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3 Quietest Hair Dryers Measured in Decibel

Other than heating element (ceramic), ionic, power (watts) and airflow (m3/ hour), and weigh, you may pick your first hairdryer for their calmness and here are the quietest hair dryers according to their noise level.


Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic – Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ion Whisper Quiet as its name indicates this hair dryer is for those who are quite sensitive hearing.


Dyson supersonic hairdryer

Either using noise level app on phone or sound meter we were able to get 79 decibels at a distance of 15 cm.


MHU Professional Salon Grade

Most professional hair dryers are quieter than average dryers you could find on the market, but this MHU hair dryer’s loudness level is somewhat comparable to professional tools.


What is a decibel (“dB”)?

A decibel (dB) is a unit of measurement of sound intensity. The higher the dB is, the more you feel it noisy.

The dB is zero when the sound level is equal to the reference level, since dB calculated = log(sound level/reference level) = log(1) = 0

The dB can get the negative values for example -2 when the sound level is lower than the reference level 100 times. (dB = log(1/100) = -2)

If you are exposed to noise level over 85dB for a long period of time you may end up in hearing impairment.


How to measure the noise level of a hairdryer?

Most commercial Digital Sound Level Meter (range 30 – 130dB) can measure the noise from a hairdryer.

The meter is placed in the same distance (6 inches for example) to the hairdryer as it is closed to your ears while performing blow-drying. The noise level depends on the distance between the sound meter and the source of the sound.

You can also measure the noise level by App (iOS, Android) but this is less accurate than using noise level meter.


For some people who is sensitive to the sound, the noise level matters

Some hair dryer’s noise levels when operated can go over 90 dB. Typically from 85dB to 95dB. Human’s ears are in a comfort zone with sound, whose noise level is less than 85dB.

If you in a closed room and use hair dryer quite often, hearing those noises may be stressful, it’s better to pick quieter products.

The noise level at its peak when the hairdryer is set on its highest setting.


For your references here are other models and their noise level

Model Noise Level
GHD Air Dryer 103dB
Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic 80dB
Dyson supersonic hairdryer 79dB
MHU Professional Salon Grade 85dB
Dyson AirWrap 82dB


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the quietest hair dryer on the market?

Ans. There are five of the quietest hair dryers measured in decibels on the market. To qualify as a quiet hair dryer, it is recommended that it is below 60 decibels for the least amount of noise. These models are:

  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
  • T3 Cura Luxe
  • MHU Professional Salone Grade Dryer
  • Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer
  • Centrix Q-Zone Dryer


Q2. What are the advantages of a quiet hair dryer?

Ans. The advantages are that if you need to style your hair while your household is sleeping, you won’t wake everyone up. They also tend to be of better quality and dries hair faster.

A silent hair dryer has added blades found in the internal dc motor of the hair dryer. Companies discovered that the more blades were added, the sound intensity was less, and the better the airflow.

At about 13 blades over the standard 11, they were able to create ultra-fast motors that emit a sound below what resonates with a human ear.


Q3. How many decibels should a quiet hair dryer have?

Ans. It should have below 60 decibels to be classified as a quiet hair dryer


Q4. Why is a diffuser attachment important for quiet hair dryers?

Ans. A diffuser will reduce the level of hair dryer noise the dryer emits. They dampen noise by creating more room for air to pass. The only challenge is that will make the hair curly and wavy, but not straight.

Diffusers are also ideal for eliminating frizz hair and will not strip your hair of moisture. They are gentle to use for curly hair and will provide it with more of a bounce.


If you often do deep conditioning, soft bonnet or hooded hard hat hair dryers have much lower noise levels.

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  1. Its no good giving noise levels like you have at 15 cm from the meter to simulate drying hair.
    Industry standards for noise level measuring for ANYTHING are always at a distance of 100 cm or 1 metre. This is used worldwide!

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