Worry Less with Cordless! The Best Cordless Hair Dryers in 2020

Ever thought of going cord-free?

If you’ve never entertained the thought, you definitely should.

Imagine a world where you’re not confined to the wall because of your hair dryer when there are so many important things that you could be doing at the same time.

If you’re a frequent traveler or someone who’s always in a rush, a cordless hairdryer can be the thing that you need to transform your hair days into a hassle-free breeze.

Cordless hair dryers’ facts
  • Battery life
  • They have low power and won’t be as powerful as wired dryers
  • They can be noisy
  • Top hairdryer makers Sedu, Dyson, BaByliss, Parlux haven’t launched their first cordless blow dryers yet

Quick charging feature – like 5 or 10 minutes of charging gives hair dryer 30 minutes or more working time would be a soon built-in cordless hairdryer.

Want to be free of cords that only hold you back? Read on to find out more about the 8 best cordless hair dryers of 2020!

LXB Wireless Portable Hair Dryer 

LXB Wireless Portable Hair Dryer 
This cordless hair dryer may not look attractive but it’s effective


If you’re thinking cordless, then you’ll also expect a hairdryer that can run for hours even without an electrical cord plugged into a socket.

Luckily, here comes the LXB Wireless Hair Dryer, a cordless hair dryer that offers hours and hours of power before needing to be recharged.

No matter where you are, you’ll definitely want a dryer like this to bring along. It’s perfect for camping, trips and busy mornings!

When fully charged, this dryer has a four-hour runtime, which is enough for even the thickest of manes.

There’s the option of both hot and cold air, as well as a removable battery which means that you can charge one and use another one in the meantime! You’ll never be without power with the LXB Wireless.


Vloxo Cordless Portable Dc Hair Dryer

The rechargeable hairdryer is for those who have fine, damaged hair


We couldn’t write our list without including the VLOXO Portable Hair Dryer because of all of the features that we typically look for in a cordless dryer: power, good battery life, and of course, safe to use on most hair types.

This may actually be one of our safest bets because this dryer blows only cold air.

Though this means that it may take a bit longer than warm or hot air, this also means that your hair won’t be fried or damaged in any way by this dryer.

Its handle is foldable, which will make them more convenient for taking them with you on the go.


SCNVO Outdoor Cordless Hair Dryer 

Not everyone has long hair, so here’s a cordless hair dryer that specifically caters to those with short or fine hair.

It also caters to any hair type that doesn’t need super high temperatures or large amounts of pressure to get the job done right. 

If your hair is both fine and long, there’s the option to add an extra battery for extra power, but this isn’t necessary as it can be used as-is. 

Take it hiking, camping, or anywhere you please! This cordless hairdryer is limitless.


Evertop Cordless Hair Dryer 

Evertop Cordless Hair Dryer

Look a lot like Vloxo hair dryer, it is an alternative if the first option is not available.

For every travel junkie out there who knows the importance of packing only the bare minimum when they need to, this lightweight, simple cordless hairdryer is for you.

Its simplicity is what attracts us to it; all of the features are what you’d want and need. There’s nothing more or nothing less!

The simplicity of this hairdryer is also seen in its price tag, as it is much more affordable than many other cordless dryers on the market today. 


FreeDryer Cordless Hair Dryer

Claiming to be the world’s very first cordless hairdryer, this product can truly be considered a classic. 

It can blow-dry your hair in 15 minutes at a warm setting and 7 minutes in a hot setting, quite short if you have thick, long hair.

Even though it’s the first of its kind, this by no means says that its abilities are old-fashioned or archaic.

In fact, the drying abilities and battery time of this dryer are comparable to any today and can go toe to toe with most cordless dryers that are sold today. 


Go Styler Cordless Hair Styler & Dryer

Go Styler Cordless Hair Styler & Dryer


WHS Cordless Portable Hair Dryer

WHS Cordless Portable Hair Dryer


MANLI Cordless Hair Dryer



New Arrivals

VOLO Go Cordless Hair Dryer: A Kickstarter campaign


Think outside the cord and reach for a cordless hairdryer! The amount of convenience and comfort that these devices provide is truly amazing.

You no longer have to spend your days attached to the wall – now, enjoy your freedom with cordless hair dryers. 

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