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It is easy to use a hair straightening brush, which quickly turns your stresses before you head out in the morning.

Youtuber: Justine Crawford

If you just got a great straightening brush, here are a few quick tips and tricks how to use it effectively.

Step #1: Switch it on and and heat it up to any temperature you like.

Step #2: The straightening brush is not going to de-tangle your hair, so you must brush your hair out – leaving it no-tangle or messy. It should be clean and dry too.

Step #3: It’s going to easier to work with your hair if you section it.

Step #4: Take a small section of you hair and place the straightening brush inside it (go underneath), hold on the hair and slowly go from the root to the tip. This will create some lifts at the root and doesn’ make your hair have ”flat looking”. By one side straightening the heat damaging is minimal to your hair.

Note that don’t take a large, thick hair section because it won’t work and you have to go over it again.

Do the same for the rest of you hair.

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