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TYMO Straightening Comb – Everything You Need To Know

TYMO is relatively new on the styling tool market but the brand became well-known in 2023 with a hit product popping up over Instagram – the TYMO straightener brush.

Claimed as a high-tech product, the brush is functional, and what’s more?

Model: TYMO HC100 straightening brush if you like to call it.

It pulls your hair off, after sliding through you would see a few hair strands pulled off

Because the comb has the fine, close-together teeth it may pull the hair off.


LED indicator you know the right temperature

Each one will indicate the temperature setting.


It is easy to use

No learning curve required, just switch it on, wait for a while and go underneath the hair section.


Can work on a lot of hair types even very thick, curly hair

Instagram / @CRIS_COBUCCI

Would be fine for short hair too.


5 level heat settings

The lowest setting 266F – you need a second pass to get your hair section done perfectly.

The second heat setting 302F.

The third heat setting 338F.

The fourth heat setting 374F.

The highest setting is 410F, my favorite setting, it is quick and shiny.


The end is not perfectly straight because it is not. But it has a little bit of bounce in the ends

Sleek and shiny, straight hair is archivable.

Add volume look more bouncy.


The plate has a curve for a smooth result. It doesn’t tug hair in if you comb through it properly before

It straightens hair quicker than regular straighteners with plates. Because it can work with large hair sections. 

Heat protector of the comb

Tips and tricks

Use glove if you use the highest setting, which is easier to handle your hair. 

Detangle your hair to avoid your hair pull off.


TYMO HC100 on Instagram: Before and after – super straight hair with Tymo straightening brush.

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@_kasady_ – If you have really thick hair the TYMO straightener brush can work out – less damaging, faster, and easier to style your hair.