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Curl/Twists Hair Sponge Brush – Everything You Need to Know

A Curl/twists sponge gives a refined, polished look to your short afro.

A curl/twist sponge makes it easy for you to curly, twist, or dread your hair – well it only works on Afro-textured hair, it won’t work on straight hair or other hairstyles.

@Youtube: Sherrese Slone


When your hair texture has worn off a bit – it doesn’t look natural anymore – using curl hair strong will live it up.

Check your hair and texture, here are a couple of hair sponge brushes.

There are a lot of brands out there and they are pretty cheap for less than 10 bucks on Amazon and if you notice twist sponges have holes on them and larger holes may give a different result than a smaller hole.

Large holes give bigger twists while smaller holes give dreadlock, small and tight on the top.


How To Use A Curl / Twists Sponge

First, you are going to apply the moisturizer (conditioners) – rub it in your hair and leave in on about 1 minute.

I recommend, SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.

You are about to start using a twist sponge. It is pretty simple and straightforward.

Grab the sponger lets its holes facing your hair, press it on your hair and move it in a circular motion continuously and run around all your hair.

This will create twists, the longer you do it the more your hair is going to be twisted. Keep moving until you get desired look

To keep your hair last long, apply the hair moisture at the end.


Watch The Following Video on How To Use A Curl / Twists Sponge



  • You can put conditioner on the sponge and do the same
  • You can even DIY hair sponge from Cleaning Sponge