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18 Best Hair Styling Products for Men in 2023 – Take Good Care of Your Hair

Shopping online has never been easier, and with the ease of online shopping comes the ease of online selling. There are more products on the market today for men’s hair care than ever before, making it hard to choose the ones that are worth your time and money.

 That’s why we decided to sift through the online waters and fish out all of the best hair care products for you—finding only the best priced, best quality, and best-reviewed product options available. Here is a list of the 18 best hair styling products for men in 2023.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product Image TopSebastian Craft ClayBest Hair ClaySee Prices
Product Image TopAmerican Crew Defining PasteBest Molding PasteSee Prices
Product Image TopBrylcreem 3 in 1 Hair CreamBest Hair CreamSee Prices
Product Image TopSuavecito PomadeBest PomadeSee Prices
Product Image TopGarnier-Fructis Natural Liquid Hair CreamBest Liquid Hair CreamSee Prices
Product Image TopBed Head Hair WaxBest Hair WaxSee Prices
Product Image TopL'oreal Paris- Advanced Hair SprayBest Holding SpraySee Prices
Product Image TopToppik Building FibersBest Hair FiberSee Prices
Product Image TopSexy Hair Hard Up Holding GelBest Hair GelSee Prices
Product Image TopMitch Reformer Hair PuttyBest Hair PuttySee Prices
Product Image TopHair Thickness Maximizing OilBest Hair OilSee Prices
Product Image TopBed Head For Men-Thickening MousseBest MousseSee Prices
Product Image TopFragFre Hair Gel for MenBest For Sensitive ScalpSee Prices
Product Image TopAmerican Crew Light Hold LotionBest Hair LotionSee Prices
Product Image TopAndalou Naturals Hair Balm for MenBest Hair BalmSee Prices
Product Image TopSlick Gorilla- Texturized styling powderBest Texturizing PowderSee Prices
Product Image TopBrickell Men’s Revitalizing Hair ConditionerBest ConditionerSee Prices
Product Image TopRocky Mountain Barber Hair CombBest Hair combSee Prices

1. Best Hair Clay – Sebastian Craft Clay

This hair clay is for men who want a strong hold with the flexibility to restyle throughout the day. The ingredients used in this product completely cover each strand of hair, giving it an all-over coat and giving you all-day control.

This clay adds volume to your hair and gives your style more definition than ever before. Because it is enhanced with minerals, your hair is not only getting a fantastic style but a nourishing cleanse. We recommend this clay to men with short to medium hair lengths.


  • Adds volume and definition to your hair
  • Made with earth minerals
  • Provides a stronghold
  • All-day control


  • It May require a little extra scrubbing when washing out


2. Best Molding Paste – American Crew Defining Paste

American Crew Defining Paste provides a medium hold with a matte finish. It holds a style with a wax-like thickness making it easy to apply and work into your hair. Once you style your hair, no touch-up is required, and you can sport your look all day long without having to worry about it flaking or getting frizzy.

This molding paste uses beeswax offering a natural look and a great smell. This product works best with medium-length hair but gives a great look to all types of hair lengths and textures.


  • Thick stronghold
  • Made from beeswax, making it smell fresh and natural
  • Works for all hair types
  • Frizz-free formula


  • None


3. Best Hair Cream – Brylcreem 3 in 1 Hair Cream

This medium-hold hair cream has three benefits in 1 bottle. Style strengthens and shines!!! This hair cream gives men the old fashion look that has never gone out of style. Flaunt a full head of shiny slicked-back hair all day long, then simply wash out at night.

Brylcreem only takes a tiny application, and you will have a light hold without any sticky fingers or oily greasy strands. Use this product to maintain a shine that will get noticed day after day.


  • Three benefits in one bottle (stylings, strengthening, and creating a natural shine)
  • All-day hold
  • It does not make your hair look greasy.
  • Affordable
  • Smells good


  • None


4. Best Pomade – Suavecito Pomade

This pomade is the trusted hair care product for men who need a stronghold that lasts. Whether you’re cruising down the open road on a Harley or spending hours creating works of art in a tattoo shop, this product was designed specifically for you.

