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The 12 Best Curling Wands of 2023

These days, who doesn’t want beachy waves? This extremely versatile style transforms every babe’s look from boring to tousled and sexy so you can wear your waves to work or for a special occasion. The best part about loose and easy curls is that they are now easier to achieve than ever, thanks to some incredible curling wands on the market today.

If you’ve taken a look online, you may be overwhelmed by all of the products available. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best curling wands in terms of style, price, and overall functionality. Never has choosing been so easy or fun.


In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Curling Wands.

Product Image Top Top Top TopConair Double Ceramic Curling WandSee Price
Product Image Top Top Top TopINFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling WandSee Price
Product Image Top TopBed Head Rock N' Roller Curling WandSee Price
Product Image Top Top Top TopBed Head Curlipops Curling WandSee Price
Product Image Top TopLaluztop 6 in 1 Curling Wand SetSee Price
Product Image Top Top Top TopCHOPSTICK STYLER Heroine Professional Curling WandSee Price
Product Image Top TopHOT TOOLS Signature Series Gold Large Tapered Curling WandSee Price
Product Image Top TopT3 - Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling WandSee Price
Product Image Top Top Top TopREMINGTON Pro Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling WandSee Price


Best Curling Wands

Whatever your hair type, texture, or length, there’s a perfect curling wand for you. Use this guide to help you choose a curling wand with the most suitable heat settings, barrel size, barrel material, and shape for your needs. These are the best curling wands on the market available, and they certainly won’t disappoint.

#1. Conair 1” Double Ceramic Curling Wand – Best Overall

It shouldn’t matter how a curling wand looks, but let’s face it, the white and rose gold combo of the Conair Double Ceramic Curling Wand is definitely chic. 

Fortunately, it also works like a charm for a fraction of the price of many curling options out there. Its double ceramic nature means it will provide even heat for perfect ringlets all around your head. 

With a high heat of 375 F degrees, it also comes with 30 variable heat settings that means you can curl your hair quickly and that they will last: this wand promises 18 hour curl control. 

Thanks to an additional turbo heat setting, this curling wand is perfect for especially thick and coarse hair. You are guaranteed to smooth that frizz for a pulled-together, shiny look. 


#2. Infinitipro by CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand – Best for Beach Waves

It may seem like a no brainer, but the tapered barrel of the Infinitipro Curling Wand provides natural-looking curls that grow tighter as you move down the hair. This makes hair look perfectly pulled together as you loosen your waves with your fingertips.

By combining tourmaline with ceramic, this tool ensures that essential moisture will be sealed into your hair, making it ideal if you struggle with frizzy texture.

As for heat, temperatures can rise to up to 400 F degrees in 30 seconds or less, making your morning routine super quick and simple. 

Plus, this product comes with a three-finger glove. It’s smaller size makes it easy to pack, easy to wear, and even easier to store, all while protecting you from any potential burns.


#3. Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand – Best for Tousled Waves

If you’re looking for irresistible waves that feel like you’ve just sprung from the ocean, look now further than Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand.

Right away, you can see how this curler looks different than the rest. Its knobbed, bead-shaped barrel adds an extra boost of texture that can also create defined spirals, if you choose.

A swivel cord and a sleek black glove ensure that you can work all parts of your hair, including the back of your head, with total ease and safety. 

Finally, multiple heat settings and a high heat of 400 F degrees means that you can pump up the heat, or turn it low, according to your hair’s specific needs.


#4. KIPOZI Small 3/10 ” Fine Curling Wand – Best for Long -Lasting Curls 

KIPOZI Small Fine Curling Wand

In the mood for some springy ringlets? The tiny barrel of the Kipozi Fine Curling Wand creates the tightest curls imaginable, while also being perfect for babes with fine hair, short locks, and fringes alike.

Because this tool creates lots of tiny, tight ringlets, a 360 degree swivel cord make maneuvering around your head super easy. A handy protective glove also assists in this process.

Never again worry if you’ve left your hot tool on, either. Kapzoi’s wand comes with a 60 minute safety auto shut-off so you can head out the door with complete peace of mind.

It also incorporates a temperature lock so you can maintain even heat throughout the entire styling process. We love that!


