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How to make Rosin / Shatter with Hair Straightening Flat Iron

Using a hair straightener is a cheap way to make rosin. It is easy to make it at home but you need to know about the temperature and the yield you could get for rosin pressing.

First you need to have best hair straightener for rosin pressing, I prefer an adjustable temperature setting tool, a quality one with consistant heat and high-quality plates is KIPOZI Professional Titanium.

A adjustable temperature flat iron is a great option for rosin pressing.

If you set high temperature over 300F, you will get the higher yield but because of this intense heat the flavor become degraded.

We go for lower temperature around 200F, you get better quality flavor but the yield is lower.

My friend Karec suggested that:

The ideal scenario seems to be about 180-200F pressed with as much pressure as possible for about 2-3 minutes.To create more pressure make a clamp with a hinge and 2 pieces of 2″x4″.

Make sure you cut out a groove in the 2×4 to hold the straightener. Then you can place the straightener in it, close the clamp, and stand on it with all your weight.

Be careful not to make the grooves too deep. All the pressure needs to fall on the product, not the 2x4s

It is also extremely important to note the quality of the flower is the most critical factor. I’m assuming you’re not in a legal state, and probably cannot control flower quality. If this works well for you, then start saving the extra money for a nugsmasher mini. Its no bigger than a coffee maker, and it works incredibly well. It’s about $500 on amazon right now. I’m sure on 7-4 it’ll be on sale 20% off.

You can also do 3 presses for each 1gr 25micron bag with kief:

  • The first at 180F/80C
  • The 2nd at 200/95C again
  • The 3rd at 250F /120C

It takes roughly 3 minutes for each step above, and  you usually have 33% yield from the kief and 70% are from the first 2 presses, you can use clamps to help to maintain pressure but you would need a hinge or something or you will break the cover of the straightener.

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