This product offers a moderate shine without leaving any messy white residue after it dries. Because it is water-soluble, it will rinse out with a quick hop in the shower with no need for scrubbing or lengthy shampoo lathering.


  • Strong, long-lasting hold
  • Water-soluble, easy to rinse out
  • No messy white residue
  • Affordable
  • Great reviews


  • None


5. Best Liquid Hair Cream – Garnier-Fructis Natural Liquid Hair Cream

Garnier Fructis has been a popular haircare brand for many years and an excellent competitor.

This Natural Liquid Hair Cream by Garnier is no different. It is an excellent hair cream for any man looking for a sexy tousled look with a natural flow and no messy residue. Thanks to Garnier liquid formula, you never have to worry about grease looks, clumping gel, or using too much.


  • No messy residue
  • No greasy looks
  • No clumping
  • Never have to worry about using too much
  • Affordable


  • None


6. Best Hair Wax – Bed Head Hair Wax

Bed Head Hair Wax for men is an incredible product that will give your hair a strong hold and natural shine thanks to the beeswax they use in their formula. Although it provides a strong, long-lasting hold, it can also be worked through and managed throughout your day, allowing for touch-ups or quick changes whenever you feel the need.

This formula enhances the definition and texture of your hair through all types of daily situations and is humidity resistant, which means your locks will stay in place even if you’re hanging on the beach.


  • Made with Bees Wax for a natural stronghold
  • Easy to manage
  • Flexible hold
  • Great jar design
  • Affordable price


  • Not so easy to get out


(Quick Style intermission)  Tips on How to get Bed Head Hair:

Here is how you can get that messy yet flawless bed head style: (Think Robert Patteson)

  1. Purchase a hair styling product that offers a stronghold with a water-soluble base and matte finish. Anything with too much of a shine
  2. Drop a nickel-sized amount of product into your hands and rub it throughout your hands until you have smooth, clump-free coverage.
  3. Rub your hands throughout your hair, starting at the root and pulling upwards, covering to your tips.
  4. Once all of your hair is covered, piece out your locks in any fashion you would like to give it a more tousled look.


7. Best Holding Spray – L’oreal Paris- Advanced Hair Spray

L’Oreal Bold Hold Hair spray has advanced technology that locks in your look and prevents frizz even in the most humid conditions. This product is known for its highly affordable prices while still providing excellent quality.

This hair spray goes on with a light mist while still offering up to 48 hours of control. If you are searching for a great product that will work just as hard as you do all day long, this is a product you may want to check out.


  • Controls frizzy hair
  • Affordable
  • Holds for up to 24 hours
  • Great smell


  • None


8. Best Hair Fiber – Toppik Building Fibers

For all of our handsome men out there who are a little self-conscious about their thinning hair or a receding hairline, Toppik has you covered (literally). Toppik offers a fantastic product created with colorful fibers that you can spray onto your hair instantly, giving you a fuller, thicker look. Check out the best hair building fibers.

This quick solution for thinning hair is wind, rain, and humidity-resistant, giving you a sense of security every time you walk out the door.


  • Weather-resistant hold
  • Easy to use
  • It comes in all hair colors
  • Highly recommended


  • Pricey


9. Best Hair Gel – Sexy Hair Hard Up Holding Gel

Sexy Hair is a maximum-hold hair gel that provides a gorgeous shine while still giving you a natural look. This gel is excellent for all hair types, providing the ability to get any style you want, no matter how difficult your hair may be.

Sexy Hair has mic and titanium mixed into the ingredients giving your hair a natural shine, and because of the blue color, it naturally reflects the light. This product is perfect for everyone who is looking to get noticed.


  • Natural medium hold
  • Good for all hair types
  • Affordable prices
  • The ingredients are designed to bring out the natural shine


  • None


10. Best Hair Putty – Mitch Reformer Hair Putty

This texturizing hair putty has a natural matte finish and gives your hair a lasting hold without the crusty feeling like many strong-hold hair care products. This styling putty bulks up the hair and gives your style the attention it deserves.

