5 Useful Tricks For Anyone Who Uses A Hot Comb

Hot combs (pressing comb) that are either electric or non-electric (that you heat it up over stove burner). They may cause hair loss, damage to the hair shaft, burn of the scalp, steal shine from your hair if you don’t use it a right way. I’ve rounded up a few tricks and tips.

#1. If oil (burnt gunk) builds up on the teeth of hot comb you can clean it by an old tooth brush.

#2. Frequently clean your hot comb – using hot comb can lead to hair loss. You will find the comb has a lot of hair on their teeth. As long as they are there the next styling session, they will cause hair breakage.

I recommend cleaning your hot comb twice a month. You can clean it with hot water, dish soap and a brush (I prefer the metal brush – it’d be more effective to remove gunk)

#3. If you are using a pressing comb that put into a stove (or a stove burner) for heating up. To check how hot the hot comb is, place it against the paper towel – if the comb is way to hot, you need to wait a bit for it to cool down to appropriate temperature that won’t damage hair

#4. After washing your hair and dry it completely, section you hair and work with small sections first. Apply heat protectant before styling hair with your hot comb

#5. Always go from the root and come in without contact with scalp. Be careful everytime you place the comb near the rootIt can burn your scalp.

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