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Perm Rods vs Flexi Rods – Which One Is Best For You?

Perm rods and flexi rods both have their space in the world of heatless curling tools. Both have been touted as replacements for hot tools like curling irons and curling wands that often damage and dry out hair.

Perm Rods vs Flexi Rods difference

But which one should you choose? You might be a bit confused when it comes to making a choice between the two.

Luckily, we’ve got all the info you need to make an educated decision. Keep reading to find out just which curling rod is best for you!


Perm Rods – What You Should Know

perm rods

If you’ve read our article all about perm rods, then you know everything about these little rods. If not, we’ve got what you need to know.

Perm rods were created to set curls during perms, but their popularity quickly skyrocketed with the help of the natural hair movement.

Perm rods are made in several different pretty colors, as well as different sizes for versatility in styling. These range from biggest to the smallest, which give tight straw curls.

Perm rods can be used on any texture of hair, but often require different setting products based on your hair texture. They’re easy to use and are super affordable and durable.

Benefits of Using Perm Rods

Here’s a quick rundown of their fabulous benefits:

  • Versatility: Perm rods work on all hair types, from wavy to coily. Transform your locks like a pro!
  • No heat, no problem: Say goodbye to heat damage. These babies create stunning curls without frying your hair.
  • Long-lasting curls: Rock those bouncy curls for days, darling! Perm rods make ’em last.
  • Curl control: Choose your curl size! Different rod sizes mean customizable curls for days.
  • Budget-friendly: Affordable and reusable, perm rods won’t break the bank. Glam hair on a budget? Yes, please!
  • Easy peasy: No need for a hairdresser. Just twist, set, and voilà – gorgeous curls at home!

Styling Tips and Techniques

Ready to rock those perm rods? Perfect! Let’s get you styling like a pro with these fun tips and techniques:

  • Before start, make sure your hair is clean and moisturized. You want that fabulous base for your perm rod magic.
  • Divide your hair into sections, ’cause organization is key, honey! Smaller sections give tighter curls, while larger ones create looser waves. You choose!
  • Grab a section, detangle it, and apply a setting lotion or mousse for hold. Start at the end of your hair and roll it up towards your scalp. No slackers here – keep that tension!
  • Once you reach the scalp, snap the perm rod in place. A pro tip: Use different rod sizes for a mix of curl sizes. Variety is the spice of life, after all.
  • Let your hair dry completely. Air-dry if you have time, or use a hooded dryer if you’re in a rush. Just don’t skimp on drying time, or you’ll have sad curls.
  • Gently remove the rods by unrolling them. Be careful not to tug – we want to keep those curls intact!
  • Use a little hair oil on your fingertips to separate the curls. Fluff your hair at the roots with a pick or your fingers for added volume.

Style your fabulous curls as desired, and strut your stuff. You’ve earned it!


Flexi Rods – What You Should Know

flexi rods

We also have a great article on flexi rods, but here’s everything you should know about them.

Like perm rods, flexi rods are a popular alternative to hot curling tools. Unlike perm rods, though, flexi rods aren’t made of hard plastic, but of soft, comfortable foam.

Learning how to wrap flexi rods is a bit more complex than learning to wrap perm rods as there is no clip to secure them in place, but thanks to their shape and design, learning to wrap them properly only takes it of practice.

Flexi rods produce bouncy spiral curls that you’ll love. Of course, wet or damp hair is best for using these curling rods, as dry hair will easily frizz and lose its shape during the process.

Benefits of Using Flexi Rods

Flexi Rods, the magic wands of the hair world! Check out these fabulous benefits:

  • Stretch those strands: Shrinkage is natural, but stretching helps reduce breakage during wash days.
  • Volumize that mane: Flexi-rods give your hair that extra oomph, bounce, and definition.
  • Versatility rocks: Flexi-rods work with various hairstyles, from braid-outs to adding finishing touches.
  • Definition for days: Flexi-rods go big, giving your hair some serious staying power and style.
  • Hair health hero: With no heat and snag-free design, flexi-rods promote healthier, tangle-free hair.

Styling Tips and Techniques

Follow these styling tips and techniques for flexi rod perfection:

  • Clean, moisturized hair is your canvas. Make sure it’s ready for some flexi rod action.
  • Section your hair into manageable parts. Remember, smaller sections for tighter curls and larger ones for looser waves.
  • Smooth sailing is the name of the game! Gently detangle each section before applying your styling product.
  • Styling time: Grab your favorite setting lotion, mousse, or gel. Apply it to each section for the hold that’ll last.
  • Place the flexi rod at the end of a section, and wrap your hair around it in a spiral motion. Work your way up towards your scalp, keeping the tension tight.
  • When you reach the scalp, bend the flexi rod’s ends to secure it in place. Boom, you’re a flexi rod master!
  • Give your hair time to dry completely. Whether you air-dry or use a hooded dryer, patience is key to curl success.
  • Gently unwind the flexi rods to release your curls. Handle them with care – we want those spirals to shine!
  • With a little hair oil on your fingertips, separate the curls for added volume. Go wild with a pick or your fingers at the roots.

Style your gorgeous curls with flexi rods, and step out into the world with confidence!

Perm Rods Or Flexi Rods?

Let’s get down to which curling rod is right for you. There are pros and cons of each one, so instead of picking one over the next, we’ve chosen the winning rod based on several factors.

Perm rods are the best bet for you if:

  • You have shorter hair. Perm rods are better suited for short hair because of the horizontal rod design.
  • You are a beginner to curling rods. Perm rods are easier to secure because of the clasp design.
  • You prefer tighter curls over looser ones. This doesn’t relate to the size of the curl, but rather, the tightness of the curl. Perm rods produce beautiful springy, tight curls regardless of the size of the rod you choose.


Flexi rods should be your choice if:

  • Your hair is medium length/long. The vertical design of a flexi rod means that there is more room for you to wrap your hair strands.
  • You prioritize comfort. The foam material of flexi rods makes them much more comfortable to sleep in!
  • You prefer elongated curls over tight coils. Because of the vertical rod, you can wrap your hair down the length of the flexi rod rather than around it for a more elongated result.


There you have it! We’ve talked about curl size, comfort, and hair length as the main factors which decide which curling rod you should use.

We absolutely adore both perm rods and flexi rods! Even heatless curling methods can be versatile.