Even with the smallest amount, your hair is going to look thicker, fuller, and healthier than ever before. Working a dime-sized amount into dry or damp hair will lock in your look for hours.


  • No leftover residue
  • It doesn’t make your hair feel crunchy
  • Bulks up the hair
  • Natural matte look


  • Not a lot of product in the container


11. Best Hair Oil – Hair Thickness Maximizing Oil

This Hair thickening oil is all-natural made from vitamin E. It provides your hair with the nourishment it needs to naturally grow thicker and healthy, promoting hair growth with a thickening quickly.

Not only is this hair oil great for healthy-looking hair, but it also nourishes your scalp reducing dandruff and itchiness, creating a great base for healthier hair to grow thicker naturally and quickly.


  • Naturally thickens your hair
  • Uses vitamin E
  • It gives your hair thickness and volume
  • Affordable
  • No harsh chemicals use


  • None


12. Best Mousse – Bed Head For Men-Thickening Mousse

Bed Head for men offers a great product for volumizing and thickening hair while offering a fantastic hold that will help keep your style for the entire day.  Spray this onto your dry hair for a great hold and an intense shine or onto damp hair, blow-drying it to give you a more natural glow and strong hold.

This Bed Head thickening mousse will give your hair the texture you desire without leaving any type of residue that could lead to flaking or an itchy scalp.


  • Thickens and texturize your hair
  • Many uses
  • Great for many hair types
  • Does not leave built-up residue


  • Not a lot of product for the price


(Another Quick Intermission) Tips on How to Get the Wavy Hair Look

Here is how you can get that wavy hair look even if you have super straight hair:

  1. Straight from the shower, towel dry your hair until it’s only damp
  2. Using a mousse or salt spray, cover all of your hair, spreading and scrunching every strand with your hands.
  3. Let your hair air dry, creating a wavy natural look.

(You can also get this look by using a blow-dryer. Simply use a thicker product like hair cream and twist locks of hair while it is still wet from the shower. Then  to blow out the hair and twists, creating a wavy look.)


13. Best Dry Shampoo – Old Spice- Dry Shampoo for Men

Old Spice Dry Shampoo for Men

Old Spice has been a reliable self-care product used by men for many years. They have been adding to their line and improving their products year after year, creating some of the most affordable and high-quality men’s self-care items on the market today.

Not only does this product provide a great clean on the go, but it offers an amazing smell keeping you feeling fresh and clean in between washes. Simply spray the shampoo into your hair, comb through, and go.


  • Great scents
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • Can dry out some hair types
  • Some people have had issues with the spray strength.


14. Best For Sensitive Scalp – FragFre Hair Gel for Men

Many men have a hard time finding a good styling gel when they suffer from a sensitive scalp. Most of the time, hair care products contain fragrances, parabens, and other chemicals that aggravate the skin, causing an itchy, uncomfortable feeling.

Thankfully, there are products on the market for these situations, providing gels that are fragrance-free, chemical-free, and natural giving sensitive scalp sufferers a go-to product. FRAGFRE Hair gel is this kind of product. It provides a strong hold for all types of hair without any irritation.


  • Chemical-free for sensitive scalps
  • Stronghold
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-humid
  • For all hair types


  • none


15. Best Hair Lotion – American Crew Light Hold Lotion

American Crew light-hold lotion is made ideally for men with thin or fine hair. This company created a line of hair care products specifically for men to provide styling creams, lotions, and gels that offer great holds while still giving a natural look.

This light hold cream is perfect for the tousled look or the natural bed head messy style.

This styling lotion will never make your hair look greasy or feel sticky, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.


  • Great for fine and thin hair
  • The light formula never weighs down your hair
  • Provides a great bed head look with a flexible hold


  • None


16. Best Hair Balm – Andalou Naturals Hair Balm for Men

This Andalou hair balm uses botanical butter to give your hair a clean, organic, smooth look. This hair balm is designed specifically for men, adhering to the natural texture and make-up of each strand.

The formula conditions while maintaining your style and light hold for hours throughout your busy day.  The small bottle makes it easy to travel with and reapply as needed. It has a great smell thanks to its natural ingredients such as aloe and shea butter.


