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10 Best Heat Protectant Creams for Strong, Healthy Hair

Silky smooth, straight hair sure looks beautiful and attractive, but exposing your hair often to such high heats can cause a lot of damage to your strands.

One of the ways to have both the style you like and healthy hair is to protect it each and every time by using some heat protectant cream.

Heat protectant creams are formulated to protect your hair from the styling damage and drying out by coating it in a protective, nourishing layer.

ImageTitleEditor's RankPrice
Product ImageTop TopAmaxy Heat Protective Styling CreamBest for All Hair TypesSee Price
Product ImageTop TopEDEN BodyWorks Blow Dry CreamBest Lightweight CreamSee Price
Product ImageTop TopBriogeo Farewell Heat Protectant CreamBest OverallSee Price
Product ImageTop TopBumble and Bumble Repair Blow DryBest Repairing Heat Protectant CreamSee Price
Product ImageTop TopMATRIX Style Link Smoothing CreamBest for Damaged HairSee Price
Product ImageTop TopJohn Frieda Frizz EaseCrème#1 Editor's ChoiceSee Price
Product ImageTop TopCHI Straight Guard Smoothing Styling CreamRunner - upSee Price
Product ImageTop TopDesign Essentials Thermal Protectant CremeBest Budget Heat Protectant CreamSee Price
Product ImageTop TopRedken Frizz Dismiss Heat Protective Leave-In CreamBest Leave-in CreamSee Price

By doing so, these creams prevent the breakdown of keratin proteins, reduce the moisture evaporation, and prevent breakage, split ends and frizzy hair.

Many of these products have added benefits for your hair as well. Some help detangle the hair and improve its elasticity, while others are more focused on maintaining the hairstyle and adding glossy shine. 


10 Best Heat Protectant Creams

It is up to you to decide what you need the most. But, to help you out, here are some of the best heat protectant hair creams you can find on the market these days:

1. Kiehl’s Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream

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Kiehl’s Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream contains extracts of soybeans, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Its lightweight, non-greasy formula conditions the hair and prevents damage and drying out.

At the same time, it helps with straightening your strands, adds glossy shine, and makes the hair look silky smooth.

The formula is especially suitable for dry, frizzy, and curly hair that needs help to become and stay smooth.


2. AMAXY – Heat Protective Styling Cream

AMAXY – Heat Protective Styling Cream (Honey Infused) is a paraben-free, all-natural leave-in product. It makes the hair soft and manageable and it is suitable for all hair types.

AMAXY heat styling cream protects the hair up to 450º F and helps the style last longer.

Due to its many benefits for the hair (protein boost, strengthens the hair, nourishes it, and improves its texture, elasticity, and smoothness), you can also use this heat protectant as a leave-in conditioning hair serum.


3. Eden BodyWorks Hibiscus Honey Hydration Blow Dry Cream

Eden BodyWorks Hibiscus Honey Hydration Blow Dry Cream is a perfect product for you if you prefer blow-drying instead of using a straightening iron.

The gentle formula is suitable for all hair types. It protects the hair against the heat, provides lots of antioxidants, and adds hydration.

Works best when used with other products from the same line.


4. Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme contains a blend of rosehip, coconut and argan oil, and vitamin E.

It has a gentle, pleasant smell and impressive hair protecting abilities.

Though primarily a heat protectant, this hair cream is also amazing in keeping frizzy hair under control.


5. Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry

Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry is a hair serum in the form of a cream that protects the hair during the blow dry and makes it soft and healthy.

It also helps seal split ends and provides UV protection.


6. MATRIX Style Link Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream

When it comes to hair, everyone’s dream is to have a perfect style, with minimal damage. In reality, the heat makes the hair unhealthy and makes it lose its shine. However, this is one of the best heat protectant creams to make your hair strong and healthy. 

It contains a unique formula that makes sure that your hair is protected from the harmful heat and makes it smooth and silky. 

All you have to do is take a dollop and apply evenly to your hair, making sure each and every spot is covered with this cream to control frizz and give you a new shine!


7. John Frieda Anti-Frizz Styling Cream

Hair is one of the most important features of a person. For it to be perfect and presentable all the time, there are a few products such as styling with heat that can give that look. However, with styling can come the adamant damaging of hair that no one wants. 

The best heat protectant cream is one that makes sure the hair remains strong and healthy. So this cream with its life-changing formula, instantly transforms the dry hair into smooth and silky, with a classy look. 

All you need to do is apply the protectant to damp hair and blow-dry as normal to get the perfect finished look. 


8. CHI Straight Guard Smoothing Styling Cream

When styling your hair, there is always those baby hair that escapes the pins, ruining the perfect laid back look. Well, fret no more.

With this creamy formula, which is also consequently the best heat protectant creams for strong, healthy hair all the baby hair can be assured to stay in. The creamy consistency provides excellent control of the hair, removing the unwanted frizz to give out a remarkable shine!

The formula aligns perfectly with the hair, making it smooth and soft, unlike other creams that may leave the hair to be dry and chunky. 


9. Design Essentials Agave & Lavender Thermal Protectant Creme

Humidity is the awful enemy of the hair. No matter how stylish and presentable you try to make your hair look, the heat will ruin it. However, with one of the best heat protectant creams for strong, healthy hair, your efforts can be saved. 

This particular cream is best to protect the hair from reversion against humidity. It makes sure your hard work remains intact and lasts the whole day. 

It works best with dry and medium to coarse hair by providing an extra layer of protection against the harmful heat, making sure your hair remains shiny and silky!


10. REDKEN Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Heat Protective Leave-In Cream

Everyone dreams of getting rid of the frizz that is uncontrollable and so this is one of the best heat protectant creams for strong and healthy hair that makes the dreams come true. 

With the infusion of different minerals, that make sure the hair remains healthy and silky, this heat protectant works best against the frizz. The leave-in conditioner is free of Sodium Chloride and Sulfate, making the formula more resistible. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a heat protectant for hair?

Heat protectants are products that reduce heat damage caused to hair from styling. Since heat used on a continual basis can cause dry hair, split ends, and generate frizz, a good heat protectant helps seal in moisture to keep your hair looking healthy.

It is usually a spray, serum or cream applied to damp or dry hair. The best tend to be the leave-in argan oils or leave-in conditioners.

Do I put heat protectants on wet or dry hair?

It depends on the product. Generally, a heat protectant spray and sometimes heat protector creams are applied on damp, towel-dried hair.

Argan oil can be applied both ways and leave-in conditioners work best on damp hair. Since each product is different, read the instructions on the back for clarification.

Be sure that when you use it you apply it from root to tip for best coverage. This can be best accomplished by running a wide(r) tooth comb through your hair.

The distance between the teeth of the comb will allow you to work it through wet hair without tangling the hair. This works well for long tresses.

What is the best heat protection spray for heat styling?

To determine which product will work best, you need to take your hair type into consideration. Discover what type of hair you have and look for a product that will work well with it.

For example, if you have color-treated hair, you will want a heat protector that is gentle, that contains UV protection to prevent fading caused by sunlight, and will reduce hair breakage/hair damage caused by heat.

Furthermore, it should add moisture because not only will the heat decrease the amount of moisture in your hair, but processing does as well. This will allow you to maintain healthy hair.

Find a hair protector that is of high quality and contains ingredients that will nourish your hair. These should include extracts and natural oils. Then find something that works with your schedule.

If you can, find something that may combine some products you already use. Don’t purchase something that may be time-consuming if you have a busy schedule. 

You need to find a product that works for you. Then, you select the best product from your answers to these items.