highest temperature that your hair can manage. Remember that the hair burns at 450 degrees. The hair should be separated into three sections: the top, middle and the bottom. Each section will require you to curl it differently so that it frames your face well. Ensure to have your section clips on deck to keep the sections separated.


Take a small subsection of the bottom layer, then place the curling wand two inches before your ends and clamp into place.

The uncurled ends will give your hair a more effortless/natural curls. Once it is securely clamped, you would curl upwards to an inch below the roots. You don’t want to go to the roots an accidentally burn your scalp.

Then, hold for 5 to 10 seconds and release. When releasing unclamp the wand and pull gently down. Don’t pull too hard because you may disturb the curl pattern.

And finally, you would curl the rest of the bottom section. Then, do the aforementioned steps for the remainder of your hair. Depending on the shape of the curls that you desire or where you want your curls to fall you would using the curling iron to curl inwards or upwards.


The last step is the finishing hair spray. You would spray your hair with your favourite hair spray to keep the curls intact, shiny and voluminous. Spray along your hair shafts and in your roots. Once it’s applied, ensure to fluff at your roots to add more volume and keep your curls looking natural.

And voila, your short hair is perfectly curled using your curling wand.
Let us know in the comments below if this helped you or how you tweaked our routine.

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