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How to Clean Hair Straightening Brush the Right Way

Perfect for everyday use, straightening brushes can help you achieve a sleek, professional hairstyle for work and other occasions.

But how to clean the hair straightening brush and how often? Did you know that bacteria and other debris such as dirt and dust can build up between the bristles over time? Unfortunately, bacteria, dirt, and dust can damage your hair and scalp if not regularly removed from your brush.

Luckily, with a little effort, you can learn how to clean straightening brushes to maintain good hair and scalp health.


How to Clean Your Hair Straightening Brush

Process to Clean Straightening Brush

Similar to cleaning standard hair brushes, cleaning a straightening brush requires you to gently remove stray hairs, hair mounds, and sticky build-up from the brush head and in between the bristles.

Some of this residue will be visible, but some residue will not be. Clear residue can create an invisible coating that may require a fair amount of wiping to remove all of it from the brush.

To clean a hair straightening brush, you will need:

  • Washcloth or other soft cloth
  • Hair comb
  • Cotton swabs (optional)
  • Cleaning solution (optional)

Tip: If you want to clean your straightening brush immediately after using it, turn the straightening brush off and unplug it. You should wait 30 minutes or until the straightening brush cools down enough for you to touch it.

1: Use your fingers or a comb to remove as much hair as possible.

2: Run a washcloth under warm water to dampen. Wipe the brush down with the cloth to remove any residue. You may need to use cotton swabs to get in between the bristles.

3: Continue wiping until you remove all residue, matted hair, and other debris from the brush.

Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual for advice on removing stuck-on residue. If the manual recommends using a cleaning solution, you can purchase one, or you can make your own with water and shampoo.

If your owner’s manual does not recommend using a cleaning solution, try to remove as much residue and hair as you can with the damp cloth.

Once this is complete, wait until the brush is dry before using it, as you could cause the unit to overheat. And, since you would never use a straightening brush on wet hair, don’t use a wet straightening brush on dry hair as doing so could lead to hair breakage.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to clean straightening hair brush.


What Not to Do When Cleaning Straightening Brush

Even though it’s easy to clean a straightening brush, you should consider these simple tips to make cleaning your brush safe and easy:

  • Don’t use a toothbrush, tweezers, butter knife, fork, or other metallic items to remove residue as you could damage the brush surface.
  • Unplug the brush before cleaning, even if the straightening brush is cool to the touch to prevent injury.
  • If using a cleaning solution, make sure to wipe off the cleaning solution completely from the brush to prevent damage to the heating unit.


Reasons to Clean Hair Straightening Brush

Reasons to Clean Straightening Brush

Cleaning straightening brushes regularly helps minimize residue contact with your scalp.

Over time, your straightening brush will collect residue that contains hair, scalp oils, dirt, dust, and bacteria. Unfortunately, you may accidentally deposit some of this residue onto your scalp, which could lead to itchiness or infection.

Residue from straightening brushes can also pull on your hair and increase breakage every time you use the brush. Hair breakage can cause hair to become dull and lifeless. Over time, your hair will appear limp instead of stylishly straight and healthy-looking.

Also, regular brush cleanings prevent the need to employ cleaning solutions and cotton swabs to help remove large hair clumps. Regular cleanings make maintaining a straightening brush easy and less time-consuming.


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How Often to Clean Hair Straightening Brush

straightening brush

Ideally, you should clean your straightening brush after every use.  But, if pressed for time, try to clean it once a week if you use the brush every day. At the very least, you should clean your brush two or three times a month. Regular brush cleanings help protect your hair and scalp from damage.


In the End

You take good care of your hair. Now it’s time to take care of your hair styling equipment. With a little effort, you can keep your hair straightening brush clean and ready for any hairstyling challenge.