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How to Use Hair Rollers The Right Way

Hair rollers may seem like an old washed-up way your grandmother used to curl her hair, but they are still much more useful than you might think. Curling irons and wands are more modern methods we see today, but modern doesn’t always mean better.


Types of Hair Rollers

There are three main types of hair rollers, and each one has certain advantages over the others. You should choose which to use based on your routines and when you want to apply the rollers to your hair.

Foam Hair Rollers

Foam Hair Rollers

Foam hair rollers are simplistic and are usually used for overnight curling. They are also useful if your hair is particularly fragile, as there’s nothing for your strands to get snagged on and pulled out.


Hot Hair Rollers

Hot Hair Rollers

Hot hair rollers will give you the fastest results of the three. It combines the benefits of the curling irons with the ability to multitask of the hair rollers. Just wait for the rollers to cool in your hair, and you’ll be good to go! Check out some of the best rollers for natural hair.


Velcro Hair Rollers

Hot Hair Rollers

Velcro hair rollers are the most traditional of them all. They get the job done fairly quickly and typically work best when used together with a volume spray. If you’re not in a rush and don’t feel like trying it the night before, velcro hair rollers are your best bet.


How to Use Hair Rollers

How to Curl Hair Using Hair Rollers

It may seem daunting staring at the big pack of rollers in front of you, but the process is easy and painless. The steps may vary slightly depending on the type of hair roller you chose, but figuring out how to use hair rollers is an incredibly easy task.

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

If you are using the hot hair rollers, you need to plug them in before this step so that they can begin heating up.

Make sure your hair is washed before you start curling it. Use shampoo and conditioner before allowing it to dry until it’s slightly damp. Be sure to also spray your hair with a heat protectant before using the hot hair rollers.

You should either have it straightened beforehand or be ready to brush out the tangles and knots before you start to use the rollers.


Step 2: Roll It Up

Take a one-inch section of hair and place your roller at the end. Roll it up towards your roots by winding the hair around the roller. Once the roller is securely in place, just rinse and repeat until your hair is fully rolled.


Step 3: Wait for Results

This is the step where you can go off and do other things while you wait. Hot and velcro hair rollers won’t take too long, so just get a chore out of the way or finish preparing for the day while you wait.

Foam hair rollers take several hours to set in, which is why they are typically used before bed. For the sake of comfort, you should be prepared to sleep on your stomach.

Watch the following video tutorial to learn how to use hair rollers to curl your hair.


Rollers Vs. Curling Irons

Rollers Vs. Curling Irons

On the surface, it may seem like curling irons are the better option in every way. It does have its advantages over hair rollers, but there’s a reason why the seemingly old-fashioned rollers are still in use today.

Curling irons require your full attention to curl your hair, and you can only do so one section at a time. Your arms can also get tired quickly, having to hold the heavier curling iron in place while it works its magic on your hair.

Hair rollers may take a bit longer overall, but the wait time can be used for a number of other things. You can apply makeup, watch a tv show, or any number of busy tasks throughout the house now that your hands are free. They also do far less damage to your hair than hot irons.


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