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10 Useful Tricks and Tips to Follow Anyone Using a Hot Comb for Hair

There are various methods, treatments, and tools for straightening and styling your hair by making them shiny and smooth.

Hot combs are not so popular among people compared to straighteners and flat irons. Because people often fear that they might experience hair damage and hair fall in case of using them.

But if you follow the proper method and procedure, they can be super useful to straighten your hair from roots to tips.

Here we will talk about 10 useful tricks and tips to follow anyone using a hot comb for hair so that you can use them without causing any damage to your hair and scalp.


How Does a Hot Comb Work?

hot comb

Hot combs are hair styling tools made of metal that you can use to straighten your hair easily because the process is as convenient as combing the hair.

You will find two types of hot combs: electric comb and pressing comb. The electric comb is heated through the electric plug connected to it.

On the other hand, the pressing comb works manually, and you have to heat it over any stove or oven. But the working principle is almost the same for both types of hot combs.

  • As hot combs are metal-made, they heat up very easily. If you are using the pressing comb, it will work well for several minutes once you heat it up with any heat source.
  • Like a regular comb, hot combs slide through your hair by working on the waves and textures. The spine holds the teeth, and a heat-resistant handle helps you to hold the comb.
  • A hot comb breaks the hydrogen bonds of your hair surface, which are responsible for creating curls in the hair. The hydrogen bonds won’t return to their previous state until you wash the hair, and your hair will remain straight.


Are Hot Combs Good for Your Hair?

pros and cons of hot combs

There are some different arguments among hairdressers around the world about whether hot combs are suitable for your hair or not. But there is no one-sided answer for this. Hot combs can work both positively and negatively on your hair.


  • Can work from the roots of the hair
  • Works great on natural hair
  • Heats up faster
  • Can be your go-to hair styling tool
  • Gives you consistent result ensuring a sleeker appearance
  • Convenient to use without being a professional
  • Straightens your baby hair
  • Compared to other hair straightening tools, it is gentle enough for regular using


  • It might damage your hair and scalp if used incorrectly
  • Difficult to use on thicker and curlier hair
  • Can be aggressive on relaxed hair


Useful Tips and Tricks

By using a hot comb, you can have silky, smooth, and straight hair but also might experience frizzy hair with breakage and damage.

Don’t just freak out, as you are going to know all the essential tips and methods that will provide you damage-free and long-lasting straightened hair.

1. Washing and Drying

washing hair

It is necessary to wash and dry your hair properly before you use a hot comb because washing makes your hair free from any dirt particles and dandruff that can negatively affect you while combing.

Create sections of your hair and blow-dry straight. Stretch the hair to make sure it is completely dry.


2. Using Heat Protectant

heat protectant for hair

Excessive heat can damage your hair, and you might experience breakage and split ends. It is severe for those who have thin and sensitive hair. So, it is a better option to use any heat protectant solution.

You can use any hair serum, spray, or heat-protective oil in every section of the hair before hot combing. They will keep your hair protected and prevent damage and breakage.


3. Untangling

untangling hair

As using a hot comb is similar to regular combing, it can’t glide smoothly through the hair if it remains tangled. In this case, hair can easily get stuck in the hot comb and break in the ends.

So, make sure to untangle your hair before you start straightening. It will help the comb for an easy slide through the hair and prevent your hair from getting damaged.


4. Sectioning

sectioning hair

Sectioning the hair into small parts will enable you to hot comb your hair properly. Otherwise, you might miss a spot, and it will remain wavy and curly. But how you will make the sections depends on your hair type.

Thicker hair needs small sections so that heat can reach every strand of the hair. In relatively thinner hair, you can make large sections and use the hot comb accordingly.


5. Heating up

If you are using an electric hot comb, choose the one which has variable heat settings. Heat it according to your hair type: the low temperature for thinner and relatively straight hair; higher temperature for thick and curly hair.

While using manual hot combs, always choose a comb with metal teeth and heat resistant handle. Otherwise, the comb might melt, and your hand can get burnt when heating it over a burner or stove.


6. Testing the Temperature

You can’t control the temperature of a manual or pressed hot comb. So, you need to check the temperature before using it on your hair.

After you heat up a pressed hot comb, wait for about 30 seconds and try it on a paper or towel. If it seems too hot, wait for some more time and only comb your hair after you are assured that the temperature is bearable for the hair.


7. Using on the Roots

using hot comb from root

One of the best reasons to use a hot comb is that you can straighten your hair from the roots to the tip.

While using on the roots, be careful and avoid touching the scalp as you might have a severe burn. But try to be near the scalp and as close as possible to the roots.

That will enable you to straighten the entire hair growth length and comb the baby hair for a complete hairstyle transformation.


8. Creating Volume

Often, we want straight hair with a bit of volume or some curls in the bottom. Hot combs can be your perfect hairstylist regarding this.

While sliding the comb through your hair, keep the teeth facing up underneath each section to create volume. For bottom curls, roll over the comb with your hair when you reach the ends.


9. Keeping the Hair Straight for Longer

tips to keep hot combed hair straight

Using hot combs regularly can affect your hair negatively. But you can keep the hair straight for longer without using them daily.

Cover the hair with a silk or satin scarf while sleeping and taking a shower. This will prevent the outside moisture from ruining the straight texture of your hair. While going out, just get a touch-up, and you are ready with perfect-looking straight hair.


10. Cleaning the Comb

Proper maintenance of your hot comb is essential as it affects the performance of the comb on your delicate hair.

If you are using it on a regular basis, clean it at least two times a month. Otherwise, a comb having dandruff or other hair particles on the teeth can cause hair breakage while using it in the next session.

Clean your hot comb with hot water and soap. Use a thin bristle brush to clean between the teeth. Make sure it dries completely before using.


Things to Consider While Using Hot Combs

things to consider while using hot combs

Now that you have already read about the tips and tricks, you should also consider some things parallel to them so that hot combing doesn’t ever go wrong.

  • Try to use an electric hot comb if you have a session at home. Because using manual ones might need extra effort and sometimes can be dangerous to your hair and scalp.
    But if you are a professional, then there is nothing to worry about as you might have the skill of maintaining proper temperature with the pressed one.
  • If you have relaxed hair or got any other hair treatments, you should think twice before using a hot comb because relaxed hair seems fragile and becomes prone to damage.
    While hot combing relaxed hair, never go for the pressed one and always use an electric hot comb.
    Because it is very important to adjust the temperature for this hair type, please do not use it every day, and never forget to apply a heat protectant.
  • Avoid using hot combs on wigs. As wigs usually have synthetic hair, they might burn while combing, especially with manual ones.

Besides, the hair of any wig gives trouble while detangling properly. As a result, the comb won’t slide smoothly through the hair, which will hinder the hot combing process.


Final Words

We hope you have already learned these 10 useful tricks and tips to follow anyone using a hot comb for hair. So, what are you waiting for? Get a chic and classy hairstyle with a hot comb without fearing any hair damage.