The 5 Best Wooden Hair Brushes of 2021

Wooden hair brushes are environment-friendly and give you the crowning glory of shiny hair. The wood or bamboo material does not produce static because it has a neutral to negative electric charge.

wooden hair brush

As there are dozens of hair brushes available in the market and the price range varies a lot, we’ll review the top 5 wooden hair brushes that’ll give you the best result.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Sofmild Natural Bamboo Wood Hair Brush#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Nipoo Wooden Paddle Hair BrushBest OverallSee Price
BFWood Bamboo Paddle HairbrushRunner-UpSee Price
vklw Natural Wood Hair BrushBest Wooden Bristles BrushSee Price
GranNaturals Wooden Hair Detangler BrushBest Detangler BrushSee Price

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Best Wooden Hair Brushes

The natural bristles glide more smoothly through the tresses, spreading the sebum over them. All these and more will be yours when you switch to any of these 5 wooden hair brushes on our list.

1. Sofmild Natural Bamboo Wood Hair Brush

This elegant hair brush is made from biodegradable 100% bamboo and natural rubber materials. The wooden bristles have rounded ends that condition the hair by coating it with the natural sebum while brushing. The rounded bamboo pins gently massage the scalp, boost the shine, and eliminate split ends. You will also notice that the large paddle surface has one missing pin on the cushion’s bottom to help with the air circulation.

It is delicately carved and sanded, delivering a unique texture that makes the grip comfortable and stable. The ergonomic cork handle limits the stress on your hand and shoulder during styling or brushing.

Sofmild Natural Bamboo Hair Brush suits all types of hair, flawlessly detangling the snags without pulling the delicate strands that can cause scalp damage. It comes with a styling tail comb that helps during styling and sectioning. You can also use the end of the teasing comb to remove hair between the bristles.


2. Nipoo Wooden Hair Brush

Nippo Wooden hairbrush is built to make your hair silky-soft, shiny, and stunning day or night. The rounded tipped bristles gently stimulate blood circulation in your scalp, effectively boosting hair growth and triggering the release of natural sebum. Regular brushing produces more sebum that makes the hair follicles healthy and supple.

It works excellently for all types of hair, especially if you have long, loose curls. It is safe to use for children, making it a perfect styling tool for everyone in your family. The wide gap design of bristles reduces the static that can cause frizz and tangles. To ensure balanced air pressure, remarkable massage experience, and additional elasticity, there is a small air ventilation hole in the padded cushion.

Moreover, when you buy this stylish hair brush, you get a travel size brush for free. The smaller brush works similarly, so keep it in your purse for instant hair re-do.


3. BFWood Bamboo brush 

From the maker of quality beard brushes, BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush is making waves as one of the best wooden hair brushes in the market now. This 9.06 by 2.76-inch hair brush does not only comb the hair but also massage the scalp, stimulating better hair growth.

The natural bamboo bristles gently detangle and smooth the hair strands, eliminating hair loss or split-ends. The paddle cushion is designed with one hole and wide gaps to promote excellent air circulation during brushing. It works effortlessly in both thin and thick hair.

It comes in a charming box, which is ideal if you want to surprise a friend or a family member with something stylish and functional stuff. During the initial opening of the box, the bamboo brush may have a strong, pleasant smell but will dissipate after a while.


4. vklw Natural Wood Brush

This set of one brush and two combs is a real deal. The sleek wooden VKLW natural wood brush is perfect for brushing and massaging the scalp. It is made of 100% beech wood and silicone cushion with air ventilation holes that allow good air circulation and direct heat application to the hair cuticles during blow-drying.

Both the moon shape comb and peach wooden comb are carved from a whole piece of unique wood mosaic with gentle teeth to protect the scalp. They are also anti-static so every brushing creates frizz-free, shiny, and bouncy hair. Regular combing and brushing reduce hair loss, brittleness, dandruff, and split ends.

The combs and brush suit all kinds of hair types of men and women. They are all durable and unbreakable, ensuring superb performance. They work excellently for dry or wet hair. Lightweight and versatile, they are the perfect on-the-go hair care essentials.


5. GranNaturals Wooden Hair Detangler Brush

This compact and lightweight hair brush is perfect for a small purse or handbag. It has a wooden base and bristles, making it a 100% eco-friendly and natural product. The wooden bristles work effortlessly to detangle stubborn, thick, and curly hair, eliminating painful pulls.

They also massage the scalp, triggering the release of natural sebum that keeps the cuticles shiny and frizz-free. This action also stimulates blood flow into the hair follicles, making them healthy and strong. It is safe to use for wet and dry hair of both men and women.

It features an ergonomic, durable handle that provides excellent grip during brushing or styling. If you are not satisfied with the product, you get a money-back guarantee.

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