The 7 Best Hair Building Fibers for Men (2021 Review)

Before getting into the 7 best hair building fibers for men, you might be wondering: what exactly are hair building fibers?

In the simplest of terms, hair building fibers are ideal for men with thin hair; they’re tiny keratin-protein strands that come in a variety of colors to match your own hair color. After styling your hair in the morning, you spray the fibers on your head where you want more hair growth.

The fibers contain static electricity, the secret to plumping up thin hair. While hair fibers work for both men and women, it’s men who seem to be the highest consumers, opting for them instead of hair implants.

Use hair fibers to fill in part lines, cover extension tracks, or touch-up roots between coloring. If you find your hair looking less than voluminous these days, consider hair fibers.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product Image Top Top TopToppik Hair Building Natural Keratin FibersBest OverallSee Price
Product Image Top Top TopBOLDIFY Hair Building FibersEditor's ChoiceSee Price
Product Image Top Top TopEclipse Hair Building FibersBest for Quick ResultSee Price
Product Image Top Top TopStrand Maximizer Fill In Powder Hair FibersInstant Thicker Fuller Looking HairSee Price
Product Image Top Top TopELEVATE Hair Building Fibers100% Natural Keratin Hair FibersSee Price
Product Image Top Top TopHair Thickness Maximizer 2.0 Hair Building FibersCover Balding SpotSee Price


Best Hair Building Fibers for Men

These 7 hair building fibers for men are the best to choose from for a full-looking head of hair.

1. Toppik Hair Building Natural Keratin Fibers– Best Overall

With nine shades available that work for any hair type and texture, Toppik works hard to ensure every guy finds a hair fiber suitable for his color. Use Toppik not just as a hair thickener, but as a root touch-up between colorings.

To use Toppik, simply dry and style your hair as your normally wear it in the morning. Shake or spray Toppik onto hair in thinning parts. Leave hair as is or use hands and fingers to disperse the fibers. There are products Toppik sells, such as the spray applicator, that will help disperse product better, so you might want to look into that. You can then follow up styling with more combing or product to put final touches on.


2. BOLDIFY Hair Building Fibers– Editor’s Choice

Bolidfy is a hair thickening spray that promises thicker hair in 60 seconds. Their details say Bodify is best for medium to oily hair of all lengths and colors. To apply, after washing hair and letting dry to damp, evenly apply a light coating. Comb or use fingers to work through, then dry! The makers promise a textured finish that lasts all day.


3. Eclipse Hair Building Fibers– Best for Quick Result

Beating Boldify at their 60 second game is Eclipse and their promise of thick hair in 30 seconds. At $25, it could be considered a bit of an investment, but once you see that thicker-looking hair, you’ll consider it worth it.

Unfortunately, Boldify seems to only be available in professional salons. On the other hand, this gives you the opportunity to go get pampered for the morning and have your stylist demonstrate how it’ll work on you.

Boldify is easy to apply and will last all day. With nine different shades to choose from and the quick application time, Boldify is a winner.


4. Strand Maximizer Fill In Powder Hair Fibers– Instant Thicker Fuller Looking Hair

Instead of a spray, Strand Maximizer is a power you shake onto thinning spots. It’s a hair short of $20 and is also available in nine shades. Strand Maximizer not only works on bald and thinning spots of hair of all textures and lengths on the head, it also works on beards. At the end of the day, just rinse out with shampoo.


5. XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers– For All Hair Types

XFusion Travel Size (3 Gram) Keratin Hair Fibers, Black
  • Black / 3g travel size
  • Instantly fills in thinning areas
  • Conceals hair loss
  • Makes fine hair look instantly thick and full

For $30, XFusion is a powder a bit more expensive than other hair fiber products for men. XFusion also works for all hair types and textures, and comes in nine colors. Like other hair fiber products, XFusion covers extension tracks, part lines, and is great when you’re in a pinch between colorings.

Reviewers describe XFusion has “hair magic.” On clean dry hair, sprinkle on and use fingers to pat on. As usual, pairing the power with the XFusion Spray is recommended for all-day hold.


6. ELEVATE Hair Building Fibers– 100% Natural Keratin Hair Fibers

Elevate Hair Fibers last 2-3 months and promise concealed thinning areas and bald spots in under 30 seconds, a great bargain for its $20 price tag. Currently the product is only available in black and shades of brown (the maker promises more colors in the future), which is a con.

Take a look at the before and after photos of one reviewer of Elevate and you’ll be convinced this hair fiber product is a winner. To apply, shake and sprinkle on those thinning spots on only dry hair. Use fingers to work into hair and disperse the powder. Style as usual!


7. Hair Thickness Maximizer 2.0 Hair Building Fibers– Cover Balding Spot

Revitalize and nourish your thinning hair with Hair Thickness Maximizer. With scents like lemongrass, peppermint, and pomegranate, you won’t pick up on any chemical smells. A 90 day customer satisfaction accompanies the $14 hair fiber product.

Men with receding hair, balding spots, and thinning hair will appreciate how this hair growth oil stimulates hair follicles, so you aren’t just covering the old ones up – you’re helping new growth!

As the description says, “also great for dry brittle hair, dry scalps, and dandruff.” With the many uses Hair Thickness Maximizer can accomplish, it’s a must-have for any man with thinning hair looking for that handsome full head of hair.


Not sure which hair fibers to choose? The good thing is these are the seven best out there, so you can’t go wrong no matter what you end up with. One can last about 60 days if you’re a daily user. Some hair fiber makers recommend using a hair fiber hold spray to make the product last longer. It binds the keratin fibers with your hair for a stronger longer-lasting hold.

It’s important to remember not to leave hair fibers for more than two days. Chances are, if you’re a gym-goer, you will be washing hair after every sweat sesh. Just remember the key to a natural look is working in your own product or tousling hair with fingers for the final look.

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