Top Five Hooded Bonnet Hair Dryers

Blowdryers are great as a portable hair drying tool, but let’s face it – sometimes, you’re left with aches and pains from holding your arms up to your head for too long. Hooded hair dryers, luckily, have remained steadily faithful to women and men everywhere who love this drying style and prefer to just lay back, relax and let the dryer do the work. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place! Take a look at five of the best hooded dryers we think are definitely worth a go.

  • There are two types of hood hair dryer once is called tabletop if you can place them on the table – more portable but less powerful than the other called stand up floor.
  • We also have hard-cap bonnet and soft-cap bonnet, attached to hair dryer, depend on your budget and hair need.
  • The most powerful hooded hair dryer can blow-dry at 2500 watts

Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer

Type: Tabletop hooded hair dryer with hard-cap

This dryer is salon-quality, and comes with ionic technology to speed up drying time without dehydrating the hair strand. It comes with two temperature settings and two speed settings to toggle to your liking, based on your hair type and even how quickly you need your hair dried. As a perfect finishing touch, the cool air option seals cuticles and leaves your hair feeling like new. It’s hands down amazing!

Conair Pro Styler Hooded Hair Dryer

  • Type: Tabletop hooded hair dryer with hard-cap
  • For home use

This cute and lightweight hooded dryer weighs only 2 pounds, giving it the convenience of a handheld blow dryer with none of the work. 

With a minimalist design, this dryer is surely not minimalist in action. More than 1800 watts of power give this little dryer the boost it needs to dry hair in record times, while the large hood is perfect for thick hair, Afros or hair with rollers.

Gold ‘N Hot GH9271 Professional Portable Bonnet Hair Dryer

Type: Tabletop hooded hair dryer with hard-cap

On the pricier side but with great reason, this portable hooded dryer offers customers a five-star salon experience right in the comfort of their homes. 

You can say goodbye to dryers that get too hot at the hood, and say hello to a fully ventilated hood that allows for safe and even airflow. With an adjustable height and a larger-than-life hood, the drying power of this one is just the icing on the cake.

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Hooded Hair Dryer

Less portable and occupy a lot of space but it’s worth it if you are serious
  • Type: hooded hair dryer with hard-cap and adjustable standing floor
  • Professional use

‘Perfect for long hair’is an understatement. Curly girls are simply in love with this one, as it I Clyde’s features like a timer, adjustable height and a super quick dry time.

Easy to use and a great addition to any haircare arsenal, this hooded dryer makes life easier and takes away all of the aches and pains associated with blowdryers. What a steal!

Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet Style Hood Hair Dryer

For both commercial and personal use, this high-quality hooded dryer comes at an extremely affordable cost. 

Sturdy and reliable, this dryer holds one thing and one thing only in the highest priority: efficiency. What it lacks in its gentle and simple design, it makes up for in its power. You won’t believe the results you get from the multi-blade fan.

Not everyone like sitting under the hard bonnet dryer for a long time, often 15 to 30 minutes, investing on a hood hair dryer may be costly too and it’s even risky that you don’t get your desired look and so if you’ve got a hand-held hair dryer, equip it it with a soft-bonnet attachment – that’s good for deep conditioning and hair treatment. This option could be the most comfortable and you can do some stuffs during drying process.

Hooded dryers are far from old-fashioned. In fact, they are a trusty and reliable staple in the world of hair tools. Blowdryers are undoubtedly useful, so alternating between the two may just be something you might want to give a shot!

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