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Best Chi Hair Dryer to Buy in 2023: Top Models Reviewed

We all know the struggles of having to air-dry your hair – it takes a lot of time! Luckily, a hair dryer is the best quick fix for those who have no time to waste. In this list, we’ve reviewed five of the best CHI hair dryers that are worth your money.

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Top Five Chi Hair Dryers

As one of the biggest names in the hair care industry, you could never go wrong with CHI. The Houston-based company consists of professional hairdressers, which means they are experts in hair needs.

They have hair dryers in a wide range of pricing, variable features and also some have been known for their excellent performance. Below are 5 best CHI hair dryers you can buy right now in 2023.

1. CHI Touch 2 – Touch Screen Hair Dryer

The touchscreen technology is here to stay. Even CHI has its own touch screen hair dryer! This unique hair tool boasts a touchscreen feature with easily adjustable settings for speed, temperature, ions, and Cool Shot control.

You can set and customize every parameter for all types of hair and styling needs. It uses an 1875-watt motor with a ceramic heater for fast-drying, frizz-free, and shiny hair.

This 2.3-pound CHI Touch 2 is lighter and slimmer than its first-generation predecessor. It has a concave handle and soft-touch rubber finish for comfort and a better grip as you style. If you want hands-free hair drying, this tool’s back can be used as a stand, so you can use both hands to style your hair fuss-free.


2. CHI Rocket Hair Dryer

CHI Rocket Hair Dryer


What makes the CHI Rocket Hair Dryer a cut above the rest is its fast drying process. The ceramic material of the hair dryer is designed to produce moist heat so you can dry your hair 40% quicker.

Not only that, it’s also equipped with ionic technology which has been formulated to infuse moisture into the hair shaft to keep it healthy, shiny, and less frizzy.

With its Low Electromagnetic Field Technology, the dryer emits only low amounts of radiation. When you use this, you’ll get perfectly blow dried hair while being spared from the unwanted harmful effects of radiation.


3. CHI 1875 Series Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

Here’s another CHI Hair Dryer that you shouldn’t miss out on. Same with other CHI hair dryers in this list, the CHI 1875 also has ceramic technology that will lock in moisture and maintain hair bounce and body. It also has ionic technology that can reduce frizz and tame flyaways.

The good thing is all of these amazing features are found in a more compact dryer which is perfect for small spaces. The hairdryer is also lightweight so it’s a great option for traveling as well.

Despite its super compact design, the hair dryer is equipped with a powerful motor that can help you dry your hair in the fastest and easiest way possible.


4. Chi Farouk Lava Dryer

Reduced hair drying time—this is what the Chi Farouk Lava Dryer is designed for. Made with Volcanic Lava and equipped with ceramic heater, this hair dryer can produce a stronger air flow that can help you blow dry your hair faster.

But wait, there’s more. The dryer is designed to deliver gentle consistent heat to minimize damage and help you maintain a healthy, shiny, and smooth hair.

Last but not the least, the hair dryer’s ceramic heater can help you achieve all this while saving up to 50% energy at the same time!


5. CHI 1400 Series Foldable Compact Hair Dryer

The CHI 1400 is another CHI hairdryer to add to your list if you’re looking for a compact hair dryer that you can bring with you on your trips. As if having a compact size is not enough, the hair dryer also has a foldable design so you can efficiently store it in your luggage.

Even though the hair dryer has a compact size, it features a 1400W DC motor that can deliver a strong air flow. It also has some of the other features of a full-size hairdryers like two heat and speed settings, dual voltage design, and a cool shot button.

Bonus points: The hairdryer a removable filter cap for easy maintenance and hanging ring for easy storage.


With so many hair dryers in the market, choosing the best one is not a walk in the park. However, buying a hair dryer from one of the top brands in the hair industry, such as CHI, is a great choice.

It all comes down to your type of hair, styling needs, and budget. We hope that by getting to learn and understand all the features these products offer, you’ve found the best CHI hair dryer that perfectly fits your needs.


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