#5. Bed Head Curling Wand – Best for Loose Curls 

The bigger, the better, is true, especially when it comes to curls! Bed Head’s curling wand has a 1 inch barrel to give you lusciously voluminous curls, every time you use it.

This wand will offer you looser curls that don’t taper, so they are perfect for soft, pretty waves with lots of body. We especially love it on long hair or hair with long, easy layers.

High heat settings that reach 400 F degrees means that you can make it super hot, especially if your hair is long and thick. Just be sure to use an adequate heat protectant beforehand.

Thousands of reviewers have noted how well this tool creates curl and holds it for hours on end. So, if you find your hair doesn’t curl well, you’ll want to spend the easy $25 this product costs. 

If you want those big curls, choose the orange wand!


#6. Laluztop 6 in 1 Curling Wand Set – Best for All Hair Types

What curler should you choose if you like to wear your hair in a variety of ways, according to your mood? Look no further than  the Laluztop 6 in 1 Curling Wand Set for tons of options. 

The different barrels include a beaded model, a large, medium, small and  tapered barrel, and finally, an ultra-thin barrel for tight and tiny coils. They can be easily interchanged in a matter of seconds.

If you have ample storage space in your bathroom, then choosing this $40 kit is well worth the small investment. 

The tourmaline ceramic barrels will protect your hair, seal in moisture, and lock in gorgeous shine. 

Heat your desired wand up in less than 30 seconds and use a variety of different settings to work with your unique hair type best.


#7. CHOPSTICK STYLER Heroine Rectangular Ceramic Curling Wand – Best for Tight Ringlets Perm 

If you have always wanted a perm but are aren’t interested in the long-term commitment, then the Chopstick Styler is the tool you should buy. 

This narrow barrel is ideal for hair both short and long, so long as you desire super tight and ultra springy ringlets for 80s inspired bounce!

The Chopstick Styler may have only one heat setting, but it will reach 392 F degrees in a matter of seconds to make styling quick and easy, just how you like it!

Thanks to a protective glove, you can achieve the spiraled curls you crave without risking any burns.


#8. HOT TOOLS Signature Series Gold Large Wand – Best Tapered Curling Wand 

A favorite among professional hair stylists, the Hot Tools Signature Series large wand is perfect for creating bouncing bombshell waves just like your favorite Victoria’s Secret Model. 

The tapered shape of the barrel gives hair the natural look that mirrors the way your hair actually grows for super sexy appeal.

We love that it comes with a gold resting rod so you can safely place it on your countertop in between styling each strand. It also comes with a black glove to protect your gentle hand.

Pulse technology ensures an even heat all throughout the curling process. A rubberized grip means its comfortable in your hands and promotes anti-slippage.

At 430 F degrees, this tool also gets the hottest of all the options on this list.  As long as you practice safe styling, you can be sure that the Hot Tools curler is the one for you.


#9. T3 Whirl Trio – Best Interchangeable Style Wand

The T3 Whirl Trio also comes with interchangeable barrels to suit your every hair styling need. A tapered, 1 inch, and 1.5 inch barrel is included, though this tool comes at a hefty price. If you can afford it, however, it’s well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line product with ceramic barrels, then choose this wand. The ceramic barrel emits negative ions that ensure a quick sealing of the cuticle so hair has that healthy, bouncy shine that you crave.

Unique Single Pass Technology complete with a microchip maintains a constant, even temperature for perfect curls, every time.

This tool comes with 1 hour auto shut-off, so you can leave the house in peace, no matter what.


#10. Mannice Curling Wand – Best Automatic Rotating Wand

Automatic Hair Curler for Long Hair Auto Curling Iron Spin Curling Wand 360 Rotating Styling Wand...
  • ✿Tourmaline Ceramic Curling wand, anti-scald and safety design: Tourmaline Ceramic and Double PTC radiating heat will left hair soft and shiny. Curling...
  • ✿You’ll Never Get Burned - 360°rotating roller automatically grasp and wrap your hair around the barrel, your hand never touch the heating barrel to...
  • ✿Automatic Hair Curler, different heating settings - Adjust to 3 heating settings 350F(170℃), 400F(200℃), 450F(230℃) to let the automatic...
  • ✿LIFETIME WARRANTY-We offer this instant Heat Wavy Curling Wand lifetime guarantee.Any questions, contact us by clicking the brand name near the buy...

The Mannice Curling Wand is uniquely designed to make curling hair so easy, it’s automatic. 

It’s important to note that this tool is made specifically for long hair. There simply isn’t enough length in short hair to properly insert it into the curling function. 

Keep in mind that the longer you leave the hair in, the curlier it will become. 12 seconds should be the max for tighter, bouncier curls.

Three easy and adjustable levels reveal how you can control the temperature on your hair, protecting each and every strand. The highest heat setting reaches a whopping 450 F degrees.

Not only does the functioning of this wand make curling hair simple, but the features make it anti-scalding so you know it is safe. Additionally, it will turn off automatically after 40 minutes in use. 


#11. Cloud 9 C9 Wand – Best for Long Hair 

Here’s a curling wand that does its job regardless of hair type. Straight, wavy, curly or kinky, you can be sure that all strands can achieve great results across the board.

You will need to prep your hair differently if it’s curly or kinky by detangling or blow-drying your hair before using the wand, but it’s a small price to pay for the results that you’ll receive!

Delivering body and flowing locks, the Cloud 9 Wand definitely places you on cloud nine when you look in the mirror and see just how gorgeous you look.

The heat settings only range from low, medium and high heat, but each setting delivers just the right temperature to ensure a stunningly perfect result.

Big, round movie star-type curls are a popular choice with this wand – achieve the old Hollywood look with little effort! With the addition of the swivel cord and the easy-to-use design, you’re all set.


#12. Remington Pro Curling Wand – Best for Natural Waves 

From another well-known name in the market of heat styling tools, this curling wand by Remington is another fan favourite.

Getting things started quickly with a 30-second heat-up time and temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, this wand wastes no time in guaranteeing results.

Made of trusted ceramic, this wand is sturdy, durable and effective. In other words, it does its job perfectly!

You’re sure to get a smooth finish, thanks to the quality of the ceramic barrel, whether your goal is slight waves, tousled curls or perfect spirals.

If you have thick hair or long hair and you’re looking for a wand that can get the job done with no problem, try the Remington!

It tackles any length and thickness in a breeze. You’ll be asking yourself why you had ever tried any other curling tool before this one!


Things to Consider When Buying A Curling Wand

Buying a curling wand isn’t as simple as choosing the first tool that comes up on Amazon. While all of the products on this list are amazing, they may not all suit your specific hair type.

Initially, you may want to set a budget for yourself. These tools range from $14- $249 in price, so knowing how much you’re willing to spend can dictate which wand you will choose.

It is critical to view your curling wand as an investment, however. Buying a cheap product may seem like a good idea but you might feel differently if you have to replace it every 6 months.

You will also want to consider your hair’s length. Some tools are designed with short or long hair in mind. Choose your product accordingly.

How you typically like to wear your curls will show you which barrel and size and shape you should select. Do you prefer long, loose curls, tight ringlets, or both, depending on the day? If you like a variety, an interchangeable barrel may be your best bet.


How to Curl Hair Using Curling Wand

how to curl hair with curling wand

If you’re new to the world of the curling wand or clueless about how to curl your hair, here are a few simple tips that will go a long way to help you get stunning results every time.

  • Deep condition your hair before curling it, when possible. Any time you apply heat to your hair, you’re depriving it of water.

    Curling already dehydrated hair makes your strands more susceptible to damage, but deep conditioning your hair beforehand ensures that your hair is adequately hydrated to withstand the heat.
    What’s more, hydrated hair is less likely to frizz out!

  • Heat protectant is not an option – it’s a must. A good silicone-based heat protectant provides a barrier between your hair and the direct curl of the barrel of the curling wand.

This way, your hair won’t develop split ends, lose its curl pattern or become dry and fried.

  • Use the correct heat setting. Far too many times, women believe that the higher the heat, the more effective the result.

This isn’t true and can leave your hair permanently damaged. Thick hair and fine hair aren’t created equal, and every woman should test out heat settings before committing to one.

Start at the lower end of the spectrum and work your way upwards only if it is absolutely necessary. Don’t sacrifice the health of your hair for a beautiful outcome!

While there is a lot to consider and understand when buying a curling wand, it’s all about knowing your hair and your specific hair needs. Make sure you pay attention to the type of curl that you desire while also considering safety as a top priority. So, which hair wand will you choose?