Cool Mist Steam Curling Iron – An Innovation Every Woman Should Try

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Steam curling irons are exactly like typical curling irons, but better! And it isn’t like stream hair curlers – a modern way to curl your hair.

Instead of dry heat used in the barrel of the iron, however, steam curling irons use hydrating steam.

Using a steam system in hot styling tools is not new as steam hair straighteners are well known for those who have super thick hair.

But the great thing is, it combines moisture and hydration instead of drying the hair out. Moisture is put into the hair rather than evaporated out of it – isn’t that cool? This leaves hair feeling silky, soft and light. It’s perfect to grow healthy hair. 

Just like with regular curling irons, hair is placed around the barrel of the iron, held in place to curl and then released. Unlike regular curling irons, however, steam curling irons can be used on either damp or dry hair, while regular curling irons are only to be used on dry hair. There’s no need to dry hair before using a steam hair curling iron, which cuts your total styling time in half!

To prepare your steam curling iron for use, simply fill up the chamber with water, turn the curler on and then set it to the right temperature for your hair. After sectioning your hair, select your first section, wrap it around the barrel root to tip and let the hydrating steam penetrate your strands while your hair curls at the same time. Finally, pull the iron out of your hair to reveal the perfect spiral curl. Don’t forget your heat protectant!

Here are a steam hair curling iron that is worth your time.

DORISILK Cold Mist Steam Spray Curling Iron

With five heat settings and 1 inch barrel this tool looks like almost like regular curling iron if you don’t notice the water tank

Equipped with exciting cold spray steam technology, the DORISILK curling iron is perfect for most hair types, including curly and kinky hair. The steam spray helps to lock moisture into dry hair types, improves elasticity and helps hair to retain moisture for longer periods of time. It also prevents hair from being harmed during the curling process, which is a godsend! We know that you want nothing more than to protect your beloved tresses.

The large barrel is great for both curls and waves, allowing you to get creative with your hair styles. The tourmaline barrel further helps to ensure smooth, frizz-free results. Get ready for shiny, healthy hair with curls that last all day!

Steam hair curling irons might very well be the new, approachable way to curl your hair that we have seen. By following our simple guide, you can also discover a steam hair curling that works for you. 

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