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Best Hot Air Brush For Short Hair

Hairstyles can help us to express ourselves and we definitely have endless ways to do it. It can take the help of perfect tools to get our desired style.

Skip using a blow dryer, a hot air brush can create voluminous, full-body curls or natural waves while it dries your hair quickly.

If you have short hair a hot airbrush can style and dry your hair even more effectively. Why? because you don’t have a lot of hair to manage and remember you have the right size of the tool for your hair.

I’ve rounded up three of the best options on the market today

  • Hot air brushes are excellent for short hair because they have barrel sizes that are small enough that can get close to the root for more versatile styling.
  • They are easy to use, lightweight, and have the ability to help you style your short hair well for daily use or special occasions.


HOT TOOLS Professional Hot Air Styling Brush (¾ inch)

Hot air brush doesn’t get too hot for your hair


This professional-grade tool has a ¾ inch rounded barrel with ball-tipped bristles.

It can style and dry your hair at the same time. This tool can give you curls that have definitions.

It also keeps your hair tangle-free with the curl release function. The soft-grip handle is rounded and easy to hold.

You are able to use this tool on damp hair for extremely tight curls, or you can use it to get somebody and style on dry hair. It can be used on even fine hair without fear that you’ll damage it.



  • Barrel is removable for ease of cleaning
  • The ball-tipped bristles are gentle on the scalp
  • It’s comfortable to hold and use
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty



  • Not as effective on long or thicker hair
  • Only has high and low heat settings,no control of temperature
  • Only 250 watts of power


Conair Hot Air Brush 0.75 Inch Ceramic Tools

The Conair Hot Air Brush has a 0.75 inch barrel size with ceramic coating. The ceramic coating gives this tool numerous advantages.

Ceramic is excellent at heat distribution. It helps reduce tugging and pulling on the hair as you are brushing. This reduces frizz significantly.

Another benefit of ceramic in hair styling tools is that it can give your hair a shiny, glossy look after use.

The bristles are rigid. This tool can help you dry and curl your hair easily. It has a ridged handle for added grip, as well as a swivel cord to allow movement.

This tool delivers power and has technology that other tools don’t, such as far-infrared and a cool blast feature.



  • Ceramic barrel will give you smooth, shiny hair
  • The cool blast feature locks in your style
  • Far-infrared technology helps to get your hair looking healthy instead of damage
  • The 0.75 inch size is helpful for short hairstyles



  • Single heat setting
  • Bristles may be hard on the scalp
  • Can’t clean the bristles or barrel easily


John Frieda 1-inch Hot Air Brush

If you look for something more powerful, this hot air brush will give you soft, shiny hair that looks healthy, and volume that lasts all day.

This tool has a 1″ barrel with nylon bristles. The handle is ergonomically designed for ease of use and a better grip. It goes inward toward the middle with a wider bottom.

This tool is powerful enough to dry your hair quickly and has a sleek, beautiful design. It can give you volume and curls easily.

It incorporates technology like ionic technology and titanium ceramic to deliver salon-quality hair results in no time from the comfort of your own home.



  • Has 500 watts of power
  • Titanium Ceramic barrel will ensure your hair looks smooth, shiny and frizz-free
  • Rounded barrel, digital temperature display
  • The cool setting can set your style and make it last
  • Advanced Ionic Technology helps add shine to your hair
  • Add volume to short hair, medium or short bob



  • Nylon bristles may lose wear down over time and it’s not replaceable
  • The barrel might be a bit big for some
  • Brush might be a bit bulky/heavy for some
  • While styling, you may accidentally touch on On/Off or heat setting buttons on top of the handle


Tips for using a hot air brush on your short hair

  •  Let your hair settle and partially air dry


Things to Consider When Buying a Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

Things to Consider When Buying a Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

Just like any styling tool, the right hot air brush for you depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and hair type.

Hair Type

A hot air brush works best with:

  • Short or shoulder-length hair
  • Fine hair

A shorter hair length will dry quicker and is easier to shape with the bristles. Longer hair is more difficult to shape with a hot air brush because the length makes it awkward and heavy.

Similarly, fine hair is easier for a hot air brush to manipulate, whereas thicker or wiry hair might resist the tool’s capabilities.

Whether or not your hair is curly or straight matters less than the thickness and length. A hot air brush is great for curly, straight, wavy, or kinky hair.



Though a hot air brush works best with shorter, finer hair, different sizes of these brushes can accommodate different hair types. The weight, diameter, and bristles all have a part to play in how the brush affects your hair.



A lightweight hot air brush will be easier to use than a bulkier tool. Especially if you don’t have a lot of hair, a lighter tool makes your morning routine much simpler.

