A Crash Course On The Popular Brazilian Blowout Method

The Brazilian Blowout is the name given to a very popular hair straightening method, which differs from another hair smoothing treatment, Keratin Treatment. So what exactly is a Brazilian blowout? Simply put, the process of the Brazilian Blowout uses a solution to smooth the hair strands in order to straighten it without any damage done. In the process, protein is bonded to the hair by a hair straightening flat iron to protect and smooth the hair and make it straight.

The Brazilian Blowout process is usually an ideal choice for girls (or boys!) with thick hair that’s curly, kinky or wavy, and that they just can’t seem to manage. It’s also a popular choice for persons with straight hair who just can’t stand their mane’s frizz. The Blowout promises to transform frizzy, unruly tresses into straight strands that when washed, revert to a silkier, more manageable version of themselves. Confused? Don’t worry -we’ll break down the process below.

The Brazilian Blowout is done in six steps which usually take about 90 minutes.

1. The hair is washed, and is fully coated with a solution that is very high in amino acids (protein).
2. The hair is then blow-dried with the solution still in it.
3. Then, the hair is straightened, sealing the proteins into the hair shaft via the hair straightening flat iron’s heat. Some salons stop at this step and leave the rest to the customer to do at home if they wish. However, some go straight on to the next step.
4. The hair is rinsed of the solution, then blow-dried again.
5. Finally, the hair is straightened for a second time.

In the third step, after styling hair, the customer can be told to go home and wash their hair the next morning to wash the amino solution out of their hair. However, because the proteins were already bonded into the hair by the flat ironing process, the washing out of the solution doesn’t alter the effects of the treatment in any way.

Because of the amino acids, the hair is frizz and tangle-free, defined and obedient whether in a straight or a natural state. This is a great benefit for those who choose to get the treatment done, as it decreases styling and washing times and just looks so much better!

Generally, the Brazilian Blowout tends to last about 12 weeks by itself, but with proper care and the help of the proper follow up products that are formulated with additional amino acids, it can go on to last as long as six months!

Unfortunately, with almost every hair-altering process, there are disadvantages. To make things a little simpler, let’s take a clear look at the pros and cons of the Brazilian Blowout process.


  • There are no unpleasant smells involved
  • The hair treatment will last for 10 to 12 weeks
  • It’s a relatively short treatment – only 90 minutes
  • The proteins that are bonded onto the hair protect it from the intensive blow-drying and flat ironing processes that follow, and any other heat styling that the customer will do on his/her own
  • The process is temporary. If the customer happens to not like the results or is looking for a treatment that won’t change their hair forever, this process is perfect for them.


  • The treatment is costly – let’s face it. Whether you’re willing to go to any length to tame your hair or not, a $120 to $300 price tag is extremely high. Add the cost of any follow-up products you may purchase at the salon, and you’re left staring at a large chunk of money that you’re losing.
  • Many Brazilian Blowout solutions contain traces of formaldehyde in them –and formaldehyde has been linked to cancer! It is not totally safe for this smoothing treatment. When hot plates apply on hair, those products will evaporate and eventually you may inhale or your yes come in contact with Formaldehyde related gredients, which potentially causes health problem. There are a few salons that boast formaldehyde-free processes, but it’s a definite factor to consider if you want to put your health first. Minimize exposure to the products as much as possible.

The Brazilian Blowout has many benefits for those who long for tamer, more controlled strands. It’s easy, long lasting and effective, but the price and ingredients are definitely something for customers to keep in mind.

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