The Cream of the Crop : The Best 3-Barrel Hair Wavers That We Love!

There are so many curling tools available today that sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to find the best one for you.

Hair wavers – the name given to a certain type of waving/curling iron – have to be one of our favorite tools – particularly 3-barrel hair wavers.

These types of hair wavers give optimal results with the least possible time and effort, but if you try to find one on your own, you’re sure to be simply overwhelmed by the massive amount of hair wavers sold by every brand on the market.

The secret, then, is to find the best of the best, the cream of the crop when it comes to products that are sure to give you the features and performance that you’re looking for.

That’s where we come in! A simple guide to choosing the best 3-barrel hair waver can go a long way – just keep reading and you’ll see.

Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo Hair Waver

As its name suggests, this 3-barrel hair waver is for those looking for big, bouncy and beachy waves.

The barrels are about 1.5 – 2 inches in size, so that should give you some idea if you’re familiar with barrel sizes.

One thing that this hair waver offers that others that didn’t make the list might not be capable of is its ability to deliver a considerably frizz-free end result.

A ceramic-tourmaline blend makes for an advanced heating technology that allows you shiny, sleek curls on any hair type.

You can even shoot to temperatures of as much as 420 degrees in a mere 30 seconds, but this type of heat won’t damage your hair, thanks again to the materials of the barrel. Heat damage? It’ll be a worry of the past.

The only drawback might be that it’s not as lightweight as it could be, but it’s truly an insignificant factor for most.


Bed Head ‘A Wave We Go’ Adjustable Hair Waver

Bed Head A Wave We Go Adjustable Hair Waver

Offering a bit more versatility than the jumbo barrel hair wavers, Bed Head’s 3-barrel hair waver is ideal for both bigger waves and smaller curls. Even the tight, crimped look is easy to complete with this tool!

This hair waver comes with a rotating barrel, which makes styling a lot more flexible no matter your intended style.

Auto shut off features with a hair waver? Why not! After all, this brand’s reputation for creating products with their customers in mind doesn’t lie.

Though bigger than the mini curling irons that are easier to maneuver, it certainly isn’t impossible to use, and is quite easy to get the hang of.


Vidal Sassoon 3-in-1 Hair Waver

Vidal Sassoon 3-in-1 Hair Waver

This professional line by Vidal Sassoon boasts tourmaline ceramic plates as its star for the interchangeable barrels.

Whether you desire the natural look, tousled bedhead, or beachy waves, you can get them all.

If you think that this one looks a bit familiar, then you’re probably right. It’s likely that you’ve seen it around your local salon on your last visit.

From now on, however, you’ll be able to achieve those salon results right in your very own bathroom or bedroom.

Complete with auto-shutoff and a protective glove, Vidal Sassoon ensures that quality is always the top priority.


Conair You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler

Conair You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler

Once again we turn to one of the most trusted brands in heat styling for all of your hair needs, and we know that we won’t be let down.

With waves that truly last and a smooth, sleek finish that will make you look as if you’ve just stepped out of the stylist’s chair, the You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler uses tourmaline and ceramic technology to safely conduct heat to prevent damage.

You won’t have to worry about uneven heat distribution, hot spots, or static when you use this hair waver.

There’s also the issue of safety with many 3-barrel hair wavers, but rest assured that Conair has done everything necessary to ensure that your safety is always covered.

For one, the vibrant indicator light is always there to let you know if your tool is on. Also, the outer housing keeps the heat from burning your hands!

And of course, there’s auto shut-off, which seems to be the benchmark for hot tools these days.

With a heat-up time of only 30 seconds, there’s no waiting around for this hair waver to get hot. In the blink of an eye, you can be ready to go!

The hair waver only reaches up to around 360 degrees Fahrenheit, though, so if you have very thick or coarse hair that needs higher heats to tame and control it, this may not be the best tool for your hair. Fine, thin hair is perfect for this iron.


Hot Tools Professional 3 Barrel Waver

hot tools professional 3 barrel waver

Do we ever really expect anything less than perfection from Hot Tools? This ½ inch-barrel waver, though not perfect for big, beach waves, is a sure winner when it comes to defined waves.

This 3-barrel hair waver is a heavy-duty tool made with a gold barrel. This alone speaks wonders for its quality, but let’s get a little bit into the features of the Hot Tools hair waver, and why we love it so much.

With the barrels aligned for a heat that’s uniform and steady, this hair waver ensures that your style always comes out just how you want it to.

Additionally, not only do the barrels heat up quickly, but they also retain heat during your entire styling session. Other tools often lose effectiveness over longer periods of styling, but not this one!

Tired of your hands hurting and cramping up using your favorite heat tools? This hair waver’s special design places comfort and ease of use first, ensuring that styling your hair never becomes a chore.


Tools like these are one in a million! Their quality and features are few are far between, so it’s important that you get your hands on these great 3-barrel hair wavers as soon as you can!

Go on and give them a try – trust us, you definitely won’t regret picking these up.

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