Similarly, if you don’t want a large device cluttering up your bathroom, a smaller brush will take up less room and help keep your hair products organized. A smaller tool will also be easier to travel with and be more convenient for quick stylings on the road.

However, a bulkier brush will better curl longer or thicker hair. The more of the brush there is, the more it can contend with fussier hair.



A smaller barrel will be easier to get closer to your head. You can reach more of your hair for a fuller style. It’s also easier to get close to the scalp and the roots, where you can create a lot more volume than if you’re curling your hair an inch or two away from your head.

Smaller barrels will also give you much more freedom for creativity if you can get closer to your roots.

However, larger barrel diameters will offer a different kind of style altogether. Smaller brushes will make tighter, smaller curls whereas larger brushes will produce looser curls.



If you have thicker hair, a hot air brush with longer bristles will work better than one with short bristles. More space between the bristles will also provide enough room to style all of your hair.

However, most short hair won’t style very well with big gaps in your brush because there’s not enough of your hair for the brush to grip. Shorter bristles that are closer together will work much better for less hair.



What a hot air brush is made of can also affect how it styles your hair. Durable brushes are made from ceramic and titanium. Ceramic or metal bristles will heat up as hot hair flows through the brush, which helps the applied heat become evenly distributed over hair strands.

Plastic bristles are more likely to break and won’t heat the hair as much, so your style might not lay as smoothly. More flexible bristles like nylon offer simple detangling so you don’t have to struggle to get your brush through your hair.


Heat Settings

Some hot air brushes come with a variety of heat settings for your enjoyment. Others have a limited number. If you love styling your hair and know how to use different heat levels properly, you’ll want a brush with more temperature settings available.

However, if you’re not looking for an indefinite number of styles or you aren’t comfortable with too much heat, limited heat settings are better for you. Something as simple as Low, Medium, and High could be right up your alley.

Some brushes have less heat than others to better protect you from accidental burns. If you’re new to hot air brushes and are nervous about how close they can get to your scalp, try to find a brush with less intensity.



Like most hair products, the fancier the hot air brush, the more expensive it will be. Brushes with more features, more temperatures, and more accessories might be great if you think it’s worth the price.

Simpler brushes that cost less can also be worth the investment, especially if you aren’t planning on using them extensively.

For the most part, hot air brushes tend to cost more if they have rotating bristles, whereas ones that don’t are less expensive. If rotation is important to you, check out a pricier model.



Q1. Can I Use a Hot Air Brush on Wet Hair?

Ans. You can, but it’s better for your hair and the style you are attempting to wait until your hair is partially dry. That way, you won’t damage your hair with heat, and curls or waves will stick better.


Q2. Is a Hot Air Brush a Blow Dryer?

Ans. No. A hot air brush is a styling tool that allows you to brush and shape your hair while applying heat.


Q3. Will A Hot Air Brush Straighten My Short Hair?

Ans. Yes, a hot air brush can straighten short hair. You can use a hot air brush as a styling tool to get curly, straight, or wavy hair.


Q4. Does a Hot Air Brush Damage Hair?

Ans. Like any styling device that uses heat, a hot air brush could potentially damage your hair if you use it excessively or use the highest temperature constantly. Moderation when using a hot air brush can prevent severe damage.


Q5. Can I Use a Hot Air Brush on Dry Hair?

Ans. You can use a hot air brush on dry hair. However, it might not style as well as if your hair was wet. There’s also a possibility that dry hair will become damaged if the heat of the brush is too high.


Q6. Can I Use a Hot Air Brush on Extensions?

Ans. You can use a hot air brush on hair extensions. Hot air brushes are often better choices than other heat tools, as it’s very easy to burn extensions with straighteners.


Q7. Can I Curl Hair with A Hot Air Brush?

Ans. You can curl, style, or wave hair with a hot air brush. It works better on shorter hairstyles than longer ones.


Q8. Can I Dry My Hair with A Hot Air Brush?

Ans. A hot air brush uses hot air to help style, so it will naturally dry your hair in the process.


Q9. What Size Hot Air Brush for Short Hair?

Ans. A hot air brush with a barrel one inch in diameter is best for short hair. One inch is one of the smaller sizes for hot air brushes and makes it easier for the bristles to grab hair closer to the root so you can get a better style.


Q10. Are Hot Air Brushes Good for Short Hair?

Ans. Hot air brushes work better on shorter hair than longer hair. They can reach the entire length of the hair, including the roots, better than other styling tools can.


Q11. Do Hot Air Brushes Work on Short Curly Hair?

Ans. Yes, hot air brushes work very well on short and curly hair. Their bristles help them get close to the scalp without causing accidental scalds or burns.


Here are some of the best-selling hot air brushes right now: