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Best Dual Voltage Hair Dryers 2022: Top Picks & Reviews

Dual voltage is an essential hair dryer feature for people who travel worldwide because international plug-ins do not always match up with domestic hair dryers. American devices are not compatible internationally for two reasons.

First, the plug shapes are not the same as the standard type A plugs with two thin metal pieces. Secondly, the voltage in America is approximately 110-125V, while the European voltage is about 220V. Therefore, a quality dual voltage hair dryer will enable you to switch between these two settings for proper use.

Dual Voltage Hair Dryers for Travelling

There are powerful hair dryers on the market with an optimal combination of size, weight, and cord length. This article highlights the best dual voltage hair dryers and each of their unique benefits.

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Best Dual Voltage Hair Dryers

If you’re a frequent traveler, you need a good dual voltage hair dryer. Here’s our list of the top 10 dual voltage hair dryers in 2023 to make your search easier. Each of the products below provides you a convenient and effective option to keep your hair dry and healthy when traveling.

1. Conair 1875-Watt Compact Hair Dryer

The Conair Compact hair dryer is an excellent option for worldwide travel because of its portability features. It comes with a convenient folding handle, making it fit in tight spaces in your bag or suitcase. It comes with a power cord that measures 5.5 feet, which keeps the hair dryer compact for the long trip.

The two heating settings (low and high) accommodate all hair textures and types, and the dual voltage feature also makes it optimal for travel. Directly above the heat setting switch is the cool shot, which locks waves and curls in place with ease.


  • Powerful airflow at 1875 watts
  • Includes a removable filter
  • Folding handle adds convenience


  • Noisier sound when running
  • Heavier than other options on the list


2. Andis Micro Turbo 1600-Watt Hair Dryer

The Andis Micro Turbo hair dryer is a viable option made by a trustworthy company. The Andis company has been around for over 80 years, providing quality products in the beauty and barber industry. This company prides itself on utilizing technology to stay ahead of the curve, and the Micro Turbo showcases this promise.

There are many valuable features with the Micro Turbo hair dryer. It has two settings, each for hot hair and heat. It also contains an ultra-quiet fan and motor, making your daily preparation process much smoother for those early mornings.


  • Comes in a sleek white design
  • Compact weight at 1 pound
  • Includes lifeline shock protection
  • Produced by a seasoned company with plenty of trust in the industry


  • The temperature gets too hot while in use
  • Less durability than other alternatives


3. Berta 1875-Watt Folding Hair Dryer

Berta 1875W Folding Hair Dryer Dual Voltage Blow Dryer Negative Ions Travel Dryer with 2 Heat 2...
  • Long-life powerful 1875w lightweight DC motor and negative ion emitter make it possible to home use,not only dry hair faster but make hair healthier and...
  • Dual voltage(120~250V,50/60HZ)design,for worldwide use,it's also a good partner for traveling.
  • Medium size and folding handle is portable to put away,hanging ring is easy to storage.
  • 2 speed setting and cool shot button give you multiple options in different season no matter when at home or in travel.

The Berta folding hair dryer offers a wide range of benefits that make your hair healthier. Because of its negative ion emitter and lightweight motor, it will dry your hair quicker and reduce frizz. The dual voltage, folding handle, and hanging ring features also make it a reliable travel partner.

Berta’s cool shot and 2-speed setting provide you multiple options, regardless of the season. The combination of the 1875 watts and lighter design ensures you can use the product at home when not traveling. The attractive red-silver color combination also makes this a stylish device for the road.


  • Includes 1.8-meter cord
  • Attractive red-silver color
  • Negative ion emitter helps decrease frizz


  • The nozzle does not securely fasten and falls off easily
  • There is no solid heat adjustment


4. Revlon Compact Travel Hair Dryer

The Revlon hair dryer gives you all the desired features in a worthy product, but it comes in three aesthetic colors: black, pink, and yellow. Its lightweight design is measured at 3.38 x 9.38 x 7.25 inches and only weighs one pound. It provides a stylish, convenient option for any travel.

Revlon provides the standard features of two heat and speed settings, a cold shot button, and a hanging ring. But the company takes a step further with its tourmaline ionic technology. This feature reduces static and frizz to enable your hair to dry faster while keeping a smooth finish.


