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Lunata Beauty’s Cordless Curling Iron/Wand – the Pros, the Cons & Everything in Between

This cute little curling iron by Lunata Beauty is being named by many as one of the most advanced curling tools to hit the world of hot tools in ages.

It’s a cordless, convertible- style curling iron that allows you take it from the traditional curling iron to a clip-free curling wand.

This way, buyers are given the best of both ways and tons of freedom when it comes to curling their hair how they please.

Let’s take a look at the specs of Lunata Beauty’s cool new curling tool, breaking down what it does and all of its pros and cons. 

You can detach the clip and it turns into a curling wand


The barrel of the iron/wand is made of titanium, a sturdy, strong heat-conducting material.

With this, you can guarantee even, solid heat that will make your style last for hours.

The temperatures go all the way up to four hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, so whether you’ve got fine hair or thick hair, you’re sure to find the right heat setting to ensure you end up with absolutely zero damage. 

If you love the ease of grip that the clip on a curling iron allows you, then you’ll certainly want to keep it on to make things hassle-free.

But if you’re more into the clip-free design of a curling wand, then you’re free to detach the clip and use it as you wish!

This is obviously one of our fave features from the Lunata cordless iron! And we’re sure that you’ll love it too. 


Here’s something that’s super cool – you can even use the iron to charge your phone!

At the end of the handle, there is a USB port with three attachments, turning your curling iron/wand into even more of a unique, multipurpose tool.

The iron also comes with a heat-resistant silicone sleeve in which you can store the iron even while hot.

Just throw it into your bag or drawer without any worry about damaging your belongings!

Lunata has thought it all or when it comes to this little device. It won’t melt nor scorch the fabric!

The sleeve Can even be used as a mat to protect your precious countertops while you style your hair.

Also, there’s a heat-resistant glove that comes in handy for protecting your skin during use. 



  • No cord means no hassle! We love the freedom of movement available with this iron.
  • The detachable clip allows you to tailor the tool to your own liking.
  • The design is simply adorable! Super easy on the eyes.
  • Resilient barrel material for any temperatures.
  • Charging ports can be super useful at the right time.



  • This iron is a bit pricy, retailing for about $200-$250. The specs may be worth it to some, but we know that some buyers just can’t afford a tool like this.


All in all, we love the Lunata Cordless Curling Iron’s features. It’s everything that a good tool should be: high quality, comfortable, stunning, and effective.