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Magicfly Professional Salon Steam Hair Straightener Review

The Magicfly Professional Salon Ceramic Tourmaline Stream Flat Iron is the newest flat iron on the block.

It is trending because it is revolutionizing the way your hair can be straightened with water!

In addition, it caters to different hair types from damaged to very thick.

Included everything you need for a perfect hairstyle


Here is why you should invest in this flat iron:

 1It has a steam technology; therefore the iron will steam your hair straight.

The flat iron is designed with a water tank! Yes, a water tank!

Firstly, you would fill the tank with water, lock it into the flat iron, turn on the flat iron, and clamp the flat iron unto your hair to activate the water tank.

Then, allow the blade to glide along with your tresses for the smooth and sleek look because of the steam and heat.

The hot steam allows your hair to be moisturized, shiny, and reduce the vulnerability of your hair shaft to damage.

As well as, a lot of negative ions are placed on your hair that will keep your cuticles closed therefore frizz is reduced.

Although the tool has the steam technology it is recommended to only place water in the tank.

In addition, do not use it within the shower and always store it in a dry place. 


 2Fast heat up rate

Next, the flat iron has ceramic and tourmaline plates that allow the plates to heat up in one minute to an adjustable temperature from 300 to 450 (paper burns at this temperature) degrees Fahrenheit.

Thus, you will get a smooth look in a short time which reduces your chance of getting heat damage.

Also, you can change the hair temperature to cater to your hair time whether your strands are damaged, thin, normal, thick, or coarse.

Therefore, you can change the settings to shape your hair to your desired outcome.


 3The iron is equipped with dual PTC heater which saves time.

It also has dual voltage; therefore, it can be used anywhere in the world.

As well as, there is an automatic shut-off after 60 seconds of not in use. Also, it has 360-degree swivel cord so you can easily maneuver the flat iron.

Lastly, there are lockable plates that are perfect for keeping the iron closed in the box or when you are traveling.


 4Lastly, the flat iron is affordable

Usually, you can spend between $100 – $300 on a flat iron which is considered an investment that is why they recommend you to choose carefully. However, this iron retails for $40.00 – 60.00 which is a steal!

Overall it is a good iron because it is not only designed to straighten your hair but to keep it healthy while it is straight.

Though your hair can’t get bone straight the technology behinds it will reduce your hair’s vulnerability to getting heat damage.

As well as, keeps it moisturized and shiny so your hair will be looking sleek for a long time. Lastly, you will not break the bank once you purchase it.


Have you ever tried the Magic Fly Vapor Flat Iron or will you buy it today?