  • Anti-slip bumpers and removable end cap make the hair dryer convenient to use for maintenance
  • Packs a powerful punch for its smaller size
  • Tourmaline ionic technology helps reduce frizz and static


  • Emits a loud noise while you use it
  • The airflow is too hot
  • The hair dryer’s cord is much shorter than expected


5. DAN Technology 1200-Watt Mini Hair Dryer

The DAN Technology mini hair dryer packs a powerful punch with its 1200-watt power. It is the optimal dual-voltage travel companion because of its hand size and lightweight of one pound. This hair dryer comes with a removable filter, which allows for simple and straightforward maintenance.

Apart from the 125-250V dual voltage capabilities, the DAN Technology hair dryer comes with two settings for heat and speed, accommodating different hair types and seasons.

The low setting is ideal for more delicate hair, while the high setting is suitable for thicker hair. When you use this hair dryer, the sub-90-decibel noise levels make for a quiet, peaceful hair drying experience.


  • Includes a convenient concentrator nozzle and diffuser for pinpoint styling and curly hair
  • Softer noise while in use (lower than 90 decibels)
  • Easy maintenance with the removable filter


  • Airflow is not as strong as other alternatives
  • No heat options included


6. Mannice Travel Hair Dryer

Apart from its smooth black-green design, the Mannice hair dryer delivers all the benefits and features you desire. It comes with two different plugs: one for US plugs and the other for European plug-ins. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to its dual-voltage capabilities, coming in at 110-240V.

The Mannice hair dryer’s negative ions provide an excellent option for your hair, making it healthier, softer, and produces less static in the long run. It also comes with the two-setting slide button for speed and temperature, including a cool shot button for that desired blast of cool air.


  • Easy to store because of its smaller dimensions
  • Good for straight, smooth hair because of air concentrator
  • Includes two different plugs


  • Could be too large for traveling
  • The temperature switch is not user-friendly


7. Hot Tools Hair Dryer

The Hot Tools hair dryer is one of the most influential ceramic products on the market. Its purple design is equipped with ion technology that helps decrease frizz and delivers a smooth, healthy, and silky hair finish. Its 1875-watt power also creates a strong airflow to help reduce your preparation and styling time.

Hot Tools also revolutionized its product with its quieter, lightweight motor. Its dual voltage capabilities include options for 125 and 250 volts. The hair dryer also comes with a two-setting display for speed and heat, including a cool shot button. Hot Tools also built in a foldable handle for convenient, long-distance traveling.


  • Diffuser features make it great for people with naturally curly hair
  • Offers combo of powerful airflow and unique exterior design
  • The foldable handle is easy to operate and makes it convenient for suitcases


  • Distributes a loud noise
  • Blows extremely hot air, even when it is on the lower setting


8. InStyler MINI Travel Blow Dryer

InStyler’s hair dryer showcases another blue-white design with an effective airflow system. Aerospace engineers designed the technology to create a lightweight device with powerful airflow. The airflow helps hair retain its moisture while removing water off the hair strands.

Tourmaline ceramic technology plays a pivotal role in distributing heat evenly. It creates negative ions, which help dry hair quicker and produces frizz-free, shiny, and healthy hair. Although it does not come with a folding handle, the InStyler hair dryer comes in a lighter 8-ounce design for convenient travel.


  • Ceramic technology and negative ions help reduce frizz
  • Lighter, compact design for convenient travel
  • Delivers powerful airflow



  • Not suitable for women with thicker hair
  • Does not come with a folding handle


9. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

The BaBylissPRO hair dryer provides a combination of speed, power, and design. Its company is a worldwide leading producer of high-performance, innovative tools for professional styling. Many barbers, hairdressers, and professionals across the globe trust this brand.

BaByliss’ hair dryer delivers 1000-watt power, ionic technology, and nano titanium. These benefits ensure a faster drying process with reduced frizz. Its compact design comes with a folding handle and dual voltage, making it a quality travel companion.


  • Comes with removable stand and filter for easy maintenance
  • Folding handle included
  • Faster drying process with ionic technology


  • Drying process is slow
  • Temperature gets too hot


10. JINRI 1875W Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

The Jinri 1875 Hair Dryer has everything you need in a travel dryer. Aside from having a dual voltage design, it has a folding handle design to make it more compact so it will consume less space in your luggage or travel bag. Additionally, it’s lightweight so you can easily bring it with you wherever you go.

But even though it’s light and compact, this dryer has one feature that you’ll find in some of the best hair dryers in the market—ceramic ionic technology. This technology releases negative ions that can help reduce frizz and boost hair shine, so you can style your hair easily and efficiently.


If you’re planning on going on an international journey, or if you’re always on the move, we’ve got you covered. All of our above options come equipped with dual-voltage settings, making it easy to utilize your favorite styling tools even when you’re far from home. Don’t forget your travel adapter!



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