Nine of The Best Professional Hair Dryers For Hair Stylist

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If you’ve invested on a great hair straightener why not a professional hair dryer that dry your hair quickly and can do a lot more than average hair dryers?

A hairstylist has several several option to blow-dry their clients’ hair because a hair dryer will be overheating and automatically shut off if it is used on a lot of clients’ hair continuously.

Often found in a salon are Chi, Elchim, Solano, Babyliss and Sedu dryers.

Profresional hair dryers give a better, faster result and they are built to last.

Professional hair dryers often cost more than 100 bucks but it’s worth it and they have a lot of advanced features that average hair dryers simply don’t.

Here are the 9 best possible dryers you could buy and the reason why they are way more expensive and much appreciated by hair stylists than average dryers on the market.

$100 professional hair dryer vs $20 hair dryer

Professional hair dryer 

  • Time saver: they are more powerful that will save time a lot of time. It dries and smooths hair quickly
  • Don’t have to buy a new one every year because they last longer
  • Clean the vent on the back of hair dryer easily by taking apart the vent – this will make the hair tool last longer
  • The included small, narrow nozzles with diffent sizes direct air better
  • Most professional hair dryer come with 2 – year warranty policy, some brands even offer lifetime warranty
  • Feel premium on hand, easy to handle while blowing dry hair
  • They have a high-quality built-in heating element – ceramic or titanium
  • They are quiet so you hear a less loud sound while blow-drying
  • They are light-weight since hair dressers don’t like holding something heavy for a long period of time – blow-drying their client’s hair.

Consumer blow dryer

  • In the back of blow dryer there is a vent which keeps particles and different things in your hair out of it while you blow dry your hair but it is non-removable to clean. Once it is filled up in the filter the blow dryer may burn out. It is quite tricky to open the dryer and clean the filter.
  • Long, cheap cord, and feel cheap on your hand
  • It takes longer time to completely dry your hair compaired to professional hair dryer
  • They don’t get hot enough to dry hair

1Sedu Revolution Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Small, travel-friendly size but powerful professional hair dryer

Who is it for? – long, thick hair and you need to dry your hair quick.

  • Sedu Revolution Lite is a compact, lighweight hair dryer but it is still powerful
  • It features ceramic heating which will reduce frizz
  • You always find the right setting for temperature and speed for your hair – they have six speed to choose from.
  • Heavy? you can hold the hair dryer for a long time comfortably because the tool is designed to distribute weight evenly and the ergonomic holder that you won’t find on other tools.
  • Well two options to direct air – it comes with 2 nozzles.
  • Longer cord means more flexible


Sedu Revolution Hair Dryer – Gunmetal (4000i)

Who is it for? – very long, thick or wavy hair and you need to dry your hair quick.

If you are looking for somthing more powerful than Sedu Revolution Lite. The Sedu Revolution is larger and more powerful. It is able to dry your hair in minutes.

A hairstylist performs blow-dry on customer’s hair – The Elsewhere Salon           View this post on Instagram                      

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  • The quality 1875W AC motor that are durable for long time use
  • Sedu Revolution Hair Dryer features an Ion Generator, you can control the amount of ion for your styling.
  • Like Sedu Revolution Lite, this hair dryer has six speed and temperature settings
  • It comes with 2-year warranty


SuperSolano Professional Dryer

Who is it for? – Any hair types

The SuperSolano offers the most features you would need. It leaves your hair shiny and save a lot of time.

Tips: Before you straighten or curl your hair, if it is wet you should dry it first to bring it to a ready-state to style, in other words completely dry.

Here are some typical features of  SuperSolano

  • The tourmaline heating element add frizz-free shine
  • It features cold button to set and keep the style you love
  • The SuperSolano has 2 speeds to blow dry hair and 3 adjustable temperature settings
  • Narrow nozzles:  it is better to direct air to quickly dry your hair
  • 2-year warranty
  • Long cord sometimes is inconvenient
  • Quite heavy


Solia SuperHot Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer

Who is it for? – thick, wavy hair

Turning your hair from a wet mess to shiny and manageable is now easy with Solia SuperHot. If a hair stylist can hold this tool for a long time without discomfort, it is lightweight and comfortable.

  • Double-wave heating technology dries hair fast
  • Tourmaline reduces static and frizz
  • The Solia SuperHot is powerful with 6 speed and temperature settings, able to dry your hair with optimal time.
  • Ultra lightweight
  • 2-year warranty



Blow-dry your hair is the first step for perfect hair styles. If you fail this step, you may be struggled to regain a perfect result. Blowing your hair out with this hair tool will keep your hair smooth and prevent frizz. With dual-tech motor, they are incredibly powerful your hair is completely dried in minutes.

The Theorie SAGA II AIRSHINE is lightweight and comfortable to hold and they come with 4-year warranty


1907 Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer

Who is it for? – fine hair

This hair dryer generates negative ions that are beneficial for your hair whether you have fine or thick hair, leaving smooth and polish.

The 1907 hair dryer is less powerful than our top pick. But it comes cheaper and feel solid on hand with rubberized holder. Other accessories such as a nozzle, a large diffuser, and a posh little carrying bag work as advertised.

  • The ceramic DC Motor is lightweight and can serve 2000 life hours
  • The 1907 hair dryer is quiter than other competitors
  • 1907 Zero7 comes with a handy accessories including a nozzle and diffuser and a travel bag
  • Great value for the price
  • Lifetime warranty


Parlux 3200 Ceramic & Ionic Edition Professional Hair Dryer

Who is it for? - curly, long hair

If you have been using blow dryer for a long time, this Parlux 3200 will be a life changer. After drying you hair with this tool, you will notice your hair become more bouncy and defined.           View this post on Instagram                      

A post shared by Parlux Australia (@parluxhair) on Dec 12, 2018 at 2:01pm PST

The Parlux 3200 is a powerful, compact hair dryer.


Turbo Power Turbo1500 Professional Hair Dryer

Who is it for? Anyone with fine, dyed hair.

Ayone with fine hair would have a hard time when blowing dry it.

  • You have more options for your hairs with 5 heat and 2 speed settings
  • The stainless steel filter is removable for easy cleaning, prolonging the lifetime of product
  • Just 1-year warranty
  • Made in Italy


Solano 3200 Top Power Hair Dryer

Who is it for? Anyone with fine, dyed hair.

Solano 3200 is a professional grade dryer, it is easy to handle but feel quite big and heavy on hand. The Cool setting is a nice feature.

The long cord and big size make this hair tool is not suitable for traveling.

  • Ceramic heating elements provides persistant temperature
  • Far infrared heat generates consistant heat, leaving hair structure stronger, softer, and healthier
  • Silver nano technology protect heat flow agaisnt bacterias
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • The cord is unnecessarily long


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer

Being able to generate the rich negatively charged irons, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino works nicely on hair that is so dry even make it shiner than other hair dryers do on your hair. 

The handle is ergonimically design for easy of use, feel solid on hand just like this is coutoured to your hand. While operating it is not too loud, it comes with 3 size of nozzles and a diffuser.

How did we pick professional hair dryers?

We searched, outlined specs and compared more than 50 models. A lot of factors to consider but we sorted out: material, performance, weight, abundance of negative irons, durability, and most importantly dry time.

Titanium hair dryers are lightweight and easiest to handle while styling, they are also the most abundant soucre to generate ions. The heat release from it is more intense than other types of hair dryer, so your hair dries quickly.

Ceramic hair dryers tend to be more gentle in terms of heat. The far-infrared heat from ceramic cause less hair damage.

We considered extras such as diffuser and nozzles, these additional accessories that are removable and they help concentrate or diffuse air.

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