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Best Roller for Natural Hair: Top Models Reviewed

Using rollers on your hair is a healthy way to curl and style your natural hair. They use minimal to no heat and can stretch your natural hair and give it length and shape.

Finding ones that work should be easy, right? Not always! If you have tried cheap, dollar store rollers, you know that they are not all created equally, especially for people with natural hair.

The construction of the rollers for natural hair that you use will determine what kind of curls you achieve and help you reach the style you are aiming for. You want to make sure you choose quality products that are suitable for natural, black hair.

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Different Types of Rollers

To achieve the look you are aiming for, let’s first take a look at a few different types of rollers for natural hair.

Perm Rods

perm rods

Perm rods, or cold wave rods, are short rods that come in various thicknesses and are used by wrapping your hair in place and securing it closed with a clip or cover.



Curlformers use a hook to pull your hair through the roller. They create a uniform, corkscrew curl without frizz. They are available in different lengths depending on the length of your hair.

Flexi Rods

flexi rods

Flexi Rods are long tubular sticks that come in a variety of thicknesses. You wrap your hair around the rod and then bend it up at the ends, so your hair stays in place. In case you’re confused, read the differences between perm rods and flexi rods.

Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are the classic rollers. They are plastic rollers coated in foam and sometimes come with different covers over them.

Heated / Steam Rollers

heated hair Rollers

These rollers all require heating or steaming before inserting into your hair. They are not as healthy for your hair as heatless rollers.

Which Rollers to Avoid With Natural Hair?

There is a wide range of rollers out there, and new technology allows advanced rollers to show up on the market frequently. With natural hair, there are a few types of rollers that you should try to avoid.

Sponge Rollers

Plain sponge rollers strip your hair of natural oils and can break down in your hair. Instead, look for sponge rollers with silk or satin coverings. These work better and keep your hair from losing moisture.

Velcro Rollers

Velcro pulls out your hair and leaves it in a tangled mess! It is best to use plastic rollers that don’t have any velcro on them.

Hot Rollers

Pre-heated rollers damage your hair. If you prefer heat, use a blowdryer to help dry your hair after inserting the rollers, it is much healthier for your hair.

Best Rollers for Natural Hair

We have tried and tested the highest-rated products and compiled a list of the seven best hair rollers for black hair.

1. Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods

The Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rods are lightweight rods made from foam and metal and work wonders on natural hair. They come in 7 different sizes and are suitable for wet or dry hair. The package includes 42 rollers, 6 of each size.

They are easy to use. You just start at the base of your hair and wrap it around the rod. Then bend the rod into an O shape to keep it from slipping out. Women can achieve excellent results with these curling rods without using any heat.

They are healthy for your hair, and the curl lasts throughout the day. For best results, put an oil or curling cream in your hair before the rods and sleep in them overnight. Use the smaller rods towards the top of your head and the larger ones underneath, or switch it up to achieve different styles.

2. Conair Magnetic Rollers

Women with thick, black hair will love these magnetic rollers. Conair’s magnetic rollers produce big, bouncing, voluminous curls in any hair type. With magnetic rollers, the vented design causes less breakage on your hair and allows the curls to set faster.

The rollers come in 6 different sizes, making it easy to create the exact look you are going for. They recommend using the largest rollers to smooth hair and create body.

The purchase includes a zippered travel pouch, magnetic clips, rollers, and a comb. To use, you simply take a small section of hair and wrap the bottom of it around the curler.

You then wind it upward towards your scalp and clip it in place with a metal clip. They work well with the heat of a blow dryer or without any heat at all!

3. Evolve EV Satin Covered Rollers

The Evolve EV Satin Covered Rollers come in two sizes, medium and large. They are typical sponge rollers with a satin cover to create voluminous, bouncy curls without stripping the oils from your hair.

They also reduce pulling and straining of your hair, making them a healthy choice. The Evolve rollers are specifically made for black hair and prevent breakage and frizz.

They don’t require heat, and they work best if slept in overnight. They are made of high-quality materials and are among the least expensive products on our list, although the package only comes with 30 pieces.

If you have extra thick or long hair, you might want to consider purchasing two packages.

4. WILLBOND Magnetic Hair Roller Set

The WILLBOND Magnetic Hair Roller Set includes everything you need to create fabulous curls in your natural hair. With 60 rollers in 6 different sizes, 60 pins, 20 duck teeth hair clips, and a hairnet, this package does not disappoint.

The rollers are made of smooth plastic and require no heat. They don’t get caught up in your hair and reduce damage. The curls last all day, and you can sleep in them at night.

5. YMHPRIDE Perm Rods

The YMHPRIDE perm rods are easy to operate, lightweight, and don’t damage your hair. They are made specifically with natural hair in mind. The package comes with 80 rods and four different color-coated styles.

To use, you remove the button from the matte, non-slip rod. Starting at the bottom of your hair, you wrap a strand around the rod and reinsert the button on the other side of the rod, so the band is holding your hair in place.

Creators of this product recommend using it with a blow dryer for the best results.

6. Locisne Flexible Foam Sponge Hair Rollers

The Locisne Flexible Foam Sponge Hair Rollers is a set of 40 fun-colored hair twists that work surprisingly well on natural hair. Women will find them easy to use and comfortable to sleep in due to their memory foam core.

After washing your hair, get it almost dry, then wrap your hair around the roller, starting from the button, and fold it around itself to hold your hair at the top. You can use them with or without heat.

7. Alimiriam 40pcs Perm Rods Set

What makes the Alimiriam perms rod set unique is it comes with several vents for better saturation of your hair. That’s why it’s highly recommended on creating all types of hairstyles– wavy hair, fluffy hair, curly hair, and many more. Additionally, it comes with a cover and rubber band so you can secure the rods in your hair without having to use any pins.

Last but not the least, the rods have a wide slot design designed to distribute enough liquid to your hair while you curl it so you can get shiny, well-hydrated, and beautifully styled hair.


If you have struggled to find hair rollers for black hair that work, we get it! After years of unsatisfied curling disasters, we have finally found some that really work.

These 7 rollers we reviewed above are excellent rollers for natural hair, and take into account all of the beautiful properties of natural hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can hot rollers help me style my thick hair without fearing damage?

Hot hair rollers contain ceramic technology with ionic ports. A heated roller styles the hair by using infrared heat.

In thick hair, a hot roller eliminates frizz that comes with hair that is too dry or damaged. The ionic technology creates a smoother, more silky curl that looks healthier.

Also, many people need to expose their fuller head of hair to higher temperatures just to maintain a curl. This isn’t good when using a curling wand, curling iron, or straightening iron. It simply leaves behind too much damage with repeated use.

By using hot rollers, they will stop heating up past a certain point. Therefore, they won’t damage your hair like a tool that provides a hot, even temperature.

Additionally, many are infused with argan oil which hydrates the hair and will prevent damage done by styling.

Do sponge rollers damage hair?

Sponge rollers are usually soft and gentle to use. However, to give your hair a little extra care, satin-covered rollers work best.

A foam hair roller can damage hair only if proper care (like moisturizing) isn’t done beforehand. Be sure to take extra care when moisturizing the tips of the hair as well. These areas tend to dry out quickly if not properly tended to.

Also, if the hair isn’t detangled, using a sponge roller can generate further damage.
Be sure when using them not to wind it too tightly around the roller. It will put additional tension on the hair and will further damage weak or fragile hair.

They are great for a tighter curl, or a spiral curl- especially if you have medium hair without damage as long as you condition the ends.

For long hair, you may want a wider roller. It will give your hair more volume, it will give it voluminous curls, and will protect the ends better than a sponge roller.

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