Best Wooden Comb For Hair Growth

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Wooden combs have many benefits to your hair, one of which is to encourage hair growth. A myth that using wooden combs helps boost hair growth because it spreads more natural oils from scralp and triggers hair follicles.

Study which type of wooden has greatest effect on hair is not my quest, but simply put the size and the desnity of teeth may have an effect on hair growth. Note that it also depends on how you comb through your hair.

Take that into the considertation

Here are a few for you to choose from

Onedor Natural Handmade Green Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb

This comb is made from natural wood, namely green sandalwood – which is unfortunately not related to hair growth – A research on Nature Communications reveals that chemicals in synthetic sandalwood would stimulate new hair growth but the natural variety doesn’t.

It is of a decent size and very easy to grip whether it is being used in your hair, your children’s hair or man’s hair.

Also, it relieves any scalp tension to promote hair growth, allow the scalp to breathe and so much more.

Lastly, it minimizes the tangles and split ends of your hair while detangling your tresses.

Well, you can find a lot other combs on Amazon with similar size.

Woods are promoted…

A trend within the beauty community that everyone is raving about it using wooden tools in a healthy hair regimen, specifically combs.

Wooden combs have been used by many individuals who have vouched that they do promote hair growth. Females have seen successful growth that allows them to grow waist-length hair. Also, men have talked about how they have regrown a bald spot by using this wooden tool.

If you are as excited as we are about this topic, then I bet you once think of the following…

So How Does A Wooden Comb Promote Hair Growth?

The wooden comb, as opposed to plastic combs, is very gentle on the scalp.

They will not poke or scrape your scalp once combed against it because of the smooth texture of it.

However, if done vigorously then it will hurt your scalp. Once the tool is combed against the scalp it will distribute the sebum that is produced by your scalp from the roots to the tips of your hair.

Naturally, our sebum should travel to the ends of our hair to provide the ends of our hair with the nourishment it needs, however it doesn’t because of the curly nature of our strands.

Hence, we have to do it ourselves. The sebum contains all of the nutrients that our body provides needed to grow, strengthen, enhance your curls and natural shine of your hair. And as such, using a wooden comb is great for your scalp to promote hair growth.

How To Use A Wooden Comb For Hair Growth?

As a naturalista, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb. The wide-tooth comb will aid in removing the knots and tangles that your hair has since its last wash day. It is best to detangle when conditioning or deep conditioning your tresses.

Why? The products will contain the slip which will soften and remove some of the tangles.

Then, you would remove the rest with your wooden comb. Remember to detangle from the tip of your hair to the roots. Once you reach the roots ensure that the teeth of the comb touches or rubs against the scalp. Once it touches the scalp consistently it will aid in improving the natural growth cycle of your natural hair.

So not only will you be detangling your hair, but you will be getting a scalp massage that will promote significant hair growth.


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      Does it work? Any signs you would notice that your hair grew more than it used to be.

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