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How to Use a Straightening Hair Brush for Maximum Results

Having soft, straight, shiny hair is every girl’s dream. And if you look at the market, there are a lot of tools that can help you achieve that dream. However, these tools are very different in terms of price, the result they give and the time they require. 

If you, like many girls, need a tool that can give you nice, natural-looking straight hair, and you need it to be done in only a few minutes, than a straightening hair brush might be your best choice.


How to Use A Hair Straightening Brush

It is easy to use a hair straightening brush, which quickly turns your stress before you head out in the morning.

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If you just got a great straightening brush, here are a few quick tips and tricks on how to use it effectively.

To get the best results without unnecessarily damaging your hair, your hair needs to be completely clean and dry. So, shampoo and condition your hair as usual, then blow dry it.


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It would also be best to apply some heat protection product. Heat protectants safeguard your hair from heat damage, keeping your hair healthy and smooth and preventing breakage, frizz and split end. 

Step #1: Switch it on and heat it up to any temperature you like. Heat up the brush until it reaches the desired temperature. For most straightening bushes, the temperature can range from 170° Fahrenheit to 450° Fahrenheit. But, unless your hair is very hard to straighten, there’s usually no need to heat it all the way up.

Step #2: The straightening brush is not going to de-tangle your hair, so you must brush your hair out – leaving it no-tangle or messy. It should be clean and dry too.

Step #3: It’s going to be easier to work with your hair if you section it.

After that, all you have to do is actually use the brush. You do this by simply brushing sections of your hair until all your hair is straight and frizz-free.

Step #4: Take a small section of your hair and place the straightening brush inside it (go underneath), hold on the hair and slowly go from the root to the tip. This will create some lifts at the root and doesn’t make your hair have ”flat-looking”. By one side straightening the heat damaging is minimal to your hair.

If your hair is thin, fine and not too curly, you literally only need to brush it slowly and thoroughly to get the perfect results.

For thick, textured, curly hair, it may take some more time. The best would be to section your hair and do each section separately. You might need 3 – 4 passes for each section before you get satisfying results.

Note that don’t take a large, thick hair section because it won’t work and you have to go over it again.

Do the same for the rest of your hair.

But even so, the straightening brush saves a lot of time, especially compared to flat iron. Most girls would need 5 – 15 minutes to straighten their whole hair with a straightening brush.

And the way we live these days, some extra time is something all girls can appreciate, especially if you still get to have beautiful, glowing hair.


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