Cool Mist Steam Curling Irons – An Innovation Every Woman Should Try

Steam curling irons are exactly like typical curling irons, but better! And it isn’t like stream hair curlers – a modern way to curl your hair.

Instead of dry heat used in the barrel of the iron, however, steam curling irons use hydrating steam.

Using a steam system in hot styling tools is not new as steam hair straighteners are well known for those who have super thick hair.

But the great thing is, it combines moisture and hydration instead of drying the hair out.

Moisture is put into the hair rather than evaporated out of it – isn’t that cool? This leaves hair feeling silky, soft, and light. It’s perfect to grow healthy hair. 

Just like with regular curling irons, hair is placed around the barrel of the iron, held in place to curl, and then released.

Unlike regular curling irons, however, steam curling irons can be used on either damp or dry hair, while regular curling irons are only to be used on dry hair.

There’s no need to dry hair before using a steam hair curling iron, which cuts your total styling time in half!

To prepare your steam curling iron for use, simply fill up the chamber with water, turn the curler on and then set it to the right temperature for your hair.

After sectioning your hair, select your first section, wrap it around the barrel root to tip and let the hydrating steam penetrate your strands while your hair curls at the same time.

Finally, pull the iron out of your hair to reveal the perfect spiral curl. Don’t forget your heat protectant!

Here is a steam hair curling iron that is worth your time.

DORISILK Cold Mist Steam Spray Curling Iron

With five heat settings and 1 inch barrel, this tool looks like almost like regular curling iron if you don’t notice the water tank


Equipped with exciting cold spray steam technology, the DORISILK curling iron is perfect for most hair types, including curly and kinky hair.

The steam spray helps to lock moisture into dry hair types, improves elasticity, and helps hair to retain moisture for longer periods of time.

It also prevents hair from being harmed during the curling process, which is a godsend! We know that you want nothing more than to protect your beloved tresses.

The large barrel is great for both curls and waves, allowing you to get creative with your hairstyles.

The tourmaline barrel further helps to ensure smooth, frizz-free results. Get ready for shiny, healthy hair with curls that last all day!


Top 7 Steam Curling Irons in 2020

Besides the DORISILK Cold Mist curling iron, there are some other awesome steam curling irons that are trending now. Have a look:

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

BaByliss is known for delivering some of the most advanced hair styling tools in the industry and this professional steam curling iron is not an exception. Introducing a new and more effective way of curling hair, the wand uses the combination of steam and nanotechnology for creating beautiful curls that last.

You can use this tool to create any type of curl you want. Thanks to its 3-direction curl control, you can make free-flowing or uniform curls– whichever you want! With its MAXLife PRO brushless control that delivers precise curling control, you can curl your hair like a pro!

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2. YITRUST Automatic Curling Iron

Do you love the way you look with curls but don’t have the time to spare curling them? This YITRUST Automatic Curling Iron may just be the answer you’re looking for! With its “Hair Comes In- Curl Comes Out” technology, you can have curly hairs in just a few seconds!

Even if you’re new to hair styling, you can create different types of curls hassle-free, thanks to the steam curling iron’s automatic -rotating design and three curling directions. Fast and easy– that’s how the curling process will be for you when you use this curling wand!


3. MENGQANG Professional Automatic Steam Hair Curler

MENGQANG Professional Automatic Steam Hair Curler

Contrary to popular belief, heat styling doesn’t have to be damaging to your hair. This MENGQANG Professional Hair Curler proves that! Made with ceramic material,  it can curl and protect your hair at the same time. The negative ions that the material emits can neutralize static electricity– the main culprit of hair damage. 

It also has a unique spray function designed to spray water to the hair during the curling process to keep it moisturized, well-hydrated, and protected. The vapor also ensures that your hair will remain shiny and curled for a long period. 

Use this curling tool and get beautiful, healthy, and curly hair. What more can you ask for?


4. Spaire Steam Hair Straightener and Curler 

Girly and curly– these are the best words that would describe your look when you use this hair curling iron from Spaire Steam. The best news is this can help you achieve the look you want in the easiest way possible!

Featuring a 1-inch 3D floating plate with curved edges, this makes the curling experience snag-free! As a result, you’ll have better control over it for easy styling. The ceramic plate is also infused with tourmaline and delivers high-pressure steam for properly hydrated and healthier curly hair. 

Oh wait, did we mentioned that you can use this to straighten your hair too? Yes, it’s probably the most versatile curling iron you can get your hands on!


5. Rejawece Curling Iron with Automatic Steam Spray

Rejawece Curling Iron with Automatic Steam Spray

Tangle-free and long-lasting curls– this is what this Rejawece Curling Iron is known for. Its high-performance Tourmaline Ceramic plate ensures that your hair is well-protected and free from flyaways and frizzes. 

With its three time settings, you can create various levels of curls ranging from loose and natural, soft and bouncy, and tight curls. 

By the way, the company offers a risk-free purchase of this curling iron. If you like it, you got it. If you don’t, you can return it to them, and they’ll refund your money. Win-win for all!


6. SALON deTESCOM 2WAY Steam Hair Iron

SALON deTESCOM 2WAY Steam Hair Iron

Traditional curling irons do not have to be boring! The Salon dTESCOM hair iron seems like your typical curling iron, but it has all the features of an advanced heat styling tool!

This iron combines the gentle steam curling capabilities of most advanced curling irons while sporting the look and delivering the ease of operation that traditional curling irons are known for. It gives you the best of both worlds indeed!


7. DORISILK Professional 2 in 1 Straightening Curling Steam Iron

Say goodbye to traditional curling irons and say hello to the most advanced curling iron you will ever see!

This DORISILK Straightening and Curling Steam Iron has the newest steam technology that uses conditioning steam vents to introduce vapor water to create shiny and glossy curls. Its tourmaline ceramic plate gives the hair a healthy finish and minimizes hair damage. 

You can also use it in two ways– curl and straighten the hair. With its advanced features and multiple functions, this is truly a must-have for ladies of all ages. 


Steam hair curling irons might very well be the new, approachable way to curl your hair that we have seen.

By following our simple guide, you can also discover a steam hair curling that works for you. 


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