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Top TREZORO Hair Dryers Reviewed

Are you looking for a hairdryer that’s packed with all the advanced technologies but won’t cost you a fortune? Well, you’ve got Trezoro hair dryers to your rescue! These hair dryers are known not just for having the right features, but also for being affordable!

That’s not all. Trezoro Hair Dryers are possibly some of the sleekest hair dryers we’ve ever seen!

If you’re ready to get gorgeous-looking hair without breaking the bank, you need an equally beautiful hairdryer like the Trezoro hair dryers. Continue reading to know more about their features!


Best TREZORO Hair Dryer Review

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of Trezoro Hair Dryers and their features!

1. Trezoro Professional 2200 watt Salon Blow Dryer

The Trezoro Ionic Hair Dryer is one of the most advanced hair dryers today.

First off, it’s equipped with an enhanced 2200 W DC Motor for an ultra-fast drying experience.

It’s also labeled as a high-grade Ionic system hair dryer that releases up to 16 million negative ions/ cubic meter which helps lock in 90% moisture, remove frizz and static, and keeps your hair glossy, healthy, and naturally soft.


  • It has everything you need to perfectly style your hair, including two concentrator nozzles and one hair diffuser.
  • It also has 2 speed and 3 heat settings, including a cool shot button, for styling efficiency and versatility.
  • The blow dryer has a removable filter for fast and easy cleanup.
  • The handle has a user-friendly curved design for comfort.


  • It’s a bit bulky so it’s not the best option for traveling.


2. TREZORO Professional Ionic Portable Folding Hair Dryer


TREZORO Professional Ionic Portable Folding Hair Dryer

At first glance, you’ll already know that the Trezoro Portable Folding Hair Dryer is not like other hairdryers in the market. Weighing only 1 lb, it’s one of the most lightweight hair dryers today, which makes it perfect for traveling.

Even though it’s a highly compact and lightweight dryer, it’s equipped with a powerful 1500W DC motor with seven-vane sweptback turbofan, which delivers powerful airflow without creating too much noise. Add in its 12 airflow channels, and you get even heat distribution for minimal hair damage.


  • It has a rotating shaft and folding handle for easy storage and portability.
  • With its U-shape design, it’s drying coverage is increased by 200%.
  • It comes with unique attachments—a funnel-shaped concentrator for fast and precise drying and special air comb for simultaneous drying and smoothing.
  • The dryer has a soft-touching body that’s made of flame-retardant materials.


  • Even if it’s in a cool setting, the dryer gets warm after a few minutes.
  • When it’s on the highest setting, the dryer gives off a burning smell.


The Verdict

Based on the Trezoro Hair Dryers reviews, all these models have advanced technologies that can keep your hair healthy and beautiful. They only differ in certain features, so you should choose the model based on your needs and goals.

We highly recommend the TREZORO Professional 2200 watt Salon Blow Dryer if you need a heavy-duty dryer.

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