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How to Use Blowout Revolving Styler to Get the Best Results

If you are searching for a tool to help you straighten and style your hair, blowout revolving styler might be a perfect solution for you. 

Blowout revolving styler is an easy to use heat styling tool. It looks similar to a flat iron, except that it has a brush on one end and a rotating barrel on the other.

With this amazing tool, you can add a lot of volume to your hair and get that “straight out of a hair salon” look, and here’s how:


How to Use Blowout Revolving Styler?

Blowout revolving styler is very easy and straightforward to use. 

Your hair should be completely clean and dry. You should only apply any heat protecting product you normally use.

Heat up your revolving styler. Go with the lowest temperature level if your hair is thin and easy to style, or adjust the temperature depending on the thickness of your hair.

Divide your hair into sections 1 – 2 fingers thick. Then you can start using the styler, one section at the time.

The barrel should go underneath the hair, while the brush goes on top. You can use it the other way around, too, but you can achieve much more volume if the barrel goes under the hair.

Make sure to position the tool so that the barrel is rotating away from your face. That way, it will close the cuticles, additionally, add shine and prevent frizz and hair damage.

If you want to add even more volume to your hair, place the barrel all the way up, close to your hair roots. Or, you can place it halfway down your hair, to only straighten the bottom part.

Either way, close the styler to activate the rotation and slowly glide it downwards to the ends of your hair.

If necessary, you can repeat each section a few times, until you get a perfectly straight, shiny hair.

Other than straightening, you can also use a blowout revolving styler to curl your hair.

All you have to do is bend a section of hair around the barrel, close the revolving styler to start the barrel rotation (make sure the rotation follows the direction of your hair), and glide it downwards until the whole length of the hair has been softly curled.

For a bit tighter, beach waves-like curls, twist a whole section of your hair around the barrel and activate the rotation by closing the styler. Hold it like that for 5 seconds, then let go. 


Which Blowout Revolving Styler to Get?

Max PRIME Blowout Revolving Styler – comes with tourmaline ceramic heated plates and ionic bristles for straightening and smoothing the hair with as little damage as possible.

AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler –2-way rotation system, tourmaline ceramic heated plate, 4 heat settings up to 430 °F and 150 revolutions per minute – for comfortable, easy and effective styling at home.

AIRLESS Blowout Revolving Styler that you can curl and straighten your hair