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Chase Combs – The Flat Iron Accessory you Need

Who doesn’t love to straighten their hair? A trusty flat iron is a great way to turn your mane into a sleek, straight style. With your straight hair, it’s almost like being a whole new person!

Because you rely on your flat iron so much, it’s only natural that you’re constantly on the lookout for accessories to make your hair straightening session go more smoothly.

If you’ve ever tried the ‘comb-chase method,’ then you know all about the wonders of using a rat-tailed comb (or a fine-toothed comb, as it’s also called!) to ensure that your hair lays as flat as can be with each pass of the flat iron.

This method, as you might guess by the name, involves using a rat-tailed comb to comb through a section of hair while you flat iron it.

In other words, the flat iron ‘chases’ the comb. This results in smooth, perfect results without a hitch.

The only drawback of this method is that it can often be tricky to hold the comb properly in one hand while you flat iron with the other hand.

If you love the comb-chase method, then you’ll adore this innovative accessory that makes it ten times easier: the straightening comb.

The straightening comb is an improved edition of the comb-chase method that combines the effectiveness of a rat-tailed comb with superb technology and ease of use.

With a v-shaped design, you can achieve higher stability that helps you to balance both your flat iron and the comb in both hands easily.

The flat side of the design acts as a clamp, holding your hair in place while you run the comb through it. It also has a sturdy spring design that helps you to hold it in place as you go.

It’s really remarkable how much more control this little accessory gives you! It’s what we like to call quick and hassle-free straightening.


Here are three straightening combs on the market that we really must rave about. Each equipped with their own look and features, these are certainly a great buy.

Herstyler Straightening Comb

This straightening comb by Herstyler is first on our list. It has received tons of great reviews since its launch.

It glides through hair effortlessly, demolishing tangles, and knots to give you the best possible results.

Its size also makes it travel-friendly, as you can store it without needing much space. You’ll always arrive in style with the Herstyler at your side!


Mai Hair Straightening Comb

If you have textured hair, straightening can really be a drag. It’s often difficult to get your hair tangle-free enough to be straightened properly. But with this comb by Mai Hair, the job is a breeze.

Cut your flat-ironing time in half! Don’t waste any more time on struggling with detangling – pick this up instead.


Teensery Straightening Comb

Durable and sturdy, this straightening comb is great for either salon use or at home. It works well with any length and texture of hair, too!

Whether your hair is long and curly or short and straight, you’re going to be glad you got your hands on this.