  • Made from botanicals for an organic look and feel
  • Natural fresh scent
  • Conditions your hair while holding the style
  • Vegan
  • Animal cruelty-free


  • It needs to be reapplied throughout the day


17. Best Texturizing Powder – Slick Gorilla- Texturized styling powder

Slick Gorilla offers a texturizing matte powder product that seemingly defies gravity and giving your hair volume with maintaining a strong hold. It is the perfect product for any man who enjoys a bold look with a busy lifestyle.

This affordable powder will fit any budget and maintains the quality of a high-priced high-end styling powder. Slick Gorilla will work for any type of hair, giving every man the amazing look they deserve.


  • Provides a stronghold
  • Has great reviews
  • Provides volume
  • It has a natural matte finish


  • The bottle comes only half full, giving you less product.


18. Best Conditioner – Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Hair Conditioner

To create an amazing style, you need to start with healthy, maintained, and moisturized hair. Thankfully, this is not hard to do with products like Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Hair conditioner. This conditioner repairs men’s hair after all of the styling and products used in it throughout the days or weeks.

This hair conditioner is a natural product composed of things, like avocado oil, aloe, and Borage Seed Oil, with a touch of mint for a refreshing, invigorating, and all-day fresh, clean smell.


  • Clean, fresh scent
  • Natural ingredients
  • Deep conditioning


  • A little pricier than other conditioners


(For our final interruption) Tips on how to create the Quiff

Get the perfect quiff with these simple steps:

  • After getting out of the shower, towel dry your hair until it is only damp
  • Comb your hair to your preferred side
  • Grab your favorite gel, pomade, or wax and apply it with your fingertips to every strand.
  • Once your hair has a look, you will blow dry it out, then finish up with a little more holding product to maintain the look.


Bonus Product: Best Hair comb – Rocky Mountain Barber Hair Comb

Every man needs a great comb. Whether you like to rock a tousled look or sport, a slicked-back sleek, and shiny business-ready do. Keeping a great multi-purpose comb in your vehicle, desk drawer, or back pocket isn’t just something from the movie Grease. It is a great way for all men to stay fresh and feel confident throughout their day.

This Rocky Mount Barber Hair Comb is the perfect comb for every man. It is great for on the go and will work with all hair types, including your beard.


Hair Styling Tips From Our Experts

Hair Styling Products for Men

With all of the hairstyles, products, and trends out there these days, it can be very hard to know what is good for your hair and what isn’t as great. Here is some styling do’s and don’ts we have gathered from the people who know all about hair care.

Here are six great tips and tricks to remember when trying to get a great style without ruining your hair.

1. Understand Your Hair Type:

Not all products are the same, and not all hair types react the same. Know what causes your hair to frizz, look greasy, or irritates your scalp, then try to steer clear of these in the future.

2. Hydrate:

Hydration is the best thing for anyone’s hair, no matter the texture, length, or ethnicity. If your hair is too dry, it’s not going to style, and it can start to break. Using a good hydration product like a high-quality conditioner is going to help you lock in moisture.

3. Do Not Shampoo Every Day:

Washing your hair too much can be just as bad as not washing it out enough. If you wash your hair every day, you are stripping it of its natural oils, leaving it dry and unprotected.

4. Not All Oils Make Your Hair Oily

Using oils in your hair can help keep it healthy and hydrated and even help with aiding in some amazing styles. If you find the right oils, your hair will have a natural shine without a greasy look.

5. Shape Your Hair While it is Damp

If you add your products to your hair while it is still damp, it helps keep a good hold. Your hair is more likely to dry into place depending on how you styled it when it was still wet.

6. Always Use a Conditioner After You Shampoo.

Using conditioners after you shampoo your hair will help add back moisture and oils to each strand that you just rinsed away.


Final Thought

Every man deserves a great product that gives them a look they love that will hold for a long time, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take up a lot of time. By simply buying the right products, you can get a fabulous look from your very own home. Each of the products above is used by men from all around the world and received great reviews.

You never have to let Covid-19 and social distancing get in the way of your style again. Get the barbershop look you love every morning from your bathroom and these great men’s hair care products.